Covid-19 causing long term brain damage in 55%

There is now scientific research saying 55% covid-19 patients are having brain damage. Will the Govts around the world take blame and compensate people for their poor decisions about opening up economies while the virus is growing its spread.

Covid-19 infection may cause long-term brain damage, a study of MRI scans of recovered patients has found.According to the study published in medical journal TheLancet, “neurological symptoms were presented in 55% COVID-19 patients” during the recovery stage. These symptoms were noted during the follow-up visits three months later.

Called ‘Cerebral Micro-Structural Changes in COVID-19 Patients – An MRI-based 3-month Follow-up’, the study was done by reading Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans of 60 Covid-19 patients. On comparing head MRIs of the Covid-19 patients with those not infected by the virus, the researchers noted structural changes relating to loss of smell and memory in the recovered patients.
The findings revealed possible disruption to micro-structural and functional brain integrity in the recovery stages of Covid-19, suggesting neuro-invasion potential of SARS-CoV-2. The 11 Chinese researchers, who authored the study, also noted, “Even if the patients recover well from the pneumonia condition, the neurological changes may cause a great burden.”

Attached lancet study. more  

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Follow Our Traditional Methods to fight against CORONA ,Stop watching TV , Media & Long medical MRI , CT Scan report. For Saving One person Life you will lost several person life . Remove the fear from your mind. Govt. is spreading the News of cORONA which shouldn't be. If the news stopped CORONA will disappear. If INDO CHINA PAKISTAN war Starts CORONA will disappear. Note that although there are several diseases which are having treatments & Vaccines but still patients are dying. It is Natural Process. Not To worry. Only CORONA May be causing as a catalyst which accelerate the death process. The tomorrow's death will happen today. more  
there is No Remedy in Allopathy to remove blockages. But Homeopathy & Ayurvedic methods have which is having successful rate of 90 % . In Rural the same methods is used by doctors. But highly rich , qualified peoples they Do not have faith on Traditional medicine. Also WHO is a big fraud not allowing any regional methods for practicing. BHARAT Voice is stopped by WHO by appointing Dr. Harshvardhan as Director. Here below is msg + Methods to remove blockages. If You take daily also nothing will happened as it is kitchen items.
19/8/2020- Translated Msg.
Dr. Akalpita Paranjape , CORONA Survival , There are some unanswered questions.
Let's start answering them today.
For that, quote a part of the first post so that even those who have not read the previous post will understand this post.
Many corona patients die due to lack of oxygen and lung problems. AND Some after getting well or recovered . Then which process create problem in breathing ?
We can find the same answer in two directions. What does science say? The virus enters into the cells of person body. And use the same mechanism of duplication or self-division of cell to make large copies of themselves. It even makes the proteins which needs for outer layer/ shells by self-determination.
So due to large number of virus copies attached to the cell , it becomes burden on that cell , unable to bear the load and the shell breaks. Then two things happen. One, your cell dies and its disintegrated pieces lie where this event takes place. If this war has taken place in your lungs, then the corpse of those cell remains lying there. Since so many cells dies ,it make heap of such waste there . And then even if our immune system overcomes these viruses, this pile of garbage remains there.

If this is your red blood cell, then its breakdown separates the iron particles from it and which is not able to carry oxygen. This causes a lack of oxygen. On top of that, the pile of shakes left over from the disintegration does not leave your lungs empty. So even if the virus goes away, breathing becomes difficult until the cell disintegration mountain is removed.

Another important point. Your lungs have the smallest compartments, in which oxygen from the atmosphere mixes with the blood and unwanted carbon dioxide goes into the air, while fresh oxygenated blood travels back into the body through tiny blood vessels. The corona causes blood clots formation in these arteries, and the blood vessels become blocked, so that oxygen cannot reach the bloodstream, leading to a deficiency.
In allopathy ,attempts to remove clotted blood from micro-blood vessels are carried out with modern blood thinners and steroids.

The most important issue currently facing is the number of deaths due to lung dysfunction during corona & Post corona treatment. Note that there is no drug available in modern medicine having ability to remove residues accumulated in the lungs.

