Corporate-Government Espionage - Inputs on Issues

Dear Friends:

In our review of Business-Government corruption mid last year, some of you had highlighted this as a big issue. Now that the subject is a headline, let us discuss all the issues relating to this.

Please list that various ways/channels through which Corporates take undue advantage by bribing Government officials. Once we know all the Issues, we will review Root Causes followed by specific solutions that the Government and Corporates need to implement to address this.

It is very critical that we as a nation implement the right controls, promote ethical business without slowing down Government/Bureaucratic decision making.

We look forward to your inputs!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta more  

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Corporate hire retired officers as adviser and get information about purchases/future procurement in particular
dept more  
When the Corporate Bodies of India are allowed to avoid the repayment of Bank Loans to the tune of thousands of crores, and allowed to increase their profits in thousands of crores year by year, and allowed to transfer Rs.1,30,000 crores every year to the foreign banks as black money, and when the Governments are at their best inaction, the poor common man just watching all this menace helplessly. more  
corruption has become a norm in govt offices. an ordinary man is forced to pay bribe if he wants to get his job done. today number of Mafia like sand, land.oil etc etc are flourishing because of corruption. An honest officer has to sacrifice his life if he does not join the racket. unfortunately our laws are so lenient that nothing can be done to eradicate corruption. the only alternative left is harsh punishment to the corrupt official once they are caught. suspension etc are just eyewash as he knows that he will be re-instated after some time. more  
Persons who can be bought will always be bought. It was done by the British and now Corporates. The point is identify honest officers and give them promotions who in-turn would identify honest bureaucrats under them and promote them. Initially when this unholy nexus started the corrupt were given promotion who in turn promoted corrupt people and their chain grew. So you have to break the chain. Some other govt. may again break the chain. more  
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