Crises may be used for taking some necessary decisions

Almost every morning around 4:15 am a cab seemingly from a call centre arrives in my neighbourhood, making a huge engine noise, waking us up. Diesel engines make this kind of noise, as though a lorry idling. Enough has been said about oil being costly. How much does anyone talk about the cost of petrol and diesel price differential causing more dieselisation with consequently greater pollution. Biodiesel is an option, with technology available, and our being self-reliant insofar as used oil may be reused to produce the hydrocarbon then why are we still dependent upon burning so much petroleum origin diesel. more  

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Basically we lack sense of Discipline. Specially if it is Harming Others. Extra Money spending is least bothered. more  
Nobody in India is bothered about the wastage of Precious natural resources as they feel it is their right to do as they like. I hopelessly tried in my colony which has 670 apartments in 9 blocks and miserably failed as many of the opinion that " it is my money and whatever I do is my wish, mind your business" vexed up with our population who do not even understand the nature and it's gifts. By the way price is of no comparison to majority of Indians and they are ready to acquire it hook or crook..... more  
Improper maintance is a big issue which has incresed during last two yrs of Covid. Cost of everything increased say about 10 to 20percentage resulted into economic & medical issues in various families and buisness entities.Natural tendency of a person to save money wherever and whenever possible. This effect has highlighted with your letter or mail in direct or indirect way. And govt. State and central has not given any concessions to taxpayers for common mann and their families.And the total finacial burden came to common man.And now except of giving simple soultions govt. is now started scrapping policy of old vehicles without giving soutions of engine upgrade with new one.India is not economically as strong as US or Eurpoe just compare Rs.1rupee with US doller or British Pound.And about pollution more comes from Industries and not a single minister/NGO is speaking about it. To solve Problems in a simple way is not the route map of Indian politicans and ministers as they find economic oppurnties by just showing the people and media we are solving big problems without giving any direct economic contribution. more  
Almost every car I see around has AC on all the time. And many times I have seen this, the car is not running but just parked, engine on and AC on. And the vehicle throws out lot of heat as well. When I see this I feel people are simply complaining about price hike. more  
Let us first understand that price of Petrol and diesel is not all that high in India. Even in Singapore the price of Petrol is more than SGD 2 per litre. Most European countries have fuel cost which is far more than n India. Let us also analyse the fact that almost all items except technical goods are far cheaper in India than in Europe or USA or other so-called developed countries. Cost of electricity in India is far cheaper than in many developed countries. Same is with Fruits and Vegetables. A family with an income of Rs. 20,000 - 50,000 live reasonably in India, but if you convert this to USD, then it would be 270 - 700. anyone earning this amount in USA would not even have enough to eat. Those in India who earn less than even Rs. 20,000 get lot of free stuff including Ration for food. Our economy is said to be poor but as far as buying capacity of a Rupee is concerned you can get much for a Rupee in India than you could for a Dollar in USA or for a British Pound in England. The only prices which are comparable are those of the Technical and engineering goods. Since India was never a source of such products except in the very recent past. The exchange rate is played up for reasons unknown. more  
The comparison to US and India is exaggerated. The Salary level in US is high. You can not convert $$ Rupees and Rs to dollar and base the conclusion on that. The hourly Salary even in fast food chains $10 or more and recently it is even higher. There are minimum wage rules. Conversion is an unfair and unscientific. A fresh graduate in Engg makes $40 to $50000 plus per year. A nanny or maid makes $15 per hour.
What is the salary you pay for your maid, may be Rs 3000 or 4000 per month. She probably works an average of 1 or 2 hours in your home. She has to work in 5 or 6 homes to make ends meet. I hope you understand what I am saying.
Singapore us a rich country. An average worker in India can not afford the high price of petrol.

We can not blame Ukraine and Russia for the high oil price. This is a temporary effect. Of course we should always conserve energy and look at alternatives.
Stop giving petrol allowances to Minusters, MLA and MLCs. Same with company executives. Give gas and petrol subsidy to the poor to some extent. Encourage electric and solar energy. Inside bus fare to discourage driving and cut down pollution. more  
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