Dust control - Time to address the issue?

During and after a construction activity open patches of soil, and left over sand is left to add to the pollution. The road sides are left bare and eventually erode ruining the road and adding to the dust and erosion issue.
We and municipality need to pay close attention to monitor construction activity and propose guidelines to address the dust issue.
There are easy ways to address this by adding green cover. more  

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None of the company follows NGT guidelines and neither they are being penalized if found by pollution board officer because of heavy amount of bribe they are being paid. more  
Respirable dust getting into human system is really the problem. and therefore generation of dust and its getting airborne to reach the human system should be avoided. In this respect construction sites and demolition sites are areas that require attention. However we are overlooking a greater menace or dust affecting people walking along the streets while road/street is swept to clear the garbage. people start going for morning walk or run for exercise from early morning. however they expose themselves to fine dust raised during sweeping of roads/streets. The solution lies in completing the sweeping operations before day breaks, i.e. Road/street sweeping MUST be done between 0 hours to 5 hours only. This is possible as it was practiced in Mumbai in pre independence days and perhaps is practiced in Indore and Coimbatore Corporations.
About the construction sites there are several possible solutions:
1. use of premixed concrete - eliminating use of sand, gravel and cement being stacked and mixed at site.
2. Prefabricated walls for construction - eliminating use of sand, gravel and cement being stacked and mixed at site.
Demolition of buildings etc. (Including Loading into trucks): during Street sweeping time to minimise exposure of human to airborne dust.
Dumping sites: If they are away from human habitats those should not pose any problem. even otherwise as the loading of debris is done in wee hours, it would be unloaded/dumped before early morning.
In short the solution lies in allowing dust generating work only between 0 hours and 5 hours and using pre fab technique of construction.
RYK. more  
Another point.. every one cleans the house interiors twice a day to control dust. With good dust control measures at least save some effort. Asthma sufferers may get help too more  
Use of Shield screen should at the construction site should be made mandatory .Water spraying or sprinkling should be done on heap of soil &scattered soil more  
Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.

Dust is one of them. When a building is brought down due to its dilapidation or otherwise, dust mites fly all over. The municipal authorities regulate this making it mandatory to cover the area with material to avoid dust being spreading into the atmosphere around the area. This is great.

But when this debris is being loaded onto the trucks for dumping to nominated sites this dust flies into the atmosphere. The trucks are also covered with material.

When the truck is being emptied into the dumping site, dust spreads into the atmosphere.

All this is true. But how can any protection be given to dust mites being spilled into the air? This is a natural phenomenon and can best be controlled by dampening the area before bringing it down to control dust mites. more  
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