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Building upon the view expressed by Chetan Bhagat that was shared with us by Laxmi Jindal:
We come to the perennial problem in India, that of Ethics, morality, etiquette, manners, good behaviour, sensitivity, altruism, integrity and so on an so forth. We would be deluding ourselves if we internally believe that we Indians are an advanced society. The first "lohe ka channa" that we need to bite is to admit to ourselves honestly that we are backward; not developing - this would be an euphemism, a dilution of reality.
We keep talking about education, believing that it would bestow upon us those " 8 plus" virtues (goonn). Well yes partly, if we put our wards into schools and colleges that propound ethical values as against "number crunching".
What I'm driving at is spirituality. I believe that we need to fall back to our respective faiths and become spiritual. In my view there can be no other source of spirituality other than religion. When people seek their creator and are blessed, we see the "fruits of the Spirit", those 8 plus virtues and more. The power of spirituality is what changes us from behaving like savages (some are seen in Audis and Skodas) to human beings.
I'll stop here now (gotta catch up on some pending office work). This is the first installment. more  

I again wish to empasize on Mr sunil that he should not mix religion/spirituality with ethics and morality. Former is for an individual to follow for his mental peace and based on his beliefs while later relates to his character which affect the society and the country. more  
Thank you Mr. Chopra and Mr.Bhatia for reading and appreciating Spirituality-1. In the subsequent instalments we will see why religion makes a oersin spiritual and good and why religious people with a scuentifuc temper progress. more  
Subject : Ethics, integrity …spirituality

I have read with interest Mr Sunil Sonawane’s commentary on Chetan Bhagat’s views. While I agree that problem in India is of ethics, morality etc. etc. It is this reason that we have not progressed, which we could have. But I do not agree that it has anything to do with spirituality or religion. Ethics, morality and integrity have to do with character building, which in India we do not give attention. We consider that going to temple or keeping fast is enough though very next moment the same people will cheat.

I have lived in Singapore for twenty years and saw how the first Prime Minister gave highest importance to character building of the countrymen. In no time the country became one of the most prosperous in the region.

Raj Bhatia more  
Shri Sunil Sonawane Ji, (and not 'Wale!),
A real sense of pleasure you gave to this senior guy, who now does not have to rush to any office (but keep on top of civic services here in Gurgaon-- garbage collection, water filling in time, electrical related issues, etc. & SECURITY-- in years gone by have had two burglaries in our home, and so on), thus am able to much appreciate your email and respond (partly) to your First part.
The "8+ virtues" (Goon) one notes are indeed a heap of them, among the humans one is thrown amidst, here. That Sire, is a fact of life, and does not apply here only to us Indians, but the world over, indeed. (i have lived or moved around near-to 29 countries, and have earned my livelihood from foreign funded organisations, and thus based on experience, on the ground... many a time in hostile areas -- being a Hindu and an Indian!).

The expensive limousine, high speed around 11 a.m. mows down a smaller car, kills two, badly injuring the rest--scoots off. A shuffle of sorts of papers takes place, by the official & concerned authorities but nothing ever comes to pass, is the kind of society we live in. The subject finds no room in the news any more And so on. Same is the case with ALL that you see in your own neighbourhood -- have your maid throw away your part-garbage including the burnt out bulb, etc., hire under-age helps, use the hose pipe to clean the drive-way and wash cars with the scarce potable water (& not a mug + bucket). The system promises to put up places of convenience (with no water facility) thus you have a mess in the city all over, no low cost water seal latrines in girls' schools, or and so on, one could go on and on, where civic services are concerned. Or, where good neighbourly relations are in the scheme of things (including the wedding card you receive saying the timing of 8 p.m. -- with no host appearing till 9.30 p.m.) and so on -- what Sire will one's religious upbringing and a spiritual way of living do? Other than to show you to remain at Peace with
all and sundry, you come in contact with and within yourself.
The issue of moral and ethical values one should continue to follow, BUT cannot get that across to your Relations or your Neighbours, one is very sorry to say.
This is also my first part, Sir, as i look forward to your views with much anticipation. Lastly, i remain as positive as one can be, all said and done. i say that because one can easily be mis-understood. Peace. dev chopra UN/Retiree more  
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