Fire Services Departments - Inputs on Solutions

Below are the common issues and root causes as outlined by you with the Fire Services departments in India. Kindly review and please help identify solutions to them. The objective here would be to communicate key gaps to the stakeholders so actions can be taken to improve fire services in India.

We look forward to your inputs!

State of Fire Services Department – Root Causes

1.Fire services department is a neglected one and not a priority for state CM
2.They are not given enough budgets to hire more staff and buy latest equipment
3.Their processes are age old and modernization has not set in yet
4.There are no dedicated persons to take fire emergency calls
5.Fire tenders are very old and not up there with the worldwide standards
6.Fire men are underpaid and work in a below average environment
7.They are not given refresher courses/trainings
8.Lack of proper recognition to fire departments and its personnel is a cause of low motivation levels.

Fire Services Department – Issues

1.Fire services department is understaffed
2.The department is not very swift in responding to calls
3.They take a long time to reach the spot
4.Fire tenders are huge in size and it becomes tough for them to reach narrow lanes
5.They still use age old equipment and do not have modern ones
6.The motivation level of the fire fighters is really low
7.Training, Knowledge, Skills exhibited by our fire personnel and needs improvement
8.The department lacks allotment of enough funds
9.They have poor personal protective gear, lack of group insurance and lack of discipline
10.They lack coordination with the police and municipality
11. There is very little computerization and in most cases they only way to reach out is a phone number
12.There are no processes or guidelines in place for staff to not keep the phones engaged for personal calls more  

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It is mandatory for every housing Society to have fire extinguishers floors. This rule should be strictly implemented. Usually it is small fire initially and it spreads afterwards. Such fires can be extinguished immediately, if fire extinguishers are used immediately after the fire is seen. more  
The most important needs are 1- Structures needed2-processes performed. 1-Structures -a-The fire fighting stations needed are calculated based on the area of the city ,population and the number of structures vulnerable line big rise buildings , public buildings , public places like cinema Halls etc.number of locations must be identified where approachability and access Is studied b-The fire fighting equipment - vehicles , equipment, personal gear of fire man c- the personale and its training ,and the number of all categories of staff including the station buildings d- communication equipments and the drill . e-Location of water bodies and the placing of hydrants in all major areas easily approachable . f- The roads should be fit for approaching fire fighting vehicles g- the mandatory fire safety rules for all buildings and certification of fire safety . 2-Process- The response time must be minimum . Adequate staff including administrative staff . Inadequate water supply . Safety equipment like helmets,masks with filters ,industrial gloves industrial boots. Must be insisted upon. Some small sized bull dozing machines ,cutting machines ,breaking tools and first aid vehicle with paramedics and oxygen cylinders with masks . Disaster plans must be known to fire fighting staff to seek help in case of non management from duster management units. Senior officers should be on the spot of all major fire accident sites and should coordinate with civil,health and municipal officials . A separate directorate of fire services independently functioning under home dept must coordinate and train personale and formulate new rules . Old system needs complete overhall and extra budget must be sanctioned from the govts more  
In every housing society , the Fire fighting equipment must work. It should be inspected by local Fire brigade office at every month and should be stamped . The security staffs and some of the society members must know about fire fighting . Now in any Hospital, the security staffs , house keeping staffs , some staff members must be trained how to handle fire fighting equipment. The same are to be regularly inspected by the local Fire brigade office. more  
Fire equipment in many residential complexes are missing and others are misused for watering grass. Car cleaners operate fire spouts to wash cars and to get water to wash cars, so that they don't have to travel up by lifts to obtain that water properly; this is the shortcut millennium, it seems. The RWAs are aware of these lacking necessities, but they too turn a blind eye. The Administration of this Millennium City does not even check these complexes for compliance, but those complexes get certified anyway. This is because the shortcut to acquire recertification is Bribe or under-the-table payment. We are a very unsafe Shortcut Millennium City and this is outright shameful for the Administration and for the RWAs and for those choosing not to raise their voices for CHANGE. more  
There should be a fire drill once a quarter or once in 6 months in each hospital and cinema house under the supervision of a fire officer in each ward who should be held responsible to check the requirements under the law. more  
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