Discussion 3 - Solutions to Fight Corruption

We are all aware of the term ‘corruption

Every person has his/her own dignity and some fundamental rights. Corruption also affects the fundamental rights. How? It has been seen that a common (general) man fears

Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force."
We can only reduce and balance corruption cos its related to humans behavior where there is a choice

​If every person is honest towards his/her profession then a heavy loss of government may be saved

The first tool is ‘education’. With the help of education we can reduce corruption.
Lack of transparency and professional accountability is yet another big reason
The act may thus be revised for its better implementation .......efficiency
We can reduce corruption by increasing direct contact between government and the governed. E-governance could help a lot towards this direction.
We need to change the government processes. If the members of the governing body are government officials, there will certainly be less reports of the criminal cases. The reverse may be possible only when there are no more criminal politician in our government

The aforesaid five points may control the increasing corruption to a fairly large content. Law should be implemented with the basic justice and equality of everyone in mind

The process of justice is very delayed i. Due to this, the numbers of cases are increasing day by day. If the proceedings are fast, people may see that if they do wrong or commit any crimes then they will have to face punishment right then. People thus will hesitate to take bribe. To recall and mention a famous quote here, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’

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I believe that the word corruption starts with self benefits. Often people start breaking the queues while submitting their children school fee just because they think they are too busy to spare time for this work. They even pay some extra money to school peon or other staff to get this work done quickly understanding this as convenient charges but in fact they make the peon or staff greedy and the same man goes to fee collector and tell him to waste more time so that peon get more such parents and system for corruption start just because of our own indiscipline and later we curse the school.
Do we ever wait at red light even if there is no policeman, perhaps many no because we think if there is no vehicle on other side why should we wait and we forget to follow the rule or discipline for good traffic and later when we are forced to stand because of policeman standing and someone else do that we curse the system. Why can't we discipline ourselves.
Believe me, I have been practicing the above two other than many other things to avoid corruption but once we start disciplining ourselves we can certainly find that it is very easy to curtail corruption to a great extent but before that we must decide our coarse of action. more  
(i) *Quota for government staff & legislators in trains*:
It appears that the quota allocated is more than its requirement which
results in its misuse directly or with the help of travel agents. The
remedy proposed is to either (a) abolish it altogether so as to let them
get a feel of travel by public or (b) to declare / mention the details &
reasons for the seat / berth alloted on the reservation chart which will be
subject to check by the TTE.
This will help in providing reservation of berths to the genuine persons.
(ii) *Recent LTC Scam by Rajya Sabha Members caught by CBI*:
Many of the public sectors employees have made trips in past to Thailand,
Malayisia etc. against LTC previledges. Everyone around knows that their
bills were fabricated by travel agents and were approved and paid by their
management with full knowledge of the facts. The matter may be probed
(against employees, travel agents and the management) by CBI starting with
the stamping on the passports of the employees by the authorities issuing
This will help in putting a check on such 'open' scams in future. more  
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