Delhi pollution....

Today we are facing extreme situation in Delhi... This situation is result, neglect about environment and public health. Pollution suddenly not raised, result of many years negligence of Law safeguarded, law makers including public. One Dept safeguard s another department, pollution control board only monitors, no power of stops and starts. Now Delhi called as Gas Chamber if neglected further, Delhi become death chamber...Very sad. more  

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Yes I agree with opinion of Mr. Iyengar Sir and Mr. Vinodji. This pollution relates to agriculture. We have adopted modern agriculture for high yielding in various crops only and neglected its waste such as husk/stubble etc. which is a bye product. The bye product can be used in a positive manner such as pellets/ manure. Modern technology should be adopted adopted by the governments for such waste/bye product so that the pollution can be minimized and a new useful product can be manufactured. more  
The saddest thing is no one is proposing a solution to this problem of Delhi's current smog due to buring of left over in the wheat fields by poor punjab farmers and haryana farmers. I would say this is a god sent oppurtunity for the BJP govt to boost its image with this simple solution. It goes like this: Install pellet making plants in every punjab and haryana village. These pellet making plants can convert many of the agro waste into pellets which can be even used for cooking. Have the poor farmer cut the grass and give this agro waste to the pellet making plant in the village. The govt can pay to this farmer a good price - just to avoid the pollution plus it can make pellets which can be burned to make heat energy - which can be used anywhere - even for heating homes in Delhi.. May be this idea is there already in the minds of government. If it not, may be some one can really say it to Our beloved PM who can order this measure in a single day and make it operational atleast for next harvest season. There are many advantageous for this pellet making plant.. It is also an indigenous technology meant for rural can even browse for this machine and find it is available at Rs 98,480/- .. this machine is even a movable machine..

What I am saying is - spend time in searching a solution for the problem and not in blame game or some such wasteful esercises... I am sure there are many such schemes people know.. But let Modi and BJP Top brass know these solutions. I gurantee that this is the only way Delhi is going to be free of pollution.. Please Expand my idea and propagate it. more  
Matters of national interests and threatening lives of common man can't be left on any ones will merely on the ground that the matter comes under this & that jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the national government to ensure that people of the nation are safe in all respects, which can't by pass its responsibility under any excuse. If needed, the nation's Constitution should be got rewritten. more  
Agriculture is a State subject and GoI cannot impose
any decision. Local politicians are much more keen to
keep their vote banks in tact if not jack-up. The
farmers themselves can produce composte and sell
or use in their own fields. Every body wants easiest
solution without bothering about health hazards of
burning paddy. Reducing paddy plantation will
solve 3 problems - i) pollution ii) wastage of free
electricity iii) precious ground water. more  
Why are you looking to only Delhi-look to Mumbai when all smoke,mist settle down around 7:30am.I am living in Charkop and see misty weather everyday in return from my walking daily giving me a minor breathlessness but had been discounting this health effect due to my heart condition.Media works only for Delhi but should change for all India condition of weather reporting also so all are aware of weather changes and take health care now.Govt.will not do anything due to politics and will kill all to slow death more  
Problem is giving proper education to the farmers. Prally was not a problem when the older methods of farming with a plau and ox were used. The crop was manually cut from the roots on wards and the prally was converted into husk. The husk was used as fodder for animals of the house. The field was plaued many times and the roots were removed/ used to get converted into manure over the period of time.
With the use of cultivation machines like harvesters, only the upper parts of the crop, containing the grain are cut by the machines, for retrieving the crop. Whereas a substantial part of the plat is left in the soil. This is modern day parally, which has to be removed, before cultivation of next crop. It is being burned by farmers.
IN advance countries, they have developed machines which harvest this prally portion aslo and convert it to fodder rolls, which can be used as fodder, raw material for paper industry etc.

Our Agro scientists have developed a low cost pill, which can be effectively used to dissolve prally and convert it into manure. But the ine information has not reached the masses. more  
Every one is guilty.The higher you are the more guilty you are.
Start solutions from top.Action from top. more  
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