Well, Coronavirus is new to us but not corruption.
In fact corruption is a worldwide phenomenon and has been a long-running challenge for many countries.
With pandemic showing no signs of relenting, Governments are pushed to spend more money on healthcare services and resources as demands are skyrocketing...
The surge in public needs has forced Governments to relax procurement processes and also controls to accelerate procurement of healthcare materials. Speed and efficiency getting more attention over transparency.
Its needless to say that COVID-19 pandemic has indeed created ripe conditions for corruption and associated risks to public contracts.
Let’s look at some of the known and reported corruption scandals that have come to light during this COVID-19 pandemic in some of the Latin American Countries :
1) Purchase of expired N95 Masks at 10 times the listed price.
2) Procurement of Ventilators at double the market price.
3) Overcharge by Private Hospitals.
4) Substandard ventilators (unsuitable for long-term use in ICUs) procured at 4 times the marketplace price.
5) Approval of Medical device manufacturers’ inflated prices.
The above list is just a fraction of the pandemic-related public health care corruption scandals that were unearthed in the recent months (source: various)
It seems worldwide annually an estimated $455 billion (nearly 34 lac crores) of the healthcare spend was lost to fraud and corruption.
As Governments are forced to ramp up their spend on the battle against COVID-19 pandemic, there is a phenomenal increase in the risk of corruption and misappropriation. Government contracts for the epidemic response are riddled with wrongdoings in many of the Latin American Countries.
We all know that even in the normal time, government corruption and mismanagement are detrimental to a country’s lives and livestock.
In today’s pandemic situation, unabated corruption can be as deadly as the pandemic itself.
I don’t think our country is too different from these Latin American countries, as far as corruption is concerned.
Can LC take it up with the Central Government for an independent and impartial audit of the COVID-19 spending across the states? more  

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This is partly True. Main thing is CITY / URBAN Peoples lave lost their own thinking power , IQ Factor by watching the TV , Silly News Channel who do not have any common dense. In Village It is Still O.K. as they do not Money. Another the Peoples do not leave any opportunity to earn the
Money. Dirty Business Tactic. Other side No Law or weak Law with lot of Flaws so No Fear. If You Caught then Pay To police / Concern Officers / Political Leaders Protection money & do whatever You want . This is a called as DEMOCROCY . The Peoples writes on social Media but when times comes for action ran away from the place. more  
When we see News. People are doing Corruption openly and no body is scared of Govt Machinery. Our rules are lax and punishment is not severe. Probably in a day there can be atleast 100 cases where corruption has taken place. In my Opinion any Habitual person should be given death penalty. Then only we can expect Improvement. Otherwise just keep on talking and forget it. more  
This is only Remedy more  
Actually I agree with Mr. Mohapatra. There is a lack of enthusiasm and lack of action to book the culprits. What is the anti-corruption bureau doing? Why can't officials take the cue and stop this rot that is affecting our dear country. more  
Corruption problems are many. It is for lack of action against corrupt practices. more  
The corruption is because of our defective monitoring system. The comments given by other respected friends are of routine nature and are in public domain from so many years .I request to suggest practical ways to minimize corruption keeping in view system conditions.
Dear subramanian, if yourself or any one is ready to come forward to physically work against it I can suggest means as well ready to associate it for implementation. Pl give your phone no to explain things.
s s gupta jaipur more  
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