Educated Girls - Two perspectives

Below are two perspectives in educated girls. Which one is right in your experiences?

The educated girls perspective:

Many marriages are breaking because:

-Educated girls are refusing to tolerate their husband's abuse.
-Educated girls are not willing to tolerate their husband's extramarital affairs.
-Educated girls are going to the police station instead of bringing jewelry and money from their parents' home every now and then.
-Educated girls are going to court for demanding what's rightfully theirs instead of waiting for years with their children in their parents' home.
-Educated girls are choosing to get jobs or run a business in less money rather than getting comfort zones in exchange for their husband's misconducts and whims.
-Educated girls are not just fitting into the roles of mother, daughter in law, and mere objects for their partner's physical requirements. They rightfully demand to be treated with equal respect, love, honor, and rights deserving of any human being.

If you haven't understood anything yet, it's okay. Educated women will gradually make you understand

The boys’ perspective:

Many marriages are breaking because:

-Educated girls want only rights but no responsibilities

-Educated girls think his money is her money but her money is not his money

-Educated girls want to have extramarital affairs which husband should tolerate

-Educated girls are going to police station to file false cases over smallest of fights

-Educated girls are going to court for demanding alimony & maintenance even though they can work & earn

-Educated girls are choosing to leave job & be in comfort zones just to get maintenance from their husband

-Educated girls are treating children as a tool & depriving fathers of love & affection of child just to satisfy ego

-Educated girls want to be treated with respect, love, honor, and rights but do not want to give the same to in-laws & husband

If you haven't understood anything yet, it's okay. Once your family gets implicated in a false case, you will gradually understand the business more  

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suppot the views.BIG YES, more  
It is the western Propaganda of Freedom & Hindians are addicted to follow blindly without any thinking. The Lady is a Cultural Carrier & more Valuable than gents in hindu culture. but unfortunately we didn't follow it. Western media & companies targeting woman in advt. showing nudity under freedom, Modern look . The serials are showing woman ego & foolish are watching. ultimately all negative things get gather fast which ultimately makes society like prostitution. also the rules & lae should changed. These are useless now a days. more  
Most of the “Educated girls” with ego problem would like to live a life under the influence of western culture without correctly knowing their own culture. They develop liking of western culture as per their upbringing by their parents. Same is the case with “Educated boys” but to a lesser extent. In most of traditionally rich business families, except neo rich, educated girls are not like the so called “advanced girls” of today. more  
Many such educated girls repent in later part of life but time has gone. more  
It is most Unfortunate that the post has struck right at the heart of the issues related to matrimony that our society is facing. Despite Education, why is there a wrong selection of Groom? During initial stage itself if there is a Dowry Demand, drop the groom, why tie up with a greedy person and spoil the life? I do admit that there have been instances where the bride has taken a decent groom and their family for a ride and put them through terrible torture using the unfair advantage of being a weaker sex. However such instances are few. Even Education has failed to peg the greed when it comes to matrimonial alliance. more  
Modern Education has added more problems for in laws with the support of lope sided anti dowry laws. more  
Boys perspective seems to be more realistic. Today's educated girls behave like tom boys. Don't want to carry the tag of Mrs. Life for family becomes hell incase the wife/daughter in law had been to a hostel during school/ college days. It has become a fashion to take husband's family to police and court for minor issues so that divorce is facilitated and she get share in property and alimony. Boys should opt for less educated girls from civilized families and give up lust for working girl if they don't want to ruin their life. more  
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