In our country ONE CPP(card protection plan) company has got birth .

1) during Oct 19 I have received SBI credit card. As if they are from SBI CC, one fellow started narrating that they will give card protection and while explaining AUTONATED REPLY CAME "that your request has been accepted and Rs. 1899 will be debited from my SBI CC for one year.
2) I tried to contact and failed as they have not sent me any official brochure of kit in this regard and they donot have mobile or land line. One SMS came as if they sent one kit by xfas courier on 05-09-2019 and till now has not reached me even after one year.

3) again in my sept 2020 CC statement Rs.1899 is shown as debit for annual fee.
4) I spoke over 38 minuted with one lady on 18004194000 toll free 24/7 and she assured that renewal is cancelled and within 7 days the debit in my SBI CC will be reversed
5) till now it is considered CPP is a FRAUD and 420 office in my view.

All local circle members are requested to be very vigil about this CPP more  

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Further development and update on my above complaint/posting, the GOOD NEWS is that after consistent follow ups, CPP has reversed the deduction from my SBI CREDIT CARD and refunded Rs.1899-00 back to my SBI CC account on 22-10-2020. It was also confirmed to me that renewal of CPP is CANCELLED. Thanks to all members who supported, reacted, liked, etc. more  
Congrats at your success. Rarely does this happen. more  
Further development and update on my above complaint/posting, the GOOD NEWS is that after consistent follow ups, CPP has reversed the deduction from my SBI CREDIT CARD and refunded Rs.1899-00 back to my SBI CC account on 22-10-2020. It was also confirmed to me that renewal of CPP is CANCELLED. Thanks to all members who supported, reacted, liked, etc. more  
Dear Sir,
I would be more bold to say that our Govt is running and making more
efforts to run the FAILED SYSTEM rather improving. People in the chain are
interested in improving amounts to not even 1%.
Let us hope for the best in near future.
Col SP Shukla more  
Governments in power dislike to hear even genuine critisism against the system.Sometimes one feels that the Great Souls who sacrificed their lives for freedom,had they been alive Today,what would they have done.
Before getting elected there are lots of promises and after being in power what happens we all know. more  
P.P , Elected Members ; Fundamental Duties could be Regulated by SC more  
I think all these agencies are taking people for a ride. Our Govt systems are total failure in controlling these agencies. more  
This is a fact. Democracy is like taking people for a ride. Therefore, our state and central governments take us for a ride. So, the agencies also believe in the same philosophy.
The RBI is an arm of the government which controls the credit and debit cards. The agencies are required to comply with the notifications and policy as decided by the RBI. If the RBI says debits below Rs. 10,000/- shall be reinstated if fraud is established. How does a civilian establish a fraud? By a police complaint. The police track the fraudster. However, the bank persists that the fraud was perpetrated by the cardholder himself. The bank does not find it necessary to establish this and arbitrarily closes the case.
This matter is followed up to the highest level where a civilian can go and fails.
Therefore I am compelled to conclude that "Democracy is like taking people for a ride" by announcing the law of the land and not following it themselves. If the government requires is to give some reason. If I decide to fight, I spend 10 to 100 times the loss. more  
There was a uncontrolled withdrawal of multiples of Rs 79/ - from my credit card ,without approved or by OTP. By the time I became wise to cancel the card Total amount was 17000/= plus. Drawee was BETAMAX in Malaysia. HDFC did revert the whole amount in about 3 months.
The unanswered is how can any company takeout any amount without approval or is it possible that we have agreed to installment payments at the time of receiving the card or something to that effect. HDFC credit card rep in Mysore has no clue.
Any bright ideas more  
How does one raise his voice in front of a deaf government? The RBI has already laid down guidelines for settlement of fraudulent transactions immediately but bankers do not honor them.
One very good thing in India is that you have to give reason for taking or not taking action. That ends the responsibility. more  
There should be a law banning all transactions without OTP and anyone defaulting should be dealt with strictly. The confidence of the citizens needs to maintained/restored in the system.

Incidentally, the transaction amount on my card was also exactly Rs 79/- which fortunately I noticed immediately and cancelled my card to prevent further fraud. Any link of this amount is not understood so far. more  
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