A New Zealander's view on reason for corruption in India: Indians are Hobbesian (Culture of self-interest)
Corruption in India is a cultural aspect. Indians seem to think nothing peculiar about corruption. It is everywhere.
Indians tolerate corrupt individuals rather than correct them.
No race can be congenitally corrupt.
But can a race be corrupted by its culture?
To know why Indians are corrupt, look at their patterns and practices.
Religion is transactional in India.
Indians give God cash and anticipate an out-of-turn reward.
Such a plea acknowledges that favours are needed for the undeserving.
In the world outside the temple walls, such a transaction is named “bribe”.
A wealthy Indian gives not cash to temples, but gold crowns and such baubles.
His gifts cannot feed the poor. His pay-off is for God. He thinks it will be wasted if it goes to a needy man.
In June 2009, The Hindu published a report of Karnataka minister G. Janardhan Reddy gifting a crown of gold and diamonds worth Rs 45 crore to Tirupati.
India’s temples collect so much that they don't know what to do with it. Billions are gathering dust in temple vaults.
When Europeans came to India they built schools. When Indians go to Europe & USA, they build temples.
Indians believe that if God accepts money for his favours, then nothing is wrong in doing the same thing. This is why Indians are so easily corruptible.
Indian culture accommodates such transactions morally. There is no real stigma. An utterly corrupt JayaLalita can make a comeback, just unthinkable in the West.
​I​ndian moral ambiguity towards corruption is visible in its history. Indian history tells of the capture of cities and kingdoms after guards were paid off to open the gates, and commanders paid off to surrender.
This is unique to India.
Indians' corrupt nature has meant limited warfare on the subcontinent.
It is striking how little Indians have actually fought compared to ancient Greece and modern Europe.
The Turks’ battles with Nadir Shah were vicious and fought to the finish.
In India fighting wasn't needed, bribing was enough to see off armies.
Any invader willing to spend cash could brush aside India’s kings, no matter how many tens of thousands soldiers were in their infantry.
Little resistance was given by the Indians at the “Battle of Plassey."
Clive paid off Mir Jaffar and all of Bengal folded to an army of 3,000.
There was always a financial exchange to taking Indian forts. Golconda was captured in 1687 after the secret back door was left open.
Mughals vanquished Marathas and Rajputs with nothing but bribes.
The Raja of Srinagar gave up Dara Shikoh’s son Sulaiman to Aurangzeb after receiving a bribe.
There are many cases where Indians participated on a large scale in treason due to bribery.
Question is: Why Indians have a transactional culture while other 'civilized' nations don't?
​I​ndians do not believe in the theory that they all can rise if each of them behaves morally, because that is not the message of their faith.
Their caste system separates them.
They don't believe that all men are equal.
This resulted in their division and migration to other religions.
Many Hindus started their own faith like Sikh, Jain, Buddha and many converted to Christianity and Islam.
The result is that Indians don't trust one another.
There are no Indians in India, there are Hindus, Christians, Muslims and what not.
Indians forget that 400 years ago they all belonged to one faith.
This division evolved an unhealthy culture. The inequality has resulted in a corrupt society in India everyone is thus against everyone else, except God and even he must be bribed. more  

While the Wealth Treasures of Kingdoms robbed on invasion , being opened the gates by the Corrupted/ illnatured heirs of Kingdoms , the people at large in almost the places of India became poorest of the poor striving and starving for Food under the Rule of Muslim and Christian Rulers who made the issue of Conversion of Religious for the befitting life-lead on Conversion . Even after Independence , in first 3 decades , this had become much an EVIL IN THE LIVES OF INDIAN FEMALE AND EVEN MUSLIM FEMALE resulting the Supreme Court deeply confine and direct the then Government of India to submit a positive report on implementation of Uniform Civil Code under article 44 stating the multi-natured FAMILY ISSUES due to which the Women and children in the Country had been facing Serious Sufferings BESIDES THE EVENT OF CORRUPTION , PAYING WITH THE FAMILY LAW LOOP-HOLES / PREFERENCES UNDER THE Muslim , Christian , and , the 7 above Hindu Religions . 25 years before the Independence in 1947 itself , Gandhi ji also quoted his Serious feelings on this issue of Corruption then was spread cheating the very Co-Citizen as above mentioned in the Post . The issue of Gifts to and for God had been even before independence by way of Lands and Estates and , the Ornaments but not at the modernized issue of anticipating an excuse or benefit PLEASE . more  
I some how do not agree with the documented arguments to justify predetermined sense of judgement. Religion never supported corruption, but then to understand you have to have the caliber of differentiating between consensual sex and rapes. Bribes are basically imported cultures which was required for survival under an outside ruler. This distinct separate identity of a master and slaves survived due to conversion in to habitation aptitude due to long lasting rule under outsiders, has nothing to do with caste, creed or language. You need not to trust the whole world and that is not possible either, what is required is your integrity towards a single institution of survival i e. Your Country. That will attach every single human being. Only difficulty is that the syndrome is detected so late and heavily intruded in to social structure that it will take much more time than Ganga Restoration, of course if both are finally attempted. more  
Mr.Myur ora: hats of to you Gentle man. How lovely pictured the things. Kindly put the same in the face book post. HERE less people only. By GOD sake please put. more  
The Presidential System of Democracy could have best carried best governance curbing Corruption please . more  
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