Does it really count when we give our suggestions/Posts on portal like local circles

There are a lot of people like me who really want to see out country progress...
We spend hours reading the posts and share our experiences with our posts.....
I really fail to understand whether what we are doing it is right...I feel its our duty to contribute for the nation hence I make my posts taking time from the busy schedule...

But sometimes I get a feeling whether is it right what I am doing here thinking about our nation ?There would be many people like me who spend a lot of time giving opinions about posts,posting new resources etc..
I really do not understand whether somebody is making note of the voice of people who really want India to be the most powerful nation in the world...

If somebody is making a note why are we not notified about it.?

There are people like csn sarma ji,Jayakrishnan Alambathji and many more who spend a lot of time on this portal because we feel its out country and its our responsibility to contribute....But sometimes i really wonder if this is also something where we are just wasting our time and nobody is making a note of it...

There should be somebody who notifies whather our posts /comments have been considered so that we also feel that we are contributing for the development of our country more  

I agree with Sarmaji,,The present situation is-- if the govt does something ,the news channels deliberately make a program with the leaders from opposition....Instead of highlighting the achievements of govt,they highlight the points which the opposition has to say....This is the reason owaisi and manish tiwari are very busy now a days..The govt should ensure that it should be advertised their achievements and schemes very agressively more  
1. The process of the governing/managing Cells of these local circles ; Bureaucratic Government ; and Political leaders if set in practice , there will be the tremendous achievement in bringing up the additional supporting strengths.
2. The Weekly One Hour address by all M.P. AND M.L.As State wise selecting within themselves through T. V. Channels appraising the Top welfare issues dressed by the Government , tit will communicate the best and the needed which increases the collective zeal for participation or indirect support. more  
There may be a lot of "Vibhishans" on this portal who take ideas from Modiji's way of working,check the important posts and share them with the opponents..Its my request to identify people who can really contribute...A phone call from a certain ministry will do a lot of encouragement for the volunteers who want to contribute for the country..These volunteers are far better than the chamchas surrounding the MPs who work for their own benefit....

This way "quality" people will be a part of BJP who can debate with the opponents logically and help BJP in their campaigns for the next elections...Eg XYZ is not directly associated with BJP and contributes a lot to the social networks in BJPs favour....It should be the duty of BJP management to identify such people and ensure they become part of BJP...Utilize their knowledge for BJPs benefit..Make them a park of campaigns and ensure their contribution whatever way possible ...I am sure there would be a management team who posts on behalf of govt..There are replies to such posts daily...It should be the management team who identifies that abc number of people are really willing to contribute for India and want BJP to drive the good work..

Once these people are identified they should be contacted whatever way possible by email or by phone calls whatevr...It should be the duty of BJP management to utiolize the knowledge of such people in BJPs favour...

There are a lot of people who speak rubbish and without facts but because these people are closer to the MPs ,they get the recognition but the people who really want to contribute do not understand at all whether their voice is heard or not... more  
Dear Nitin - Every whitepaper generated by this circle is personally sent by me to PMO, associated Central Government Minister and in some cases the Chief Minister. Also, please note that the objective of this circle has been to track the delivery of the Government against the 2014 Election Manifesto and in this process enable the Government with collective citizen inputs.

As mentioned in my 1 year post, while many of our submission have seen some action, many others are yet to see action. We don't expect things to happen immediate but if no action is seen 6 months after submission, we do a follow up submission to the Government.

I appreciate your and every member's inputs in this process and hope that with collective participation in governance, we will be able to transform governance and development of India. more  
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