For the last ten years of Government we saw dizzy pace of reforms and development. In the last two terms in 2014 and 2019, we had victory in both democracy as well as Nation. With the recent poll results we may not be able to see such a pace. The stability of the Government will be tested in various modes as there will be more people and parties to convince which may entail a delay in work done. Some of the scarce resources may have to be diverted to satisfy the wants and desires of the coalition partners. This is an inherent fault in the framework of the Constitution which we may have to live with. Remember that the coalition Government of 2009 led to 'policy paralysis' of the Manmohan Singh Government. During Vajpayee's coalition Government, more could have been achieved if there was a single party majority.

Most of the developed countries in the world have a few parties which contest elections. In order to give in to regional aspirations our framers of constitution did not put a limit on the number of parties which can contest elections. I hear that in this elections more than 2000 parties were in the fray. But then, is it time to limit the number of parties. Can we begin somewhere so that some work can be done towards Nations benefit?. A lot of Electoral Reforms need to be done in areas such as the caliber of the contestants, the type of campaigning etc..

Another aspect of our Country if we want to realise the dream of 'Vikshit Bharat' by 2047 is that the people must develop and show more discipline in all areas as those in countries of East Asia have shown such as Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan etc. Also the narrow selfish interests have to take a backseat when the question of nations benefit comes up. We have a few politicians presently who are an anti-thesis of this. more  

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Narendra Modi emerges from this election with his aura of invincibility seriously damaged. Forced to work with multiple partners, will he be able to pull off a coalition government? more  
Unfortunately, Hindus can't unite but its high time we show our solidarity in our Dharma by only by words but by actions. results of this general elections show how other religions are against Hindus. They, in fact, do not have patriotic and nationalist feelings. more  
Media in TN has been totally one sided. It has always shown BJP as a Hindi party while hobnobbing with other Hindi parties. I talked to some of the ex media people who said that they could not abide by the current scenario of corrupt media houses which take a huge amount of money just to portray a few parties as bad. Unfotunately, their electronic reach is so powerful that people have been believing that for ages. more  
Democracy's gain nation's gain. Prashant Jha When a leader has 303 seats, asks for 370 seats, gets 240 seats, and needs 272 seats, it cannot but be seen as a message from voters that they want the leader to govern — but in a different style. It also means that voters don’t think that the leader needs a bigger mandate to deliver. The numbers dictate collaboration with leaders and formations that are outside the BJP fold. They will inevitably result in a weaker political executive — and that’s not necessarily bad, for a decade of an overwhelmingly strong executive has resulted in the weakening of all other arms of government and institutions. A mandate such as this will result in these other institutions finding a voice and Modi having to reorient his governance style to take into account these voices. This mandate, therefore, is a call for “santulan”, balance; it is a call for “sayyam”, restraint; and it is a call for respect for institutional autonomy. The final political message of this mandate is that while democracy is about contestation and debate and non-violent articulation of policy battles in the public sphere, it is also about accommodation and consultation. India’s public sphere is deeply polarised on partisan and ideological lines; social media and news television discourse, which unfortunately play a disproportionately large part in setting the everyday political agenda, is vitiated beyond repair; there is a fierce sense of zero sum competition among parties; the old norms of cross-party dialogue and cordiality even in Parliament is all but over; leaders have brought their political divides and made it personal with constant vendetta; and the executive arm uses and misuses agencies to hound rivals. more  
Modi Ji did everything for voters but still the voters of UP, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and such states have not been grateful. Perhaps the rural voters didn't like Modi Ji's foreign trips and image as a global leader. This factor has sent confused signals which certain UP based mafia supporting have twisted and presented to voters. It seems there are boards coming up in UP of SP being son of UP soil. But the voters forget the mafia, riots, corruption and crimes. It might be good for Modi Ji to focus 100% on domestic India specific affairs and let Jaishankar and Smriti Irani handle foreign affairs. Bjp should not allow Opposition any space in UP and Mahashtra. Hindutva is and will always be important for True Bharatiyas and that has only ensured Modi Ji wins a third term. Also, it might be good to focus less only on UP and build broad based support across all states so that Hindu voters get united everywhere. Bjp is the only true national party in Bharat. They must ensure this gets further strengthened by having strong regional leaders like Yogi Ji in UP, Chouhan Ji in MP etc. more  
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