Covid Aerosols and staying safe

Sharing the recommendations from my Uncle in USA who has been in the middle of Covid action for 18 months now

SARS-CoV-2 travels in aerosol particles emitted from an infected individual. You want to reduce the amount of these particles you breathe (lower inhalation dose is important). We know from decades of research that the following lower your inhalation dose of aerosol particles.

Masks: The higher the quality and better the fit the less aerosol particles you inhale that came out of the respiratory system of an infected person.

Ventilation: The greater the amount of ventilation the lower the aerosol particle concentration that originated from an infected individual(s) in the air of indoor spaces. That means you will inhale less.

Improved filtration in HVAC system: Higher MERV-rated filters (if properly seated and maintained), e.g., MERV 13 over MERV 8, means greater efficiency at capturing aerosol particles emitted from an infected individual. That means you will inhale less.

Portable HEPA filters, properly-sized for the indoor space, reduce the amount of aerosol particles in indoor air that came out of an infector's respiratory system. This lowers how much you breathe.

If you get fully vaccinated and follow these simple methods (known for decades to over a century in the case of masks) for reducing inhalation dose of aerosol particles you will take a GIANT leap toward protecting yourself and those around you.

And, of course, avoid non-essential, and especially crowded, indoor environments, wask hands, get tested if you have any concern about being exposed, and quarantine if exposed or feeling symptoms. more  

These protocols have already been circulated several times through different social media. When more than 80% of our people are said to be living BPL (Below Poverty Line), adopting of the illustrated protocols by them is not more than day dreaming. more  
Best mask is the one which blocks all the air circulation completely. more  
USA virus will not live in Bharat, It may Live in HINDIA. more  
Following COVID protocols is a must for all of us for ever in future to avoid the spread or penetration of this deadly virus. Only for essentials, please come out, avoiding crowded places, washing hands/legs, maintaining hygeine around us should be mandatory. more  
This is Why Mask and Distancing are inevitable as Aired over Mobile more  
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