Criteria for lockdown - TPR above 5% in district - 73% support

I think if i read this survey right 73% people are in support of district level restrictions or lockdown if cases growing week over week and TPR is 5%

Everyone i think we the educated internet enabled are saying ao but what about ur maid driver staff. Can they afford lockdown ?? Many lose livelihood. Please share thia survey link with them so the marginal also get to have say in such decisions.

Govt takes LocalCircle survey seriously so lets ensure we get the public opinion as right as possible more  

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Peoples who want lock down should kept under dark room under lockdown. So no virus can able to touch them. very safe heaven for them. more  
Life and livelihood are both important. There is no livelihood without life and no life without livelihood. So it for the people who has to take the decision as the Government has done all that is possible by them more  
Referring to Shri. Padam Law's post: As per Medical practitioners, WASHING of Masks is NOT AT ALL advisable and STRICTLY TO BE AVOIDED. We have to REPLACE the Mask/s once anybody returns to his accommodation / residence. The concerned Governments should take INITIATIVE to make available the APPROPRIATE and RECOMMENDED masks at COST AFFORDABLE by POOR FAMILIES, without compromising with QUALITY OF MASKS. There should NOT be VARIETY of MASKS i.e. COST DEPENDENT. In Hindi Language: " जान तो किसिकी भी मौल्यवान है, चाहे गरीब की हो, या फिर अमीर की ! ( करे कोई, भुगते दुनिया ! चायना को अभी भी पुरा विश्व " सबक " नही सिखायेगा तो पुरे विश्व को बहुत गंभीर परिणामोंका सामना करना पडेगा ! इतने भी " अहिंसा वादी " नही होना चाहीये की सब की, पुरे विश्व की सिर्फ चायना की सोच हिंसा करे ! क्या, पुरा विश्व " शांती का मेडल " पाना चाहता है क्या ? अगर ऐसी सोच लेकर, आंख बंद करके, विभिन्न देशोंके " ऊछ " पदस्थ अधिकारी देखतेही रहेंगे तो " ऐसी बिमारी की वजह से " जो हिंसा होगी, उसके जिम्मेदार यही " ऊच " पदस्थ अधिकारीही रहेंगे " ! भगवान उन्हे माफी के लायक कभिभी और क्युं समझेगा ? Thanks and Best Regards to LOCAL CIRCLE Management. They should FORWARD this Message to the Concerns is The ONLY Sincere and very Humble REQUEST from extreme BOTTOM OF HEART. जय हिंद ! जय भारत !! जय मोदीजी !!! more  
Now that adults have all been vaccinated only fair that everyone may earn his or her livelihood. Lockdown option should have been the last one. See what has happened to schooling with the 20 months long school shutdown. Poor families' children are now going for work, since their parents find providing educating at home, what was given free, unaffordable. Without access to laptops allowing free education, only the rich can afford. Have the schools been destroyed? Are teachers who taught students suddenly now incapable? Have the books been eaten by worms? No. All still exist! Calamity greater than pandemic could befall us if we use corona virus as an excuse in making the child, who should be learning, and playing getting into working, just because the child's parents' financial conditions being weak. Development requires educated youth, with equal learning opportunities. Leverage our youth, then see what happens. more  
True that People like Maids, Drivers cannot afford not to work. But it is also our duty to ensure that they observe all the necessary precautions. Like we provide our own Masks to the Maid and ensure that the mask is daily washed by her to be used next say. Hands washing must be properly supervised by house owners. I do hope they are themselves following this - the so-called Educated class. In fact it is the educated class who think that it does not matter..... CHALLEGA - Kya fark padta hai. more  
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