Conversions in South INDIA.Why?

Dear Sir, 90 % of Kerala Population is converted either into ISLAM or CHRISTEN are Anti-Hindu why because of outsiders are visiting Kerala and supporting them also so keep India as HINDU Country is also not Possible by Indians itself better Transform the Religion of Hindu either into Islam or Christianity otherwise it become a big Mess in our country by our own people in the name of Religions by outsiders. more  

My Simple Question is Why So Much Conversions are Going on in Most of the States of East-West-North-SOUTH are they ALL CHAMAR or SC/ST . Those are Already MUSLIMS & CHRISTENS & SIKHS were they all SC/ST or CHAMAR before Independence. All CHRISTENS & MUSLIMS in INDIA of UPPAR VALUES were SC/ST and they Adopted ISLAM & CHRISTIANITY......Why PEOPLE WISH TO BLAME POOR PEOPLE OF INDIA.....and not the HIGHER SOCIETY those are Coping other Countries Whether Islamic or Western.ALL LABOURS I SAW WITH HINDU NAMES ONLY. more  
Dear Bhowmik Sir,>>Shortage of Milk & MILK PRODUCTS....So People wish to SAVE COWS its Simple.People are Slaughtering COWS & BAILS and Exporting to other Country....There is no Question of HINDU or CHAMAR or MUSLIM or DALIT or FALIT. All World is CHAMAR & DALIT & MUSLIM &CHRISTEN expect INDIA & HINDU of INDIA...Because other Countries Eats only Non Veg .PEOPLE are Useless in INDIA as HINDU or CHAMAR or DALIT because of Less Opportunities and More Families & Population. PROBLEMS are Uncontrollable and Group-ism are High in such Countries. more  
After watching this Gau meri Mata and Bail mera baap antics in India of the stupid brainless mass worse than ISIS and watching the dalit in Gujrat being thrashed for scavenging dead cow with due permission of Municipality and depriving Dalit,Christa ins,Indian Muslim of eating beef which is their daily food I feel all DALITS in India should either become Christians or Muslims right away.If they do say they get converted into muslin and in the long run they die the upper cast will say BHAI MER GYA HAI,but the guy dies as DALIT the fellows will say koi chamar mergya hai as if some non human has died. SO ALL HINDU DALIT SHOULD GET CONVERTED TO CHRISTIAN AND AT THE SAME TIME KEEP THEIR S/T DEGREE INTACT SO TO GET PHUKAT KA EDUCATION AND PROSPERITY BuT If TURNED MUSLIM AT TIMES, THE BRAINLESS MOULVI MAY TELL THEN TO PROVE THEIR CONVERTED RELIGION BY WEARING A BOMB JACKET AND GO BOOM AMONG INNOCENT Public CHRISTIAN RELIGION SHOULD BE GIVEN 100% PERCENT SUPPORT AND IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY FOR ALL DALIT TO GO CHRISTAIN IN ONE GO AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER After GOVT SHOULD ENSURE THAT CHRISTIAN DON'T USE ILLITERATE NUNS IN SCHOOL TO TEACH STUDENTS. AS teachers IN christian SCHOOL LEAVE JOB VERY FREQUENCY FOR LOW SALARY AND SCHOOL PRINCIPLE USES USELESS NUNS TO TEACH IN SCHOOL. more  
1. The Supreme Court in a different issue , i.e., Second and Subsequent marriage [ multi marriage ] misusing the provision of right of religious option , only to have more than one wife that is permitted on conversion into Islam and many are using this issue of conversion only to avoid the seriousness of bigamy , clearly high lighted the social ills in the Society creating women unrest and agony and asked the then Central government for implementation of Uniform Civil Code but , the Congress with their allied divisions did not honour to enforce the article 44 . This way , the Congress party , having the top leaders those were supporting religious conversions and carry of the benefits of double religions , paved a way of this Social Evil which allows the Economic , Law and Government BENEFITS TO THOSE CONVERTED FROM HINDU RELIGION . This is the hidden fact while there is already the Social and Economical befits behind from those Foreign Countries of those Religions namely , the Islam & Christianity . Even in the previous year , i.e., 2015 , the Supreme Court moved the Central Government of India to workout for implementation of article 44 to Establish Uniform civil Code . Because this issue of Uniform Civil Code is recently also set aside by the Indian Executive and Legislature , naturally the situation explained in this Post arose and even such may lead to an alarming level . All such deviated methods of Rule and diluted Law/Order in India are only because the Directives of Ruling in India contained in part IV of the Constitution wholly set un-allowed even under the articles of 32 , 39 and 226 AND THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE ARTICLE 44 which do not allow Civic inequalities those are well befitting those Political Parties aspiring double benefits of both Religions . THIS IS IN DEED ANTI DIRECTION OF CIVIC RULE TOWARDS VESTED INTERESTS OF RELIGIOUS CONVERSION . Really , the Supreme Court has to realize the important responsibility of the justified carry of the Rule under the Constitution where every safe provision was specifically set but diluted just with an article 36 disqualifying the whole administrative Principles for the reach of the very Citizen please . more  
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