Giving oxygen in such cases can save lives. But if they do not benefit, the patient is moved to the intensive care unit, where oxygen is artificially released into the lungs. (vantilator). This action cannot remove the remnants of the cells that have accumulated there, but it can increase the pressure on those remnants.

This can be done by Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medicines.
Now the next question: then how to clean this fallen dirt.

This question has to be solved very skillfully. First separation/ disintegration of these residues, then brought into the bloodstream and then detoxification. With homeopathy, this work cannot be done at home without the advice of a homeopath doctor . The same justice applies to Ayurveda. So you can't give such drugs here.

But I will not disappoint you. First I answer how we solved our question.
And then prescribes medications that can be taken without consulting a doctor.
My husband and I took drugs such as Arnica, Hypericum, Silicia, etc. to get rid of these remains. Since the pulse is non-commensurate with temperature, pyrozinum was taken. These are all homeopathic medicines. These drugs made a difference but not too much. Then one day my brother asked me to take turmeric. And then there was a flash of light in my head. From our childhood till today it is customary to use turmeric in case of blood clots, wounds or swelling.

And there is no substitute for taking this traditional medicine. First , it is readily available. And since we use it in our daily meals, it will not have any adverse effects on the body. In addition, it will also make additive effect of Hypericum and Arnica . So we decided to take turmeric extract. I had wet turmeric. Three things were found in it:

1 The color of yellow was almost dark red.
2 No pests, no fungi.
3 was very fragrant.
I made an extract of it. It was dark orange.
So why does the turmeric we use at home look yellow? And those turtles get pests easily. The turmeric we use at home is first boiled in water, cut into pieces and dried. So some of it medicinal part is carried away with the water.
Anyway. Turmeric extract and tablets are available in the market. It is called Curcuma longa. We started taking this extract ten drops every morning and evening With hot water. Extremely tasty and fragrant. The difference was felt in two days.
Also had a mild fever (98. F to 98.5 F) which also reduced . By this time, neem leaves had also come from the field. Vaidya Pallavi Kanitkar used to say that if neem is consumed daily, India will be free of corona in 15 days. According to their experience, even if Corona patients are given 40 neem leaves once a day along with other medicines in the hospital, the patients get better. So we both started eating/ chewing the tablet of neem leaves made with Jaggery in the morning and in the evening before tea.
After this, our SpO2 turned 96-97, pulse 72-74 and fever 97* C- 97.5*C , towards normal direction. Our respiratory problems also decreased. During this time many calls were coming from my post. All those were informed about the medicines given by Vaidya Kanitkar and Vaidya Pramod Kalose and the order of taking it .Received calls from relatives of three elderly people (ages 67, 73 and 90) who were in the hospital. One Person was in ICU and the other two were on oxygen. All of them were asked to take neem tablets and curcumen longa Q with the consent of the local hospital doctor.
Fortunately, within two days, both of them returned to normal SpO2 and both of them were released from the hospital. Grandfather from ICCU shifted to the general ward.
What do you conclude from all this?
1 All the parameters of mine and my husband Dr. Srinivasa became normal with the consumption of neem and turmeric extract.
2 The number of patients with respiratory problems decreased in two days and they came out of danger.
3 If neem leaves are not available or if the patient is admitted to the hospital, neem and curcumin longa tablets are available from the chemist.
According to Vaidya Kanitkar, if we consume 10 neem leaves daily, we will stay away from corona and if get infected, if consume 40 neem leaves in the morning, we will be free from this disease.
We cannot say that this is scientifically proven, but we can say that the experience so far confirms it.
Moreover, there should be no reluctance to dispense these drugs with the consent of the doctors and patients or their relatives on the principle that if there is no benefit , it makes no harm. Turmeric and neem are the pre-existing yogas in our Indian tradition since 1000 years. Now everyone has become habitual to go to the doctor and swallow the pill quickly. But these things will be easily available in every village and town. We do not claim that they will all get rid of the corona immediately.
But with low cost and thousands of years of experience, there is no harm in trying. Those who are afraid of taking neem should not take it. But they should not discourage others by presenting too many doubts. People in the villages where I have access have started taking neem and they have good experiences. If villages remain corona free without corona testing, you should have no reason to object.
My observation point is that people are scared of Corona for a number of reasons right now. But if you are careful, the virus can go away without bothering you. Public awareness is the purpose behind this message. And here are some suggestions on how to get rid of it . For many days I have been trying to tell everyone to be prepared but not to live in fear. Think about how to get out if you have to deal with it.
Neem and turmeric extract are expected to help get rid of corona-related complaints and get rid of the virus. It is up to you to try. Let's do it.
This post is written to remove the fears of all of you. Read it, copy it, tell it to your relatives, and participate in this programme of public awareness.
I request you once again, If in doubt, go to your nearest homeopathy or ayurvedic doctor first. Or see your regular family doctor. Don't worry about finding out if you've corona. Your mental, physical and financial health is important. Keep it up.
You can call us or our workers at any time for guidance. You will be contacted by your treating doctor. If you want to come with us as a worker, let us know. Enter your name, address, phone number. And participate in this national interest program.
Your workers
Akalpita Paranjape 9322264815 Navi Mumbai,
Panvel Rashmi Joshi 9819599851 South Central Mumbai
Milind Kotwal 9833051567 Thane
Srinivas Paranjape 9869051546 Navi Mumbai, Panvel
Uday Vaidya 9821063440 Kalyan Dombivali
Neelam Vaidya 9833029192 Kalyan Dombivali
Vijaya Dunakhe 9860318698 Latur
Ravindra Raghuvanshi 9930020016 West Mumbai more  
Sure, Mr. Sarkar. My brain is damaged.I am diabetic, I high have high B.P. My cholesterol level is way beyond any cardiologist's imagination. I am now 77years young and work for two M.N.C's who manufacture automobiles, two construction.mining,and road machinery and also work as an independent consultant on pro-Bono basis to any company I trust. Since you are convinced and confirmed what I said, now I must doubt the damages that must have happened to brains of those who employed me and still employ me.May be the public sector giant based in Kolkata invited me to conduct a seminar on a subject called " Life Cycle Cost Analysis " of very expensive mining machinery. Can you suggest an instrument to measure the brain damage?
As far as research papers are concerned,it is just "paper" and please do not waste the space in these columns to dump somebody elses garbage. more  
Coronavirus India Live Updates from the Ministry the ministry said on Tuesday 12th :
India COVID-19 Cases Cross 23 Lakh-Mark, and Death crossed 47 thousand .
Over 70% Recovery Rate , A total of 16,39,599 COVID-19 patients have recovered from the infection, .

