Common State Government Issues - Inputs on Root Causes

Dear Friends:

Below are the key issues as identified by you in the Functioning of States in India.

Please review and help identify Root Causes for these issues by responding to this post.

We will then identify Solutions separately and develop the whitepaper which will be sent to PMO and various Chief Ministers in India.

This is a very important subject as till we transform Functioning of States, most Indians will not feel the impact of Good Governance/Development approach being implemented by Government of India.

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Improving State Functioning - Inputs on Key Issues

1. Police does not file FIRs or take action against the culprits
2. Crime rate is increasing
3. Government officers behave like they are masters of the people, not Government servants
4. Too much corruption in the state offices
5. There is no end to the inspectors unnecessarily interfering in the workings of small & medium sized companies
6. State agencies like HUDA and DHBVN to not take ownership of the tasks
7. Passport verification done by state police takes a long time
8. Revenue department (where land/flats registrations are done) is fully corrupt
9. RTO (Transport Office) is ill-equipped for issuing driving license, vehicle registration process
10. Officers in the Public Distribution System take commission before releasing the grains
11. Municipal corporation is mismanaged
12. State departments are not reachable on phone and emails are never replied to
13. State Government makes plans but no time bound action is seen
14. MLAs and MPs interfere in all the administrative functioning of Districts and Taluk
15. Many state departments are non-responsive
16. Trade unions hamper the performance of organizations
17. Lack of modern IT infrastructure
18. Extremely slow decision making. No major policy level decisions taken at state level
19. Lack of innovative solutions while dealing with local issues
20. Electricity departments at the lowest possible efficiency level
21. States do not utilize Central funds made available to them
22. States create their own business laws that are in addition to Central laws which places more hurdles on the way of doing business
23. States do not allow transparent audits of their own schemes
24. States do not heed to needs of the industry and blame the Centre for not doing much for them
25. The judicial decision making process is very slow more  

