Ensuring Peaceful Agitations and Protest

With this post we would like to seek your inputs on how police and administration can ensure that agitations and protest are conducted peacefully.

It is extremely important that agitations and protest doesn't lead to crimes and anti-social activity.

We look forward to your inputs. and would like to take recommendations from this circle to the Ministry of Home Affairs for consideration. more  

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TILL DATE THE PARTIES/ASSOCIATIONS PROTESTING AND conducting Processions HAVE BEEN ESCAPING TAKING THE NAME OF ANTI-SOCIAL ELEMENTS as also very frequently declared by various Governments . Added to this, the Policing also escaping staging this version only neglecting the people and their Safety , Safety of their and govt. properties . S.C. and some High Courts already notified some findings and ordered directions and conditions . Parliament is to formulate an Act covering different categories including Political Protests and Processions . more  
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Protests were initially meant to show the number of people who do not think the way "A person or leader thinks", so that the leader change their strategy to make it work for the public. However these days, protests have become more of violence. I would suggest to take the following measures to curb any violence due to protests. 1) Government must identify 3-4 large areas, where protests can be held. Not in public places, roads, and office buildings, to ensure smooth working of the machinery 2) For any protest to happen the police must be informed by the protesting party, for what they are protesting, and who would they want to talk if at all (5-10 names can be given with relevance and context) 3) Police must have a protest management cell, who will look into these matters, and inform these 5-10 names to be present at the protest location, and that police would provide security to them on the day of protest . 4) Protesters, leaders and police would reach the same location. After the slogans are done, the representatives of the protesters and leaders will meet. A decision need not be made, but a memorandum will be submitted. 5) The protesters will disperse from the place, after the memorandum is acknowledged by the leader. The bottom line is "No protests and agitations in public places and roads". LEt us change the LAW, and don't stick to the 1947 way of life. more  
Let police work independently. more  
Normal protests with a small number of persons is easy to control and is normally done in consultation with police regarding route, final location, etc. Political agitations, particularly from opposition parties, do tend to become violent sometimes due to high handedness of the police which wants to be with the ruling party. Police are sometimes bystanders siliently watching violent agitations from ruling party cadre. The main reason is that the police force is reporting to the ruling party. It is high time that a police commission is established in each state which will have full authority for transfers, promotions, etc with no interference and control from the state authority. Only then, the police will be non partisan and will implement the laws without fear or favour. more  
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