Cracker ban went for a toss

LocalCircles when I saw our circle survey report in Times of India day before I was a little not sure if 2 in 5 will burn crackers on Diwali.

After a hellish night yesterday I now am pretty convinced that you predicted right.

The question though is why are people of Delhi so keen on crackers/ do we not care about our own and children’s lungs or are we pretty convinced that crackers wont cause much pollution and most is due to parali?

Like to hear everyone views more  

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4 floors are allowed to be constructed on plots as small as 208 yards. In my lane,lots of kothies built during early sixties are converted into 'buiders' flats. With the result,there is lots of construction materials displayed on the narrow roads along with labourers and their families living at construction site. Green leaves on old trees are coated with dust. New cars and other vehicles are added ( supposedly to reduce pollution ) Government earns revenue. What does citizen get ? New Alto 800 AC sold by Maruti in 2011 was fitted with cenral locking system,gear lock plus a vaccum cleaner and other accessories like music system and costed 2 lakhs plus. 2022-Alto AC basic model costs 4.5 lakhs,does not have music system or any security against theft ( no central lock,no gear lock). GPS is like expecting a lot. It is comparison between 2 new cars,made in India-2011 and 2022. Agreed that money kept in banks grows 2 times and 2 lakhs grows to be 4 lakhs plus. Money paid is more than twice while utility is reduced. My plants in balcony are coated with dust and indicate levels of pollution in Delhi,before I swith on TV.( I cannot sit in my otherwise green balcony because of pollution) We should not blame crackers because they cause miniscule pollution compared with building materials everywhere and innumerable cars,choking roads,causing traffic jams and wastage of precious fuel. Why are we the people taken for a ride by flashy lifestyles in highrise floors in narrow lanes having nearly dead aged trees and having to part with our perfectly fit cars just because they are going to be 15 ? more  
Stubble burning is a far bigger contributòr to pollution but nobody talks about it, not even the Supreme Court. All problems are with Hindu festivals, be it Jalli-Kattu or Dahi- Handi. You can't fool people anymore. more  
Though there was ban on crackers,the bursting continued late morning today.Very pathetic. more  
I do agree bursting of crackers aggravate pollution This festival of lights come once in a year and we try to blame on this festival .Bursting of crackers have been associated with this festival for centuries. Why don't we focus on this issue from other factors.How much efforts have been made to prevent burning of Pareli in Delhi n adjacent states.Delhi govt all along was blaming Punjab and now they have their own party ruling it.What about pollution caused by vehicles on road 365days of the year. In the name of pollution some vested interests systematically damaging Hindu culture.During Holi they will preach don't waste water.Due to Russian Ukraine war the planet is pounded by innumerable missiles n bombs .What is its effect on the 🌎. On Oct 25, 2022 8:37 AM, Anshu Saxena wrote: more  
Why everyone is making hue & cry on crackers, there are other sources responsible for pollution throughout the year. Why government is not bothered about. Instead of doing their job, they found easy way to blame one day festival......what about 364 days more  
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