Freedom of Speech, National Integration & Glory

Umesh Kumar
Freedom of Speech-Kind of Govt- Integrity of India
Freedom of speech have lead many anti-nationalists to speak against integrity of India and have also led to degradation of image of India abroad by their intolerant attitude and speeches. Their are perhaps only two options left now.
1. To amend the contents in freedom of speech suitably by Supreme court of India and Indian Parliament to provide the deterrents to such ant-national elements for any such anti-national activities in India & abroad.
2. A benevolent dictator supported by Indian armed forces for uninterrupted economic reforms, tit for tat policy for terrorist activities originating from abroad and in India, to make & lead Asian-Afro-Latin American Organization for proper status in world forum, for integrity of India, religious reforms in India, having almost all major religions civilizations, spiritual thoughts originating from India & restore its past glory in all fronts. more  

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Sri Ramanujam , Please click " Ask , Share and Discuss " Column and set your above Posts which will have sharing by many . If need be , if you kindly opt joining the Bengaluru Residents Circle and , the Legal Circle and Post in the above way , your problems will be well shared please . more  
S.Ramanujam Freelancer-Strategy Contriver Residents’ Welfare Initiatives .(independant Activist) 03.03.2016 Dear Mr Lakshmikanth,BJP Leader I wish to record my appreciation upon your concern over the prompt and sincere services towards the need and Immediate requirements of the residents of 7th Block, Jayanagar, especially imparting with your special care towards the development of the Parks. I was wondering how could you make the fully damaged tiny park – named after Late Sri Gopalakrishna Adiga so beautiful and convenient to the reach of many senior citizen walkers, within a very short period. No doubt, it was the good yield to your complete stressful accomplishment. Also, your fast action towards the opening of Water Supply centre and a Bus Stop at a short span, is laudable. Now, the ongoing task of comprehensive development at the Lakshmanrao Park with your concentration on the network is pleasing the regular walkers and users. . Your accomplishment of hearing and listening to the people for implementation of work is a quality of an asset. I wish, you Tag a Prize of Excellence for making its facility as an unique Park of Jayanagar. Incidentally, I wish to remind my earlier appeal, a copy of which is enclosed for your ready reference regarding the removal of Mobile Tower erected on the top of a house threatening danger to the life of nearby residents and we would be the first victim if it is fallen down. Though, there are round about procedures to make it, I am sure that your good offices will succeed to overcome, considering the contingencies to prevent the life of innocents’ and properties left behind. Last but least, my representation was to make a small cut way on the road divider just opposite to the Deepak Hospital to avoid witnessing many accidents of elders while crossing, as it is prominent cross road for passerby facility. We can see many such road divider cuttings exist in front of several business locations for their convenience. To avoid occurring Accidents very often at this spot, and If cutting the divider is not possible, slightly raising the road humps near the divider will serve the purpose. I am sure that you will heed to my request for best solution. Thanking you and With best wishes S.Ramanujam more  
1. The Government has to set and propose an addition to the Article 19 making the restrictive clauses of 1 to 6 mandatory while in exercise or permitting the clauses a to g . There is to be a specific exclusion of misuse under the article 19 which may create public unrest ; instigates Communal revolts ; causes /inspires Revolt or Terrorism becomes anti Social ; and that becomes anti National . 2. The Judiciary has to direct the Courts and the Police to address and subject the restrictive clauses while permitting or ordering on the Freedom clauses under article 19 . If need be , the Government has also to approach the Supreme Court . UNLESS THE ABOVE SPECIFIC CARE-TAKING FUNDAMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY IS SUBJECTED TO THE FREEDOM CLAUSES within a to g of Article 19 , NONE & EVEN THE APEX COURT CAN HELP IN CURBING THE ILLEGITIMATE PRACTICE AND DANGER TO THE NATION AND SOCIETY UNDER THIS UMBRELLA OF 19 . more  
S.Ramanujam Strategy contriver: Residents’ Welfare Project Initiatives 29.09.2015. Madam, As one among the Citizens of the 7th Block, Jayanagar, I am privileged for taking initiatives to highlight the residents’ grievances of the following menace (endangering threat to lives and buildings) of our area residents. A Mobile Tower exists in the area of the 5th Cross location also near a School at 7th Block, since long time intensifying emission and radiation waves affecting the health of residents, & school children and causing danger to lives which is well known fact. All these years, this issue was completely ignored for unknown reasons and was lacking initiatives by residents representations. Further, the erection of the Tower, it seems to be with no specified foundation from the earth and it is mounted on the terrace of the house with no proper security arrangements. Due to the poor installation, there is always a possibility of the Tower dropping down at any time by means of heavy rains, winds and lightening which may cause danger to the lives of nearby residents due to power circuits and heavy weight of the towering materials also endangering extensive damages to the neighbouring households. In view of the terrifying seriousness mentioned above, I earnestly make the submission of this request with your esteemed authority to take up the matter with the concerned for necessary action to remove the Tower immediately for the wellness and safe living of neighbourhoods, and oblige. For ready reference to your kind perusal I enclose the details of dangerous radiation effects of the Tower. Thanking you, Yours truly, S.Ramanujam Enc: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 434/D, 6th Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru-560070. M more  
Thanks Mr. Csn Sarma for highlighting this glaring lapse in Freedom of Speech. But then what is the remedy to prevent unrest in society and disintegration of the nation by such freedom of speech which is spreading like fire now with many opposition parties supporting it. more  
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