Degradation of Hinduism Started Before Christ

Our History say that Hinduism was superceded by Buddhism as King Ashoka adopted Buddhism But How can we say that Before Buddhism we were following Hinduism and Why King Ashoka inclined toward Buddhism and adopted the Principle of Lord Buddha and why he himself wanted peace in himself.
This shows if Before Christ we were following Hinduism that time also there were no Peace and unity in India so King Ashoka wanted to follow the Peace full thoughts of Lord Buddha who himself was born In India.
Why we say India as Mother India ? Who will come and save Mother India and its Children those diversified themselves in Different Religions under the influence of the the others who ruled our Mother India. And why they wanted to change India.
Do India need Religious change and if Yes then Which is the best to be followed as Single Religion in India.
Religion of our Mother India. more  

Every body know there is Hussain Lake in Hydrabad and in that Lake their is a Very Big Statue of LORD BUDHA .
Who Stablished that Idea in That Husssain Lake.
And may be the reason of Disturbance in Hydrabad Muslims. more  
May be we have Buddhist people Before Christ in India and Having differences or maintaining differences with Hindu Followers in hidden Manners under the influence of some Kings of North India with Differences.And working on the same principle. more  
We can see recent past of India and its blind division on the basis of Religion primarily and still people are repeating the same thing. more  
Willful penetration of Castes, Communities, Allowing Religious Conversions OTHER THAN ON FAITH AND BELIEF proved the assumptions of Dr Ambedkar who quoted that Castes are anti national since they create jealousy and Antipathy and also anti national since they create rivalry between Castes .
CASTES AND COMMUNITIES ARE ORGANS OF RELIGIONS and were politically preferred in the last 6 Decades and , Even in recent 3 years some parties were involved in rumours as well as changed the FAITH OF EACH OTHER.

SC directions too have been set aside in 1963 , 1985 and 1995 . Even recent suggestion of SC had to be set aside the issue of UNIFORM CIVIL CODE AS ALREADY INSTIGATING RUMOURS SET ON THE GROUND.

WE have to move this Top important Issue demanding implementation of UNIFORM CIVIL CODE as mandated in Article 44 . more  
Exactly correct.. Those who cannot follow curtailing Selfism ; those opted eased way of Living ; OPTED INNOVATIONS AND FOUND 'BUDDHISM' which is easiest way of living but with extraordinary belief in GOD AND CO-LIVING BEINGS.
THIS thus made many to ignore the prominence of Learning , Knowledge as well as the ultimate INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND EVEN THINKING. Indians are commented snd CRITICIZED on this changed way of living. INDIANS LAGBEHIND IN NEW INNOVATIONS WHILE THOSE COLLECTED VARIOUS VEDIC DOCTRINES AND EVEN GEETA AND GOT TRANSLATED , HADBEEN DEVELOPING A LOT.

THIS subject and issue is Vast hence Thank very much please. more  
May be we have Buddhist people Before Christ in India and Having differences or maintaining differences with Hindu Followers in hidden Manners under the influence of some Kings of North India with Differences. more  
Well said Mr.Csn Sarma ji ! Its absolutely true. more  
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