Delhi going to Dogs - 1024 cases today

We have seen lock down is doing more bad than good for people and the country. Livelihood of crores of people affected, many deaths due to non-COVID reasons, economy down etc. For those who can afford to sit at home, lock down is good. For the rest it is not. Moreover the rising trend is more or less the same before and after relaxations in lock down. A trade off is what is required. more  

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I agree with Mr Param Singh. You have covered all the basics and I believe the biggest push has to be given in getting people to understand personal hygiene
Obviously not everyone has the luxury or are privileged to have access to health care and good hygiene practices unfortunately but we have to talk about it and look for it and work towards it so that one day we are able to make it available to all. One thing is for sure this infection is there to live with us for long. And now hopefully the government has got a better understanding of how to deal with it successfully. I feel the lockdown was never about eradicating the COVID-19 from India but to prepare India to live with it and hopefully we have achieved that. Daily cases will rise and fall but we have to move on doing whatever we can do on our part and help as many needy as we can. more  
Thank you Shantanu Roy ji!! Thank you also for your kind words.
I'm a medical doctor, still attending to duties at a large corporate medical laboratory at 65+. As a fauji doctor (previously served with Army Medical Corps), continuing as a "warrior" during this pandemic to lead from the front was perhaps natural, I presume.
I might have more to say if our readers are keen, but then already there's a clutter and overload of information, and disinformation, around, so much that another voice would die in the din of noise we can all create sitting at home!! - no personal hint at anyone particular, please.
In fact, it would be nice for more minds to pour out their thoughts on this page - that then would give an opportunity to agree with or point out why it could be incorrect, thereby making useful information and learning as well as food for more thought for us all!!! more  
Please get facts right before making flying, generalized statements based on personal whim. This is a period of uncertainty globally, with India not doing too badly in truth and in the world's observations. Read, digest, contribute positively. Stay at home, wear a mask and glasses, even if plain, use mask in a scientific manner, wash hands with soap and running water repeatedly even for apparently silly reasons, use sanitizers where required, save yourself and others - this should be practiced during all respiratory, eye-flu, chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc., outbreaks - more importantly in this pandemic - corona family of viruses cause most of the colds in humans, and animal diseases, but this one is new and very deadly: please do not joke around as it is very real. Follow logical and scientific precautions and side with administrative measures. Please do not obstruct measures that are meant for our own good. If this went uncontrolled out of hand, our current availability of medical facilities will not be enough for the number of sick.
This is a disaster for the whole world... more  
Forgot to say, this is the beginning of the real "swachchh Bharat" - what is being forced by the administration should become second nature for us as a way of life. Corona will live with us as another available virus for a long, long time but what we are learning as hygienic practices must continue with us and our children and future generations. Unfortunately, this message will never reach the masses - they need to know, but a majority us literate ones are equally uneducated or ill informed... more  
seems we do not need any more comments on this article , it is proved already by comments of a pair of learned members that DElhii if FINISHED THX to people like a pair in this post more  
The thread is about how the situation in Delhi is deteriorating due to the constant increase in daily cases of infection
It was not necessary to state self suiting facts of illegal immigrants or even discuss Delhi riots in my opinion.
However if your solution to fix COVID-19 in Delhi goes through solving Delhi riots case and fixing the illegal immigrant issue please do share with us. Any workable solution is welcome. And name calling is very easy but putting money where your mouth is could be slightly tricky but do try. more  
Suggestions are needed for amelioration of the current critical situation, not catty criticisms..... more  
Delhi is with dogs since 2015 only this time it has shown up aggressively , people did not wake during riots even when he was settling illegal bangladeshis , rohingyas, pakistanis and other muslim infiltrators of enemy countries so be it Delhi is already finished more  
Only an uneducated KHOCHHAR can say that SHIBDAS (deity of lord Siva) is from Pak. Taking a picture wearing tie can't cover-up. more  
As far as I know my family is in present India for not less than 800 years that's my family tree and ancestral village says and not guesswork by an political animal with a photo projecting an English tie to prove it's superiority SILLY!!.
How do I know that your family is not uneducated Paki? With your kind of language it's close to their culture, must have came to India crossing Pak border.
God knows how much you earn from such posts to run your family. more  
surprisingly none of both the persons talked abt delhi roits or asked for proof( urban naxals do so) abd spewed venom on my simple comment, u both seem to be having an issue with India and Indians , SO WHY ARE U BOTH HERE ??? more  
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