The Ministry hasn't mentioned any serious & permanent dameges to the brain tissues in the dead cases. If the cerebral Micro structural changes are dangeous and have lasting effects , ther would have been some reports at least .

There is a functionalbarrier between the Brain cells and theblood vessels that block certain toxins and viruses to a certain extent . Despite that some bacteria and Virus enters and affects parts of the Brain cells . Some are reversible .

Frequently we hear interviews in the TV , where specialists clarify various doubts about COVID19 and its effects . Particularly By the director of AIIIMS, Dr. Randeep Gularia . So far this hasnt been addressed at all .

So we can always depend on AIIMS and ICMR informations . No need to get panicky . BUT DONT THROW CAUTION TO WIND . more  
The Chinese have planned this infection. How can the entire world be flooded with the disease and things becoming worse whilst China has fully recovered in three months! They should be fined and blamed. The Americans are not treating covid 19 patients with medication but giving them only Tylenol which is crocin. Those who go into hospital do not survive. So if you stay home, you can only take Tylenol and pray to the Almighty to look after and help you. My granddaughter in the USA is infected, likely mildly but we do not know which way the tide will turn. At least in India medication is given and that is why lives are saved. more  
China Blocked Wuhan, Hubei Region till Controlled with Medicines Researched. They kept whole Country thus safe. They are still not notifying the Medicines found AND IS INHUMAN AND IMMORAL IN INTERNATIONAL FRATERNITY.
India relaxed Movement from May 2nd fortnight believing that PEOPLE WILL ADHERE TO : A B C : type Controls ( PHYSICAL ; SCIENTIFIC ; DIETARY ) .
Indian Liberties ARE 200% away from CHINA'S DRASTIC RULING POLICY.
People Governments and POLITICIANS MUST REALIZE EVEN NOW . more  
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