Election Mandate and Karnataka Politics

In Karnataka, the 2nd Placed Party, the Congress targeting BJP, the 1st placed Majority Party charging that BJP and PM Mody are purchasing the Karnataka MLAs. This is just to defaming fight against BJP.
Wilfully ill-full coalition between rejected and defeated Ruling Party with a Party placed at 3rd Status in acquiring continued Share to Rule the State of Karnataka then itself was doubted about its 5 years moral binding. The 2nd Placed Congress had been trying to acquire the CM post in the second half, staged criticisms on JDS and the JDS CM did not accept to give up CM post to Congress.
The JDS President was defeated in his MP Elections of 2019 and thereafter activists of Congress started intensifying the issue of acquiring the post of CM and resulted in frustration and resignation of Some JDS MLAs. Strategy of some of the Congress MLAs resulted in resignation of some Congress MLAs.
This internal political diplomacy is now termed dramatically and the Deputy CM of Karnataka, [Congress Member] resigned paving path for Congress Ex CM to resolve while the Chief Minister, [JDS Leader] opted dissolution .
HAD THE COALITION WAS ETHICAL, BOTH Congress and JDS could have shared the Rule in Karnataka either equally or proportionately on the 5 years period of Tenure if not satisfied with the Rule of JDS CM. ILL-FULL AND COLLUSIVE Coalition by Political Parties will ever endangers the principles of Democracy.
Election Commission and Supreme Court are to understand within the Objectives of Constituent Assembly and guarantees staged by Dr. Ambedkar as regards to the principles of ‘One Man One Vote’ and the mandate of People in rejecting and defeating the Ruling Party which had not served Constitutional Provisions to them. SECONDLY, there is absolute need to disqualify those possessing Cases of Social and Fiscal Frauds allowing only the convictions on Political Protests. THE ISSUES OF PARTY FUNDS, PERFORMANCE OF ELECTED MEMBERS, REVISING AND ENFORCING PUNISHMENTS ON OFFENCES RELATING TO ELECTIONS ALSO ARE TO BE specifically Regulated. more  

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Corrective Amendments, new Regulations in Electioneering, Party's Accountability, Code of Performance by Elected Member in Houses and outside, Responsibilities and Authorities of Speakers ARE ALL TO BE TAKEN-UP FAST BY 'EC, SC and EXECUTIVE JOINTLY '. SC to direct such while concluding the Cases pending as confined in II quarter of 2019 please. more  
Had the Governor did not exercise his powers , the Karnataka Assembly postponed TRUST VOTING , Expelled Resigned MLAs using WHIP or , willful absence of Sessions in a span of time.
Dr Ambedkar 's directive on the purpose and power of VOTE has won the victory today .
With the same 105 Majority Score won on the day of Election Counting , THE THEN PARTY , BJP , WITH THE SAME 105 MEMBERS ON THE FLOOR once again defense Congress and it's Alliances.
The ISSUE of Resigned MLAs those sought SUPREME COURT HELP urging acceptance of their Resignations ITSELF ESTABLISHED THE DESIRED DEMAND OF VOTERS OF THEIR CONSTITUENCY as well as their justified Morals and ethics of DEMOCRACY. Hats off to all such aspirants please. more  
The biggest undemocratic provision of the anti defection law is voting against the whip. A member should not loose his seat for voting in a particular manner. An elected member is representative of the people who elected him. And later representative of the party as far as his responsibility and duty to legislature. All laws passed on the strength of a vote based on whip direction should be treated as void abinitio as it is obtained by coersion. Further a resigning member of legislature except due to legal provision should be allowed to recontest only if he undertakes to reimburse the cost of reelection other wise the 2nd highest candidate
of the election which elected the resigning member should automatically be the member of legislature. Which will close all these political circuses at the huge cost to taxpayer.. more  
'vote based on whip direction should be treated as void abinitio as it is obtained by coersion' IS THE SOUL AND WHOLE CONCEPT OF Vote in Democracy. more  
Realization alone bringing Revolution. Realized Member/Voter shall be Recognised under Democratic Directive. Otherwise it is Back-Stabbing DEMOCRACY Please. more  
Many speakers of assemblies are partial to their party of origin and commit deliberate mistake to favour their mother party in trouble.Even to th3 3xtent if searching for loop holes in law to evade a court directive shamelessly.This is a bad trend in democracy .
We need to modify law and take away the right to vote from speaker in emergencies.
He should be neutral and the governor must have powers to remove him if he is unfair.
He may be a elected rep but sinc3 it is a diabolical game he is playing in democracy h3 should be stripped of powers by dismissing him by governor if found wanting .
Many speakers are sitting over resignations ,party jumping with out disqualification by speakers hiding under clause ‘examining’the issue.
Irrespective of party this a mockery of power ,democracy and misuse .This invites disqualification by amending electoral law. more  
The issue of compelling WHIP by Parties is SWALLOWING RIGHTS OF VOTERS AND THEIR REPRESENTING MLA/MP . This Regulation shall be amended placing the Rights of Voter and Elected Member ATOP OF ALL. more  
MLA/MP decision whether to Vote for or against a Bill or No Confidence motion must be upheld . Voters's request to recall MLA/MP shall be upheld by E.C., call explanation from the MLA/MP and decide acceptance of Resignation to Party within 30/60 days even to curtail Cost of Re-election and shall disallow pending by Speaker for more than 30/60 days . E.C. also to mandate that any Party can remove a member/MLA/MP on specific circumstances and shall not have any right to remove on the issue of Resignation or Voting against a Bill or No Confidence Motion .

Justified Role of Elected Member under 'One Man One Vote' in the Houses shall be such People Oriented and shall not be Party Oriented as far as the above issues are concerned please . more  
CONTROLS ON THIS VOTER's , MLA/MP RIGHTS Causing dissatisfaction on Parties . TRUE. PARTIES TO REALIZE AND REGULATE SUITABILITY AND SAVE Democratic Rights of Members and Voters. more  
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