Fight against deadly diseases - Root Causes

Dear Friends:

Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/Aids and Oral Cancer are the most common and deadliest diseases of India. Over 5.5 Lakhs were lost last year just to TB.

With this post, we would like everyone to share their inputs on the Root Causes for these 4 diseases.

Once we know them, we will have a separate discussion on solutions. The objective here would be to put together a comprehensive action oriented whitepaper to be submitted to the Ministry of Health and any other stakeholders to initiate strong action towards fighting these deadly diseases.

I look forward to your inputs!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta more  

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Fight against deadly diseases - Root Causes
1)Malaria - Government to provide proper drainage facility and waste disposal throughout India.
2)Cancer - Ban chewing of tobacco, smoking. Stop adulteration of food.
3)T.B.- Early detection centres. Visits to schools by health staff to detect TB among students.
4)HIV - Educating people about safe sex. Early detection centres. Home visit by health staff to detect HIV + cases. more  
Is Mr RP Gupta is living in USA? more  
Hello Mr. Gupta,
Hope you are doing well. I am a retired IPS officer and am currently in the Bay Area. Is it possible to meet up with you this weekend or whenever you have time?
It would be my pleasure.

Sampath Ramanujan

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> Subject: Fight against deadly diseases - Root Causes.
> Dear Friends:
> Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/Aids and Oral Cancer are the most common and deadliest diseases of India. Over 5.5 Lakhs were lost last year just to TB.
> With this post, we would like everyone to share their inputs on the Root Causes for these 4 diseases.
> Once we know more...
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In Queensland, Australia, Govt. is trying to eradicate Dengue by growing mosquitos with WOLBACHIA bacteria (harmless) and relealing them."the Aedes Aegypti is responsible for transmitting dengue between people. When WOLBACHIA is introduced into the Aedes aegypti it reduces the mosquito's ability to pass Dengue between people"
Can we do this in India? Will similar experiment will reduce Malaria? more  
Can Modi Ji change the National TB (Tuberculosis) eradication programme to actually help poor people ?

On October 26, 2014 in the TV show of Satyamev Jayate, Aamir Khan brought the inside story of the famous Tuberculosis (TB) eradication programme (at national level) which provides free medication to poor patients of TB. This was watched by Crores of people in India. Millions of poor people have died due to this TB epidemic in India. Can the present government do something about it?

Satyamev Jayate listed below 5 reasons why the TB eradication programme is not having the desired impact.
1. Outdated drug programme: While the world over is following a daily follow up programmer, India still follows alternate day treatment programme. Patients are given medicines only every alternate day while only medication on daily basis will show signs of improvement in the patient. There are cases when proper medication and healthy diet doesn’t save patients, if that is the case it should be ensured that TB affected patients are taken better care.
2. Shortage of drugs: Often drugs are not available at the health centers. The patients are forced to buy the medicines from the open market. The sole motive of such an organization should be about the welfare of the patients. Medicines in the open market are expensive and there are many times when patients don’t buy their prescribed medicines that will mark their survival, as they cannot afford it.
3. Timing of clinics: The timings of the clinic is fixed and often the patient has to skip office to get his medicine and treatment. People always consider their work over their health. There should be programmes which teach them the importance of consulting their doctor on time and its effect on their health. DOTs should consider the patient’s needs and ensure that the clinic functions according to the patient’s needs.
4. Poor monitoring: The DOTS programme requires strict discipline and monitoring. There have been instances when the health workers furnish wrong information. People volunteering for the organization should have proper information about it as it is them who are trusted by the patients. There should be better analysis of the patient’s health and keep their health as priority.
5. Corruption: Rampant corruption has not spared even the DOTS programme. Patients complained that the doctors ask money for medicines. Patients who are taken care though DOTs are the ones who cannot afford exorbitant prices of medicines, doctor should understand the situation and work accordingly.

Please verify same at the below page, more  
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