Covid-19 curve for India

Everyone please see the attached. At this rate we will be at 2 lakh cases by June 1 and 10 lakh by July 1.

While we are doing quite ok in Kerala, Mumbai and Delhi are in bad bad shape.

While I understand economically its a big challenge, a rural family can survive on 3500 a month.

The need of the hour is total lockdown in 130 or so red districts (no flights ans trains And buses) for the next 2 months.

Even if 50 million people have to be paid this to stay home so be it. We cant afford things to work like this till the next september. So we must lockdown and get rid Of this Virus.

If everyone stays where they are From may 31 till july 31, backlog cases will Come by june 15 and then some till july 1.

After that is its negligible cases for 2-3 weeks we could fully open by july 31.

Please advise why this Cant be done . Why cant we give 35000 crores of mnrega here and solve the problem. more  

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We have to learn living with Cotonou virus .We can't kill or finish the presence of corona virus .Only method is to enhance the strength of adaptive immunity system of our boy by using Vitamin C ,citrus fruits like lemon Ambala ,oranges ,grapes etc &use of more protein in our diet .Drink hot water in the morning ,add ginger to tea ,turmeric to milk ...Etc
The methods of sanitization ,washing hands by soap repeatedly ,maintain social distance are totally impractical ,&futile exercises as not more than 60% population can follow &practice due to economic ,availability &habits &sociability reasons constraints .You should know a large section of population does not get adequate supply of fresh water for drinking requirement even
Thirdly ,Corona virus infection is not very strong in Indian climate .It spreads very fast &is very strong in action at 10-15℃ ,
About 70% corona virus infectedvoeople get cured even without any kind of medical treatment .About 25% infected people are cured by traditional treatments as are applicable to flue, influenza ,malaria, pneumonia,typhoid etc This is the condition when there is no cure or prescribed treatment for corona virus infection .
Only 3-5% infected people face serious threats &need complex treatments under ICU conditions with very low mortality rate of 3% only ..Corona virus infection alone is not fatal but results in death only when person is infected with other serious ailments &infections like kidney infection,respiratory disorders,heart problems , cancer,HIV,, diabetes etc
So don't worry if number of infected people rise exponentially .Let pandemic occur &people get cured &develop adaptive immunity .That can be the only practical solution in the long range
Human civilization has faced &survived the wordt pandemic in the year 1918-19due to Spanish flue which infected 50 0 million people killing 5 0 million people more  
What is the guarantee that after 31st July the virus will be under control? Looking to the people's trend of knowingly disobeying the government advices and directions, there is no possibility of keeping the nation locked down indefinitely. Are you prepared to live with shortages of essentials and other required necessities for a couple of months or even for a couple of days. Issuing advisory is very easy but compliance thereof is more difficult. After all, the nation can't afford to harm its economy and keep us away from the reach of the globe under the pretence of the virus any more. Let us now realize our responsibilities of keeping atleast ourselves safe, if not the nation.

The fact that Corona is to stay indefinitely and people have to learn to live with it alike other lethal diseases, all adversely affected nations have since changed their lines of action and so is our country. During last three months we have become accustomed and aware as to how we need to keep ourselves safe and out of reach of the virus. Let us strictly follow those guidelines and I am sure if all of us do that the virus will automatically come under control in the near future. Moreover, Corona is not a disease to be such panic. Its most serious characteristics is its contagiousness and therefore we need to be cautious and keep ourselves away from it. more  
Kerala 100% literacy and they followed the instructions. more  
Except few states, the COVID19 is under control. Some unpleasant steps has to be taken to keep the virus under control. more  
I agree with you. There should be complete lockdown. more  
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