College Protests and Violence

Every so often India experiences these cases of protests and violence at its colleges and universities as we are observing right now at JNU. These protests at times are politically motivated, in many cases lead to unrest and a sheer waste of resources/time for its students, teachers, media, citizens, administration, etc and affect nations progress.

With this pose we would like to seek you inputs on all the issues related to the subject.

Let us understand this and then through a seperate discussion on solutions put together a collective citizen view on this subject. Its important that this be communicated, constructive national debate takes place and actions are taken to reduce these instances.

We look forward to your inputs! more  

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"Freedom of Speech" has to be protected specially on college campuses but anti-national speeches should not be allowed. I think the media is to blame for making them heros. Long term there is only 1 solution - fixing India - Pak relationship. I asked earlier, have the governments looked at having a shared trade zone (like S and N Korea had)? Lots of economic and political benefits but I think it will benefit the security of India and Pak the most - can you imagine what happens when youth close to the border are given jobs. Very few will join Jihadist orgs then and kill everyone except the idiots who deserve to be killed (politicians). more  
The wrong policies of government & bureaucracy turned the situation in to worst. 1.The rules and guidelines followed abroad are found to be successful. Why our country is not willing to import and frame the rules.2. Free lodging and mess charges/ abnormal subsidy in mess charges.2. In some places free education for backward & scheduled cast communities. With the said facilities & provisions the students want to continue in hostels including outsiders with fake identify. Even if they come out side no jobs, hence the planning of students will be to remain inside the hostels. The teaching staff support the students fearing untoward incidents. 3. It is known fact in India the political party leaders with criminal intentions, try to influence the student leaders, in some cases the political leaders even bribe the student leaders.4. The universities are for education not for politics. The elections in universities & allowing of student affiliation to wings of political parties is to be stopped immediately. more  
University's are becoming hubs for anti national activity's more  
Undue tolerence of any thing is bad. How can any Indian tolerate abuse of the country and motherland. If any one does anything in another country we protest and raise a hullabaloo, but if an Indian does it in India we call it the right to free speech and action. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Shame to those scum who perptrate such nuisance. They should be caught and severely punished for any anti-national behaviour, irrrespective of who he is , whether an ordinary citizen or an artist,professor, intellectual or Politician. No favours should be shown to anyone. Jai Hind and Long Live INDIA. Dipak HImatsingka more  
Colleges and universities are meant for education and nothing else. Thus Unionbaji should stop immediately. It is shameful that University professors are also supporting students in their union activities, even if they amount to anti-nationalism. It is highly shameful. Ban all Union activities in Colleges & universities. Dismiss he Professors who support these illegal activities. Is the College & University not a public place, then why & how can one ban the police from entering the place? Is is legal? Action should be taken against those who speak on banning the police in these places. Does it mean that continue to commit illegal activities and police should be a mute spectator? What nonsense. more  
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