Dog feeders and lovers

people are giving advice on what to do if stray dog comes after you or to prevent being chased altogether....

"Stay calm"
"Don't carry a stick
"Don't carry pepper spray"
"Stray dog will not do anything if you are kind"
" This has never happened to me"

Laughable really.

We need a lawyer with spine to take maneka gandhi and these dog feeders to supreme court.

The feeders do not understand that a day comes when they go missing due to other engagements and it is on those days that a walker gets attacked by the pack more  

There is no proof that this Parag person was killed due to stray dog. He was found lying in a ditcha nd they assumed that he was must have got attacked by stray dog and when running fell in the ditch and hit his head and died. He had not dog bites or scratches. Just pure speculation. more  
Swati do not create false rumors and vilify stray dogs. I have been running on roads of different cities for the last two decades and have faced and been chased by stray dogs many times. Keeping my nerve and facing the dogs without aggression helped me to calm them down. In the present incident involving Mr. Desai the hospital report clearly says he was not bitten. The fear and panic proved to be deadly. Dog bites can be treated with full recovery and so are not fatal for adults. So why run away in panic? more  
Death is certainly a sad fate...however animal attacks leading to death is negligible compared to road accidents, rapist, murderers, anger issue, road rage, fake encounters, gmo food leaden with harmful chemicals, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, over counter drugs, misdiagnosis by doctors,jealousy, etc all by human beigns. Pls channel your observation, concern on the 99.99 percent and not the .01. more  
In reality it is a misconception.(1) Dog lovers are not sure what they mean (2).Based on cruelty listed they started the birth control systems (3) Mental health of everyone on planet is effected by the COVID 19,aftermath. Now the COP belonging to veterinary Doctors have to come to screen and Radio Talk about human physiology and psychology, and Dogs interpretation of the same. more  
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