Few points to consider, discuss and execute.

Few tips for next Govt of India from my little brain
1. The trials of all cases against politicians, senior govt officials to be completed in special courts within a year so country is not led by corrupt and criminals at any cost.
2. Regardless of the religion, caste and state, govt to encourage family planning and population control by providing tax credits to parents with 2 kids (until 1st child is 16yrs old with a condition that parents get both children primary education). This tax credit could be distributed from schools head masters taking records of parents' PAN number and sending it to income tax dept so parents could claim tax credits.
3. Reduce arms import by increasing domestic production with 48 DRDO Labs and 41 Indian Ordnance Factories. Encourage participation from private sector to boost domestic production, generating more jobs with no extra cost to govt.
4. Child labour and not sending children to primary schools should be made a punishable crime regardless of religion, caste and state. Primary education should be made mandatory for every child born post 2015.
5. Need to privatise Indian Railways slowly so Indian Railway can focus on building extra rail lines and maintaining them. Invite new private companies to run the faster and modern trains to reduce travel time and bring efficiency in overall system. May be starting from privatising SHATABDI, Rajdhani routes that do not serve poor and rural people currently. The vision of next Railway minister should be to build a morden railways looking into future, allowing passengers to check-in their luggage and reduce travel time by 50%. MGNREGA / NAREGA funds to be used to pay labour cost for building new railway lines.
6. Review Foreign Direct Investment in Retail sector to ensure that more than 50% of items (based on cost, not quantity) are sourced from domestic manufacturing units, safe guarding local manufacturing.
7. Complete Reform of Judiciary so backlogs could be cleared with quicker trials, verdicts are made within a fixed time for civil cases. Expedite ruling for any crime and corruption case against any govt official or politician.
8. Reform of policing, police to work in public interest.
9. Regulate TV, media and news agencies. 10% of advertisements and programs both need to be in public interest to boost literacy, encourage family planning and educate large number of people on subjects like keeping city/village clean, grow your own in gardens, do it your self, keeping good health etc.
10. Set targets for every govt officials whether it is health, electricity, water. Ensure that govt officials are completing their tenure. Govt officials’ next posting to be based on their performance, not seniority or corruption or whom they know.
11. Regulate health practices to not prescribe branded medicines, basic medical insurance to be availed to people below poverty line.
12. Promote re-cycling and waste management to improve sanitation and environment.
13. Impose on the spot penalties financial or social work-orders for act of vandalism including spitting on public properties e.g. hospitals, govt offices. more  

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Spiritualism must be one and united, such study you can find in my web-shivshiva.webs.com
Maheshjani more  
I totallydisagree with M.K.Rathi's opnion. First we are running out of natural resources.Secondly imperiliastic religions like Islam and Christianity trying to explode their population wih financial aid so that they can take over our country. more  
Wrong assumptions Arvindji..

First family planning is not the problem for India. It is the mismanagment of our cities
In the west they encourage the expanding of families and the more the children they have the more the promotion in govt services in countries from Australia, Canada, Scandanavia.
if in the USA, 5,00,000 of their best brains would migrate out each year... it would be national news ... america under threat ! Here we still survive though nearly a million of our best children migrate out each year .. because of our population we do not feel the pinch when we hiring domestic help, drivers, plumbers, carpenters, masons, ...all this has to be done manually abroad ...compared to their lifestlye we are living like Maharajas..!. and this the western nations do not want..so they teach our polictians
bueratcarts, policy makers....oh...population is your no. one problem... more  
special court for political crimes is very good,reduce arm import and production is nation is very good idea,direct investment in retail sector consideration isa good idea,Judiciary reforms-
1increase the numbers of judges according to number of cases
2-jury system must be started
3-one case trial must be completed ,within a specified time then start up new trail even this law for appeals.
4-simplify law and procedure
5-evidence act must be included with hypnotism,lie dectators and advancement to get the truth all are included and then take after all trials one truth
6-judiciary must be free for all all the expenses must be beared by govyt budget even lawyers fees will be paid by govt .
7-selection of judges must be from senior lawyers and thier case experiences not by examination basis.
8-social activitists must be selected as jury.
shivshiva.webs.com more  
Excellent Ideas Arvind, but I doubt on the possible implementation at this stage...though definitely worth giving an attempt. Need to wait until right opportunity arrives, by then people should have 99.999% confidence on this government.

So for that, confidence building measures should be the priority. more  
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