Covid 19 is airborne say 239 scientists

239 scientists have written to WHO urging it to revise its understanding of Covid19 and calling out that this virus is airborne. Means in an office, factory, hospital, restaurant chances of getting infected much higher if there is an infected person. This explains how 200 people get infected in weddings and parties (attached) Here are the highlights in my view:

1) virus is airborne. Meaning it can linger in air indoors, but will rapidly be diluted outdoors or if there is fresh air circulating.

2) aerosols are droplets. The only difference is size—which determines how much virus they contain, how heavy they are and so how far and how long they travel in the air before falling down.

3. Aerosol transmission may not be the main mode—probably isn’t in fact—and that may still be droplets from sick oeople sneezing/coughing etc. BUT... and this is important. Aerosol transmission can happen and not just after certain medical procedures

4. There have been enough instances now where aerosol transmission seems like the most likely explanation for infections. Given that, people should take precautions indoors.

5. What precautions? Outdoors is good. Fresh air is good. Open windows and doors are good. Failing that, minimize time indoors with people who could be infected, wear a mask. And buildings consider ventilation and UV filters. more  

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SAARS-Cov2 virus moves from animal to human, human to human, material to human, material to material & vice versa. Air is material, so virus can be air borne, more so when air is polluted. more  
I don't understand why it required more than 4 months for 'Scientists' to appreciate that this virus (or any other virus) can remain airborne. This problem should be solved by any student who had completed his/her Class XI CBSE diligently: Calculate the time required for a particle of approx. buoyant density of 1.57 and particle dia. 11 nm. to settle (a) from a height of 2m to 1m, and (b) from 2m to ground level. Average human height has been considered as 2m. more  
This is July-beginning. It all started wef March in our Indian States as you know.

We have responsible Central & Regional Governments guided by many expert & professional personnel from the medical disciplines of the Indian-ingenuity with the qualitative-sense of Cleverness+Inventiveness+Skill. Personal concern over increase is due to excessive listening to and monitoring of hourly TV News on Covid-19.

Individuals who like to not to expose themselves to the Medics due to bitter shyness & shamefulness (from both the male and female genders) about their Covid-19 apprehensions too have multiple simplistic remedial-measures publicized locally within their reach. Also, in these carona-civid-19-days, a wife need not cook for a husband and a husband need not cook for a wife as there is already the prescribed Indian age-old tradition in place called the 'Swayam-Pakam' for stable-healthy-condition of stomach-to-soul.

Regulatory Mechanisms wrt Lock-downs+ Relaxations+Special Permissions such that the virus alone gets knocked-down leaving a safe passage for lives +economies would be from the side of the State Governments besides the overall Centre as care-taker.

It may be as follows.

Plan A:-- Covid-19 Tested Positive Citizens will have to move out on Mondays & Fridays only.

Plan B:-- Covid-19 Tested Negative Citizens will have to move out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays only.

Plans A & B will be practised subject to the Covid-19 Test Certification becoming 'mandatory' in respective States with Citizens instructed to carry Test Certificate just like their individual Personal Identity Card (PIC).

Read the message in the picture in the attachment.

Maturity matters when the Medical World becomes helpless and medical knowledge is shown its limitations. From the size of the population to quality of life, everything surrenders to Global Epidemic.

This is not a continual World. This is a continuous World. Every time Pandemics occurred, the continuous World has stood on its own legs and displayed introspected maturity.

Positivism shifts its meaning contextually. This time of Carona in the 21st century, we say Carona positivism is not great but Carona negativism has greatness in it.

At this moment, India is not lagging behind in the discovery of Vaccines since as per definite information circulated, there are Indian candidates successful at the discovery of anti-COVID Vaccine and also, human trials are in progress. One Indian brand-name, I can give is Covaxin.

However, medical and non-medical statistical tabulations from various victim-Nations are generated from time to time but to no avail except dissemination of victim-hood without action-points on potential single-dosage-chemistry for Covid's leg-before-wicket-knockout inside the human body.

Also, as per yesterday's information, it is said that up to the year-end of 2022 from now-onward, Nations have to live and co-exist with the COVID, no matter air-borne or human-cell-absorbing or deep-inside humans or around humans or any-matter-material-outsourced-unawareness-of-human minds all over the Globe.

See the specialist visible in my attachment hailing from Switzerland to represent the esteemed WHO ( World Health Organization) in matters of Covid-19's supreme Carona Viruses saying the above. more  
The virus are not airborne, but aerosols are droplets. It is believed that if you are not coming in contact with the affected people directly, it will not affect. Hence, it is wise "stay home, stay safe". more  
When the virus comes out of the mouth/nose of the infected person, it is airborne. But the meaning of airborne wrt covid 19 is different. A virus is said to spread airborne means that it is prevalent in the air and anyone can get it. It is not the case with covid 19. It can happen only with proximity. more  
This is why ENT Medicare must be accessible to Getrid off COVID more  
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