Do we need Genetically Modified crops ?

While we appreciate any scientific study to improve farm produce or reduce crop failures, there are some major issues which we've not been addressing for a long time.

I'd like to bring before everyone's attention, the present day scenario and my suggestion to address the ever increasing crop requirement in our Nation.

There are few issues with the research studies which are being done today... Time n again, it has been evident that since the evolution of GM based crops and pesticides, the number of patients infected with cancer and other fatal diseases have dramatically increased.

A neutral research establishment or it's observations is nearly an impossible feat in today's world as even universities survive on funding from private organisations for research & development. Everyone is working to prove someone else's agenda!

Scientific farming practices(soil testing, pest avoidance techniques, weather based crops) and rain water harvesting techniques (which Bharath was famous for - 5000 yrs ago) can still do wonders to Indian agricultural set up, avoiding the need for GM crops. Evolution\Ecological changes in itself is helping crops evolve over generation while retaining its taste and (most of) nutritional value

Government Funding and focus is needed to
a. Train farmers on scientific approaches to avoid pesticides, reduce water consumption, improve soil quality, learn to adapt quickly to weather changes, weather to crop affinity, insuring the produce etc.
b. Public\Crowd funded storage facilities in each village + venues to sell produce directly to consumer
c. Cheap & renewable power for all
d. Improved logistic support (better roads\rail\water services etc.)
e. Scientific techniques and low interest loan for mechanising agriculture & food processing

If govt & public take interest in those lines than falling prey to private corporate strategies of GM crops and\or Pesticides manufacturers, our country will produce more than what is needed for it's citizens.

I welcome every constructive feedback and would want the experts to provide their PoV on this subject. Let the Govt use this thread to look at constructive solutions which are quick wins and pointed at the same time, to address the issue.

Jai Hind! more  

Mr Abbas Chunawala, why isolate farmers to call them foolish? Everybody is seeking better life style by having better incomes and for farmers in fact it is a case of survival. Farmer will do whatever is legal and gives him better profits. The basic assumption is if it is legal it is safe. Govt is supposed to know. Why burden the poor farmer with this responsibility when he is finding it difficult to meet his ends. This responsibility is of govt. When we the educated lot have difference of opinion on this issue, how do you expect the poor farmer to be sure of the effects of GM seeds. more  
I feel somewhere in the long run, this will be come out as harmful. Even though there are enough data around vouching for the view more  
This is a case of national emergency. Foolish farmers are just after the money so they do not know they will be making a deal with the devil. All the GMOs yield sterile seeds so the farmers cannot replant after the initial crop and will have to revert to the multinationals for the seeds again perpetuating the cycle and making them permanent slaves of these companies. All the seeds that these guys will sell are patented and we will not be able to even plant seeds and thus surrendering our food independence. Does india want to be slave again. These companies will pay off the political leadership just like they have done in the US and Canada and once this cycle starts there is no stopping it. The famous indian lax enforcement of rules has resulted into these stupid farmers adopting GMOs in a wholesale fashion. Lot of vegetables in the sabzi mandis these days do not have sseds. When was the last time you saw a red indigenuos Indian banana. Think about it. The so called research on the advantages of GMOs are funded by GMOs. Dont get into this trap. This is the door to destruction. These organizations are so evil that they are promoting GMOs in Africa in the name of the Gates and the Clinton foundation in the guise of food aid and thus replacing the indigenous flora. We were sleeping when the East India company came, lets be vigilant when these MNCs come knocking. There is no alternative to nature. And answer to your question, they are not safe at all. more  
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