Clueless Chief Ministers removing mask mandates

At a time when the world is facing unprecedented covid. Read this below and attached:

Not so good news

XD (delta/omicron recombinant) which has RBD of Omicron BA.1, shares the immune escape properties of BA.1; but causes more severe disease in mice compared to BA.1.

In simple terms, it has the speed of Omicron & severity of delta.

Although an animal study, this indicates that continued recombination might assign undesirable pathological properties to faster spreading variants. Had written about this possibility earlier.

(Omicron itself was known for lower severity than delta, but was faster spreading)

This attached research study findings prove yet again why the theory of “virus is becoming common cold” is a hoax.

While there is no cause to push the panic button based on one study, we must remember that truth emerges 1 step at a time.

Underestimating the enemy is an old weakness. more  

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Thanks to my God ! My God is kind enough and good enough indeed for He rests in peace with creation of the Carona Virus and thereafter . It is not the Peoples Republic of China or the detected Bio-labs in Ukraine operated by Americans in disguise as architects of Peace in the Words-Worth-World (WWW) . Credit goes to Putin & Putin's men in Russia for the decent exposure for clandestine operations called Bio-labs ! Prevention is better than Cure . Scientific majority and Scientific minority clash over the carona virus afresh in new series of English alphabets ignoring only 26 of them available . The Nature has trained the mankind politically, socially and scientifically for ages now. So far so good . Also, enough is enough in the cultures of mankind being potential social animal, political animal and scientific animal as in the Nature Studies Revelation. Leaders or Captains or Visionaries have neither an escape nor an exception from Nature Studies universally in their fundamental straining and training by the Nature . The aim of life, as continuous effort for social elevation is an important issue such that the variety of exceptional generalizations through the business of scientific politicking galore . