Electoral Reforms

It is time the government initiates discussion debates on electoral reforms. The general impression of the common people is, politicians do not want electoral reforms because, they can exploit the system.

Looking at the pathetic records on criminalization of politics, election tickets given to people with criminal records of the serious nature of which Bihar and Delhi are classic examples, why BJP is not seriously initiating the debate in the civil society?

We know, this has become a fake positioning by all political parties to say, yes, Electoral reforms must take place but hardly any talk is hear on this serious lacuna in the electoral system which is allowing all elements to enter into politics under the claim that our Democracy and constitution allows anyone and everyone to participate?

Though that may be true but it certainly does not speak well for the second largest democracy on the world to have corrupt and criminals as law makers?

Why are we not and the Election commission not taking up this burning issue in the minds of ordinary people who are part of the Electoral Democracy who want to be "Empowered" in the real sense. Today electorate is not empowered in the true spirit of electoral Democracy.

The electorate strongly feels that only and only qualified, good characters, who have proven track records in doing social work for the welfare of the society for min of 5 to 10 years should qualify for the electoral representation.

The electorate rightly thinks, all candidates should be verified by intelligence agencies for their clean characters. for their past backgrounds and criminal records.

The electorate rightly thinks, that, my one vote elects my Representative as the law maker, but why don't I have the right to call him back, if I am not happy with his performance, if he is useless, corrupt and not performing??

And finally the electorate is intelligent to think, why our political system is allowing politicians the life time space to get all their family into politics years after years and build their personal empires?

Why dont politicians have cap on terms ? After two terms, they can not stand for any elections?

Karuna Nidhi family, Sharad Pawar family, Gandhi family, Mulayum Singh family, are classic examples who have established their kingdoms in Indian political system and they are today seen making tons of money from their political offices while in power for their generations after generations. They are today millionaires and billionaires parking their ill-gotten money earned from commissions they manage to get through government contracts.

These are known facts to every citizen of this country and every citizen thinks the corruption in governance is only because the political class across the parties do not want Electoral reforms because their political existence will be threatened.

We the people have high hopes from PM Modi who is honest in his approach and political vision. We want he starts Debates all over the country between civil societies, thinkers, intellectuals on changing this corrupt electoral system and introduce Reformed electoral system which can plug all loop holes to stop wrong candidates entering into politics and going to parliament as law makers.

Will you start this debate at the earliest ?? That will prove honest intentions of the government in power. more  

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Sir, There is a good proposition for electoral reforms which would prevent immoral personality to enter the elected government and opposition in a book "WE & OUR INDIA"which may be procured by asking the manger pattanaikpublisher@gmail.com. more  
Jaihind! 1. Political parties should get their finances audited and the same should be put in public domain. Every rupee received should be given a valid receipt. 2. Even within the existing 'first past the post, declared as winner', the rest should have a right to vote in the legislative bodies - one's vote carrying a weight in proportion to the % of the polled votes, secured by the contestant in the assembly/parliament segment. For example, let us say, the winner in a constituency secures 30% of the polled votes and one of the losers secures 15% of the polled votes. Then, the vote of that particular unsuccessful contestant or loser, still carries a weight of (15/30 or 0.5 ) compared to that of the winner. That way even the candidates who lose the election can proactively represent all those who voted for them in the legislative action on different issues according to one's own or one's party's concept of what is good or bad for their electorate. In fact this forces the elected representatives to consult all the contestants on each and every issue discussed and voted for in the legislative body. This eliminates unholy alliances while encouraging the seeking of support for specific commonly agreed policies cutting across political parties. 3. While restricting individual contributions directly to political parties to an upper limit of under an average Indian's monthly salary, political parties/groups may be allowed to seek unlimited contributions to their designated entities, which execute activities that are approved under CSR. 4. As part of taming black money and tax evasion, as also ensuring that the elected representatives as well as political parties and groups continuously consult their electorate, on all important issues, following three would be of immense use: a) people should be empowered to pay their direct and indirect taxes directly to the designated government body and b) political parties and the contestants(winner and the losers) in the election are free to appeal to their electorate for routing their tax payments through channels that are tagged to reflect support/opposition to a particular policy on a given issue of their concern. c) for the representatives of people(one winner and other losers in each constituency) in the legislative bodies, an additional weight is given to their vote during legislative proceedings, which depends on both 'the absolute number of tax receipts' and 'the total amount of tax receipts' routed through their tagged channels. That way, political parties and people's representatives would have a stake in making people pay taxes for all their purchases and incomes, thus reducing black money and tax evasion. with best regards, Sudhakar Puttagunta (Ph: 09391343085, Haritha Ecological Institute) Haritha 'FRIENDS'(Haritha 'FoR Inclusive, Equitable & Natural Development of Societies') (Faculty of IITD: 1973-'84 at Centre for Applied Research in Electronics and 2006-'11 at Centre for Rural Development & Technology) # "Land, a tangible natural resource with zero depreciation for all non-agrarian uses, should only be used by leasing, to account for its use, in line with the three factors of production in economics, including that for infrastructure/public-good uses." # "Looking out for renewable resources, in meeting our needs, ought to become the measure of civilization, instead of falling for the 'convenient, cost effective and aesthetic' non-renewables." more  
Further to my earlier note I feel following as experimental module; 1. There should be limit of macimum two polotical term constituting all level (Gram Panchyat to Parliament) for any one irrespective of their proven calibre. Will the world sink if some one capable dies? 2. All declaration during nomination must be online and later if found faulty, suitable procedure be made to confiscate their differential assets and put in Govt. Treasure. 3. All benefits must be made as CTC and suitable taxation must be applied on that. This will atleast give fair deal to Govt to arrange fund and realise revenue for development of country. 4. Implementation of qualification barrier may not be accepted as observed when similar was proposed in Haryana Panchyat Election and Mr Laloo opposed it. However, effort may be made to impose a basic limit so that Indian do not loose their respect outside. more  
The citizen first realise and dare to accept the fact openly the teason of political post lucerativeness. If you go by records filed during succesive election nomination, one can easily observe the monetary advantage earned by respective candidate. Moreover, safety from criminal prosecution is another advantage. Above is availed by all irrespective of their academic aspects. In my opinion, these people allowed non qualified to join them in past 30-35 years with a view to safeguard their position. Since these skilless people hardly had any place to get place themselves but having large ambitions, they chose the easy world of crimes with due protection from their masters. With passage of time they could attain the status what Mr Obama is facing experiencing from its nurtured group in Asia. It looks like political terrorism generating each day one issue to destabilise social harmony. Bihar result to opt for opening a political training centre in Legislative Assembly for under matriculates is an example. Its irony that the Constitution drafting was done by one most learned person Dr. Ambedkar and its operation has been given to person who can not even for graduation. You can not expect good and responsible driving of a very mordern vehical fron a dragged driver. Under the condition expecting a favourable support from the members of our Constitutional Temple would be breaking head on stone. more  
The Parliament would never vote on electoral reforms. Most of the MPs are corrupt. It has to be supreme court who has to define this. Every politicians background should be checked and the income and wealth of politicians should be on the net and open to access by all. Politicians like Akbaruddin Owaisi who openly spread hatred against Hindus should not be given a ticket to contest elections, and should be tried as traitor. more  
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