Dirty railway cleaning and garbage elimination

Dirty railway track cleanup task is to be initiate Dear all Indian Railway is largest network. It is observed that bothside of the track of entire rail network in the nation amonst all divisions of railway is full of rubbish like disposable foodplates, bags,papercup,leftoutfood, empty bottles thrown by the passangers, train toilet vest. It is highly essential to initate plan for cleaning. For this my suggestion is as under. (1) Rightnow dustbins are avilable for rubissh collection, disposal and clearing facility in AC and higher class coaches are provided. The upgradation of each & every train General class choaches by providing dustbin in phase manner. (2) Existing track cleaning in piece length manner by awarding obligatory work as an incentive to existing major station cleaning and senitation agency. Track cleaning frequency once in a month. (3) Fixing responsibility of local hawakers who sales food items in running train coah to coah. authorising local hawakers by station manager fixing of responsibility of not to generate garbage by collection of disposable of foodplates sales by them,the collected garbage is to be disposed of at the station platform where bins are provided (They should not throw out the garbage in running train out of window if found it must be penal by railway court with termination of hawker authorisation for 6months). Rightnow unauthorised hawakers sale food item without paying licence fee. (4) Fixing responsibility of pentry car hawkers existing pentry car hawkers sale food and bewarages other then regular lunch dinner in disposable plates, collection of empty disposable and foodleftout by them only. The collected rubbish is to be collected in seperate bin provided in pentry car & regular dispossed off witnessed by pentry manager by empty pentry bin at major station. (5) Toilet vest controll by providing vaccum tank system in toilet and sanitization system which is to be clear at major station as well as at yard cleaning at terminal more  

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Dear friends I have been reading most of your scraps during last 1 week and analysed following. 1)Railways station needs to be re-build or infrastructure needs to be added and modified as it current Railway station can't handle the our population/increase traveling in next decade. 2) Rebuilding or adding infrastructure in railways stations can be done as per PPP partnership and some innovation building designers, infrastructure can be build as per unique stations for Tier1 , Tier2, T3 city or maximum crowd expected to be using railways station. 3) Non required Crowds should not allowed to enter Railway station, just like Airport\Metro. Only person boarding should be allowed to enter. 4) Passengers should be only allowed to sit and wait in waiting halls and only allowed to leave waiting room 15 mim before the departure. For Old and handicap assistants like available on airport should be available and entry and exit point need to be like DMRC (token based). 5) This will clear all issue a) keep track, platform cleans, since all and only passenger will have to be in waiting rooms , which will obviously depend on Class the passenger is travelling and can be maintained by cleaners or subscontracting agency. Resturants or cafeteria can be provided on a separate floor/ section. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\This will be the ways how we can keep our station clean and use there space cleverly and this infrastructure can with stand crowd of million.\\\\\\\\ I have actually though about the model but I need some form where I can present it to some one , can some one assist ?? Now talk about keep trains clean-> Rajdhani need to be mim. standard of travelling, the interior of couches should be made of better looking metals like DMRC and interior designers need to be consulted to make addition changes Speed should be enhanced at Zonal wise and with a fixed duration the average speed per track should be increase by 10km for 100km more  
Very good suggestions . If it is implemented Railways will be better and the passengers will be happy ultimately customer satisfaction more revenue . more  
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