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Dear Mr. Gupta,
Further to above text, I would request your kind self to take a note of functioning of Maharashtra universities keeping in view the issue of apathy in particular. The method of appointments to the top post of universities, mental set up of entire education department officials must be looked into. System needs correction very badly. Lots of innocent lives have been played with very badly.
Regards. more  
Common state government issues:
Dear Mr. Gupta,
1. Main issue remains as our country is governed by the politicians who are illiterate and mostly criminals. Present governance system has been devised by them for their own benefit. It neither follows any transparent routes nor they have any intention to do that, forget about any statesman's vision. All state governance should be taken out from the clutches of these people. Though it is extremely difficult proposition but work should start in that direction right now. That is why India's position is around 142 out of around 158 total countries under UN. That simply means only few countries in the world are more corrupt compared to India.
2. State Government means a bunch of absolutely corrupt officials appointed by most corrupt people I. e. politicians. How the people are recruited? By quota system who are most useless of the lot. Many a times state government bosses take money for appointments. The result declared by them is totally farse. So this is very serious issue.
3. The illiteracy in our country and lack of awareness are the main hardless to our development. The models of developed countries like US can be adapted. They have right type of people in right places. They have appropriate laws in place, right type of governing machinery in place. They use latest technology also. In India you will find nothing but corruption every where.
4. In Maharashtra you will find so much of property is owned by the administraters cum politiciants, all acquired by the public money. Municipalitis are run few individuals. Absolutely obscured methods. Nobody knows where the public money goes? But if you see the condition of roads, electricity supply efficiency, water supply amount, cleanliness every where administration is failing. In little bit interior Maharashtra, the apathy to the non-maharashtrins are paramount. It has taken very ugly shape during last 10 years or so. Non-Maharashtrins are being harassed every where right from domicile issuance offices to any universities to even the petty auto stands where the local politicians along with the local boys conduct the jungle raj. It is even come to a state that even if a non-maharashtrian boy who is resident for last 30/40 years is carrying passangers, his people are forcibly are removed from the autos at some strong hold points. So the state governments are some states like maharashtra are simply dirty, anarchic and un-civilised. Above autos I have just referred never run by meters.
5. So there has to be provision for capital punishment for economic offences also. I think in country like Singapore and USA this type of provisions already exists. The working style and performance of P
Los Angeles Police Deptt and Germany must be studied. Recent police efficiency in US on a religious event speaks volume about their efficiency.
6. Any way this is very complex and difficult area to clean. Please take a note on above areas.
Regards more  
Improving State Functioning - Inputs on Key Issues
26. Fast computerization of all State Government Departments. Centre should have access to this and can monitor the day to day activities.
26. To put a stop to corruption all big denomination notes of Rs.100, 500 and 1000 to be withdrawn from circulation permanently. No other steps can curb corruption. more  
Sri Manojranjan Nayak, Owner and publisher of Odia daily THE PRAMEYA.
I had gone through the news and sorry to note whatever you have published are false and fabricated the real truth is all together different, your media people had seen one part of the coin. His promotion being stopped by Dr.Manmohan Singh, Ex-Prime in the year 2013 basing on my complain to President of India and Prime Minister but before declaration of election with help of an odisha cadre IAS officer working in Prime Minister’s Office he got the promotion. It is an history five months before his retirement both President of India and Prime Minister referred my case to Cabinet Secretariat and group of secretaries consist of 14 secretaries inquired the charges and all my charges were established but most unfortunately two odia IAS officers of his community present in the meeting and requested Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth to refer it to Chief secretary Odisha, accordingly Cabinet Secretary vide letter no. 501/J/18/2014-VCC dtd. 21.11.2014addressed to Gokul Chandra Pati, IAS, Chief Secretary, Odisha to inquiry the charges similarly Central Vigilance Commission letter dtd. 23.02.2015 addressed to Cabinet Secretary to inquire the charges against Hrushikesh.Not that he vacated the quarter immediate after his retirement but has no face to remain at Dlhi as very well heknew both President’s Office and Prime Minister’s Office inquiring the charges against my complain(sent 300 pages document including hundreds of paper cutting both English and Odia about his corruption,charcter etc.).Where ever he joined spoiled the department and the public sector undertakings either declared sick or closed be it Odisha Agro Industries Coproration,IDCOL or OMFED,how he promoted communal feelings and caste feeling the best example is Gajpati district and IDCOL.I am writing in short when Collector Gajpati siphoned District Literacy Mission fund of Rs. 31.00 lakhs to publish his three books’SUBARNA DWIPA”’SUNAPUTARA LOTAK &’SUNYATARA PASCHATYAKA”THERE WAS A VIGILANCE CASE IN THE BERHAMPUR VIGILANCE COURT AND JUDGE PRADHAN WAS HEARING THE CASE,one bramin vigilance Director dropped all his 7 vigilance cases since his nephew being saved who involved in supply of duplicate laptop to Odisha MLAs,SIMILARLY HOW ON THE DAY OF XMAS 25TH DECEMBER BEATEN CHRISTIAN PEOPLE BY ENGAGING POLICE for that Ex CM J.B.Patnaik engaged an inquiry Commission headed by Somnath Som,IAS on complain of USA High Commission, How he misbehaved a lady in drunken condition at COMMON WEALTH SPEAKERS CONFERENCE IN LONDON FOR THAT RABI RAY BEG APPOLOGY AND THE NEWS being PUBLISHED BOTH IN INDIA AND UK. HOW INVOLVED IN TANGARAPADA MINING SCAM FOR THAT CHIEF JUSTICE,ODISHA HIGH COURT PASSED VERY BAD COMMENT ON HRUSHI AND SATYA PRAKASH NANDA,HOW ENGAGED HIS BROTHER-IN-LAW PRADEEP MOHAPATRA,ADVOCATE IN IDCOL CEMENT,HOW ILLEGALLY ENGAGED A LADY ADVOCATE NANDA,HOW ISSUED CIRCULAR NOT TO ALLOW ANY TATA EMPLOYEE TO IDCOL HOUSE,HOW MISBEHAVED TRIBAL MINISTER AND MLA AT KALINGA IRON WORKS GUEST HOUSE IN DRUNKEN CONDITION FOR THAT THE MATTER DEBATED IN ODISHA ASSEMBLY FOR 15 DAYS AND CUTTING ACROSS PARTY LINE ALL 147 MLAS DEMANDED FOR HIS TERMINATION AND FINALLY CM NAVEEN PATNAIK SUSPENDED HIM FROM SERVICE,HOW CALLED OFFICERS’S WIFE TO GUEST HOUSE,HOW TERMINATED HONEST,SINCERE DUTIFUL OFFICERS(OTHER THAN BRAHMIN CASTE) THOSE WHO FAILED TO SUPPLY HIM WOMEN,WINE & WEALTH(THESE ARE ALL PUBLISH IN DHARATRI).HOW HELPED AND SAVED CORRUPT BRAHMIN OFFICERS OF IDCOL THOSE WHO SUPPLIED DUPLICATE LAPTOP TO MLAS AND FOR THAT PAL COMMISSION IS INQUIRING THE CHARGES AND BIBHITI BHUSHAN RATH ABOUT WHOSE CORRUPTION TWO SENIOR IAS OFFICERS GIVEN THEIR INQUIRY REPORT,HOW ALWAYS MISBEHAVED OFFICERS BELONGING TO KHANDAYAT,OBC,SC AND ST IN DRUNKEN CONDITION IN HIS OFFICE CHAMBER.HOW MADE THE LIFE OF INNOCENT GIRLS MISERABLE AND SOME OF THEM DIVORCED BY THEIR HUSBAND AS HE TOOK THEM TO KORAPURT TO PRODUCE AND DIRECT DOZEN OF FILMS (ONE IS SANJUKTA)AT THE COST OF OMFED.HOW TRAVELLED MORE THAN 15 TIMES ABROAD WITH OUT PERMISSION OF GOVERNMENT AT THE COST OF OMFED AND DURING HIS TENURE FOR THE FIRST TIME OMFED INCURRED LOSS AND ALL ABOUT THE ILLEGAL AND IRREGULAR PURCHASE A LADY VIGILANCE INSPECTOR WAS INQUIRING THE CHARGES. Read Sambad KalIka dtd. 16 March,2010 titled ‘JOUNKANGAL BARISTHA IAS NK RATRA ABHISAR’ DHARATI OM IAS SWAHA,PANDANK BHALI DANDA,IAS DURNITI O PRASASHAN AND MANY MORE,HOW BEATEN INNOCENT CASUAL WORKERS OF OMFED BY ENGAGING ANTISOCIAL FOR THAT SP HIMANSULAL LODGED A FIR IN CSPUR POLICE STATTION.

Police under state Govt control, become helpless against ruling party sponsored violence,destroying evidence as happened in some states.Police should not be under state govts.It should be under central home ministry. more  
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