Covid update and India implications

OMICRON - BA4 & BA5 is not looking good. We have more information now indicating that BA4/5 are going to dominate the next wave: both contain deadly spike mutation seen in other VOCs: Delta, Delta plus, Epsilon & Lambda and it has a significant growth advantage.

Greater immune escape and infectivity IS NOT the only concern with this variant: the L452R spike mutation that it has acquired is shared with Delta, Delta +, Lambda & Epsilon: when this mutation was added to BA1 it caused much more severe disease in a mouse model: this implies quite strongly that we are now looking at the Deltacrons dominating that were once mocked, then dismissed as being should be feared.

BA4/5 are now taking off, there appears to be a general agreement they will dominate the coming waves: especially in South Africa: these variants are not to be taken lightly.

As we can see from SA genomic surveillance BA4/5 (attached) are going to dominate soon: there's a clear advantage — can't be denied it's come up in a matter of 6 or so weeks to this point:

It is interesting that both BA4/5 are coming up in equal measures almost (have we seen that before)?

It also has a rare mutation in the receptor binding domain (RBD) That's another potentially worrying sign.

India must watch for BA.4 and BA.5 to lead its 4th wave. People must take all precautions. more  

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Virus in mind can not removed , Nor treated. No vaccine is made till date. Peoples have lost their common sense.It is best example. Covid is spreading through News/ print media & social media as around 40 cores dosages are lying idle without use which is going to expire in next few months . It is loss to pharma companies. so it is spreading. more  
Looks like this post is meant to show 'look how erudite I am, discussing these matters of life and death, and you fellows don't care!' more  
There are studies that show frequent users of masks have microplastics in their lungs. So, if people want to avoid easily curable covid for something way more complicated, please wear 1/2/3.... masks more  
Not much is known by anyone about this Virus. Lot of stories are told and many people accept these stories. It is high time that we stick to what is known and comply with all known safety precautions. No point in talking about all this and yet not wearing masks or maintaining reasonable distance. more  
So what to do and what is the purpose of the post? Only fear mongering ? There are hundreds of mutation of the virus and every alternate day news are coming in about a new varient! The mutations will continue for years and even for decades, so should we shut down everything and confine in homes for safety ? more  
Who is caring about BA1/4 &5 and other N no of variants ? Layman knows only Corona .These people complicate themselves and try to induct a kind of confusion and fear among the mass. It's not the way to show their intelligence but only an ignorance. more  
Agree with you 100%. So what is the meaning of the posts. The true science says all viruses mutate and the will go on and on. These sort of post are so useless. more  
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