Failed Vaccine Management now being blackmarketed

Looks like per the demand raised in circles last year after Remdesivir blackmarketing the Health Ministry still did not implement vial tracking system. They made hollow announcements looks like as the vaccine is now being black marketed in Andhra Pradesh. We cant do anything right as a country right now, utter mismanagement. Do vote on this poll below. The vaccine drive is in a mess.

A 10-dose vial of Covishield is being sold at about Rs 20,000 and Covaxin at nearly Rs 25,000. These vials are being brought from Visakhapatnam in cool packs and are being sold to those who want to administer it. After receiving the vial, it is being secured in a household refrigerator. The one who manages to get a vial of the vaccine, mobilises 10 persons to share the dose of 0.5 ml each and also its total cost. They engage a private health worker to administer the jab for all of the 10 persons at a common place and pay for the service and for disposable needles and syringes.

Some people in Rajamahendravaram in East Godavari district recently got Covishield vaccine from Visakhapatnam through some middlemen and took the jab. The cost of the jab varies from time to time given the risk involved in bringing it to the black market. However, the cost of Covishield is relatively less in black market when compared to Covaxin, as it is available aplenty. The Andhra Pradesh government is getting good quantities of the vaccine on a regular basis. The middlemen are ready to get even Covaxin vials but for a good price.

So is the case in several districts where the vaccine is getting diverted to black market.

The modus operandi of the middlemen is to lure health workers with a good offer for getting vials of vaccine. Health workers draw more vials at Covid vaccination centre claiming that more people are waiting for the jab. As per the rule, the vial should be discarded after breaking its seal within four hours irrespective of the number of doses administered, but the health workers set aside some full dose vials and use the existing ones to administer the jab.

With no complete vigil on usage of vials, the entries in the registers get manipulated and the required number of vials reach the middlemen for a good price. The middlemen in turn transport the vials in cool packs to the place of demand and sell them. more  

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Dear All, Will you please consider the following just for a few seconds dispassionately:- (1) Has any one felt the need for any of the facilities including availability of medicines & other accessories before the pandemic has set in in this country? (2) why will you produce them in such a huge quantity when there is no need? After all, it costs money & effort to produce them? Who will bear the sudden capital expenditure for setting additional manufacturing facilities ? (3) Will such a situation not arise in shortages? If shortages arise in large scale, will there not be rush amongst the needy amongst us to grab them at any cost? (4) will it not create fertile ground for earning illegitimate income or in effect black marketing? Are those black marketers citizen among us and only us and not aliens ? Are even the regulators citizen among us? (5) Can any regulator function without credible information on our brothers indulging in profiteering ? How many of us, citizen have gone to the field and helped provide credible information to them? 2. To the best of my knowledge, most if not all of us, must be receiving negative answers from our brain, if we are conscious humans. In these circumstances, it is easier to pass such posts sitting in the comfort of our homes. For every country/ society of integrity (honesty), there are at least two requirements (a) An average citizen must be honest and social minded. (b) An average citizen must consciously assist the regulators to inculcate honesty into the system, they are controlling. 3. In the absence of either, the systems will be found deficient to meet the needs of the society. We, the citizen have never made an effor to force the governments of the day to set up health facilities commensurate with international standards nor did we lent a hand in creating an entrepreneur society. 4. In the bad job inherited by them, GOI is doing best. In fact, where under the Constitution , is it written that GOI is fully and directly responsible for health facilities ? Public health and education are responsibilities of provincial governments and GOI is there for overseeing and assisting them in times of need such as this pandemic. more  
There are many corrupt people, who are interested in generating money. They do not leave even dead persons. The supervising authorities are lagging behind or joining hands with culprits. more  
Though many Proofs found even Judiciary is not Directing. Govts are Cornered Politically and are not in a Position to Set Right more  
Kafirs are money minded peoples. See the History of Country. They are believing accumulating Wealth & Properties. So Every Opportunity is their business. When the Kafan were used to sold two times rate then what you could say. It is attitude of the KAFIRS & No govt. should be blamed. First Try to understand our self responsibility & then blame each others. The Ventilators supplied through PM Cares Fund were supplied to Private Hospitals ,Few are not Installed due to No Order for Installation is received from state Health dept. All The instruments are working perfectly. But From Govt. Stores / Hospital to Pvt./ Hospitals how they ran / walk it is 100 million dollar questions. The whole mesh is done by KAFIRS Peoples who believes in money & these should be eliminated by taking strong action for further improvement. more  
Stop this centre vs state debate. Every govt, whether center or state or neighbouring state is equally responsible. Yes, it is widely known that there is rampant black marketing of covid vaccines and medicines is happening. All govts know about it. They just catch a couple of them and then stop. They expect people to complain, only then they will do something. People are already stressed out because the cannnot get the medicines. There is no easy mechanism for people to complain. I just shared a post where the black fungus injection costing ₹5000 is being sold for ₹70000. We don't want these free of cost, but get them to us at the right cost, state and central govt. And make them available to us. Use your authority to carry out your responsibility to us. 🙏🙏 more  
To catch the blackmarketeers, send your (govt) people in plain clothes (who are notcorrupt). You can catch them red handed more  
in a large country like ours, it is not an easy task to carry out such activities and that too, to the expectation of all people. Moreover we are riddled with a very irresponsible opposition who will not stop at anything short of dethroning the PM. Additionally the sold out media always shows the negative aspects of all the policies of the present govt. Lastly whenever there is a scarcity of anything and hardly any fear of the law, the rogues are bound to take undue advantage of the situation. Let us focus on the good that is happening rather than get impressed by the anti national media. more  
We need urgent reforms in judiciary (law ) , police and bureaucracy . more  
Dethroning??? Jailed is more apt. more  
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