Continue the push on LAc untill full demarcation .

The present govt must be appreciated for their steadfastness against encroachment and false claim of our land .
China had its act of annexation from 58 years unabated due to soft foreign policies .
But the decision of present GOi has started to pay dividends due to diplomacy ,military strength and resolve .
We are well backed all countries of West ,Europe and far east .
But the future is still uncertain ,as the unreliability of rogue nation's like China and Pakistan s attitude towards its neighbours .
Now is the time to bring them around about permanent demarcation of our land borders by continue to push ahead.
The Pakistan's opportunistic stand can be dealt by show of force and answer them regarding POk ,GB state if they continue the violations and send mercenaries to disturb us.The results are open once they escalate .Peace will return to Baloochistan,GB state and P O K.
Our allies must declare Tibet as occupied state and recognise it and take China to ICJ and press for its liberation.
A buffer state like Tibet will ensure stability for all neighbouring countries.
Sanctions must be imposed to the delinquent country.
Lastly the biggest lesson to all countries not to source it's needs from one country only as China has shown the result.
But to distribute its eggs in different baskets.
Let all countries live in peace and prosperity with strong Leadership from countries like InDIA and west,Europe and far east .
Jaihind. more  

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China in 1962 Encroached Aksay Chin adding to China and Tibet. Thus China connected it's Eastern part linking Tibet , Aksay Chin adjoining POK . Both Pakistan and China thus Encroached Northern Borders of India willfylly . These both About 3 years back colluded for Development of Business Sector by China in these places to have permanent possession of Grabbed Indian Land while China already disputing Lands of Tibet. Now since last 3 years China initiating Encroachments in Eastern Ladhak and J&K while Pakistan precipitating issues in POK . It is well known fact that Pakistan decades together dumped Infiltrators and Terrorists into J & K and other selected States in India Increasing Separatist movement . PAK Terrorists after Blasting CRPF CONVOY killing 40 Jawans precipitating it's move Against India and the collision Challenging UT of Jammu Kashmir and Ladhak as well as the NCR National Citizenship Register, CAA, NPR which should have been implemented in 1954-55 or at least in 1971-72 while sheltering Bangladesh Refugees . Now the Separatists influencing Political Parties of Jammu Kashmir especially PDP and NC, National Conference whom the Congress Party and Leftists etc Allies supporting on these TWO MOST IMPORTANT CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES OF Temporary Special Status of JK and Citizenship Register directed in Article 5 to 10 . Their Support to China publicly as well as Public Challenges initiated by their Leaders Mrs Mehbooba Mefthy and Sri Farooq Abdullah and their long carried Supporters do prove that it is necessary to DEFINE NATIONAL INTEGRITY AND ARTICLES 5 TO 10 in their true perspectives on Citizenship and "National Integrity" . Pakistan attacked JK Area at Kupwara in 2020 May and June, killed above 7 while CHINA crossed LAC in May , killed Above 20 Indian Military Jawans in June which is claiming now part of Ladhak and Tibet as China Authoritative TERRITORY. Both are continuing attacks in Jammu Kashmir and Ladhak Areas Still . Separatists, Infiltrators, Terrorists demanding Separation , backing Separation , Challenging Citizenship of Articles 5 to 10 need to be settled and Cautioned by Judiciary even Now . more  
The Chinese refusal to vacate occupied territory needs India's decision to forcibly evict and with international pinning down . more  
China planning to Divert World attention from CORONA Probe more  
We need to revise our Tibet Policy. Tibet should be considered as an independent and sovereign state. Thereafter, all border issues should be settled with the independent and sovereign state. more  
The whole effort on LAC and negotiation is known to us only through our tainted media. Let us not gloat over the media reported news and coverage. The ground facts are very different as known only to the defence forces. Our government and their advisers are neither capable of assessing nor preparing our armed forces for the eventual confrontation on ground which is the only way to make both China and Pakistan understand that we can not be bullied and subjugated any more. Diplomatic or political solution to such expansionist attitude has not succeeded . The only way is to give them a bloody nose. But the question is are we militarily equipped and ready for this? more  
Yes really prepared well.We neednotdoubt more  
I agree with Govind and if every of the neighbor of China gets its land, China will become non entity/entity which will not be threat to the peace of world. The present push must be continued to its logical conclusion and containment of China and Pakistan. Pakistan should also be taught the right lesson and Sindh and Baluchistan should be merged with India/liberated as per referendum to determine the will of Local populace. The present world opinion will not be generated again in its present form and should be utilized to determine the world order to maintain peace and tranquility for time to come. China should also be dismembered from the Security council as a permanent member more  
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