Effective Solution for Stray Animals - All Inputs

Below are the key solutions as highlighted by you for effectively handling Stray Animals. Kindly review and if you have additional inputs, please comment on this post. If this is still an issue in your area or city, share the link of this post with your DM, Municipal Commissioner, Councillor or other responsible officials.

Effective Handling of Stray Animals

1.The local municipalities should take steps to remove all stray canines and cattle from the roads
2.Sterilisation campaigns should be done so that their population does not increase
3.A fine should be imposed on people who leave their cattle on the roads
4.Animal shelters should be built in different areas
5.Municipalities should tie up with NGOs to train these stray animals
6.NGOs should be involved in working towards adoption of the stays
7.A municipal helpline should be started to report dangerous stray animals
8.A special team should also be established to act quickly on these complaints
9.Stray cows should be picked up by the municipal team and the owner should be charged heavily for their release
10.People have a misplaced sense of charitable attitude towards animals – this should be changed
11.Owners of cattle especially cows, horses must register ownership and the animals should have the registration locket, failing which the animals on the roads may be impounded
12.Relevant Government or NGO agencies should take the cows to villages and auction them off to recover costs or make profit
13.Stray animals should be caught and rehabilitated in separate enclosures in the outskirts off the towns and cities. more  

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We should be kind enough to animals. Animals too have equal rights like us to live in this world. Since we have organized our life's with buildings and roads does not mean we can deny the right of animals to live. I will strongly suggest government should earmark funds and work with NGO's on how to rehabilitate the animals, if they cannot be kept free on the streets. more  
There are 13 solutions emerged,and,many more will generate.I am of the opinion,that
1.From the group,let us generate as many solutions as possible with the deadline of a week's time or say with in fortnight
2.Let us rate the best five solutions from the list.
3.Let us write methodology to execute these solutions.
4.And the most important,one who generates the solutions,must write the procedure ,how to implement the same,that is Kaizen way.
5.The Kaizen way-smallest possible solutions with minimum cost,and with maximum gain in shortest time possible.

To me ,the menace is due to lack of our planning system.Now that we are facing these issues,to address the same
a]Let there be ownership declared by the individuals who own catteles and animals.They are numbered,for identification.Give a time frame of ,say 7 days,-let each ward handle the location involved.Owners are given a badge.
b]The rest of the animals are taken to a common shelter,and being looked after,by NGOs
c]The veterinary Doctors take care of the animal health.
d] The applicable suggestions under serial numbers given above and many more ,would become implementable,then after more  
The authorities of local municipalities should take initiative to keep the roads free from cattles, stray dogs etc. more  
Good Solutions, It should implement it to protect stray animals and peoples. more  
The list of measures to prevent the nuisance created by stray canines and cattle seems to be practical. At the same time we must also consider one point from the point of cattle owners. Most of the cattle owners lead their lives from the earnings from these cattle. As they have been following in olden days they let the animals for grazing during day time. But due conversion of villages as satellite towns most of grazing areas are converted as buildings or factories etc. This has deprived these cattle owners the facility of grazing area for their cattle.
Solution for this lies in making plans for shifting the cattle sheds to the outskirts of the town/city and maintain good pastures for the animals to graze at the time when town planning is done. The NGO under the Government whether Central or State should interact with these cattle owners to hand over the cattle to them for looking after and work out a regular income to these cattle owners. If possible create job opportunities for them in taking care of these animals.
This is possible only when a sincere attempt is made. The persons involved should be dedicated and devoted. Then a distant dream could be made a near possible happening.
JAI HIND more  
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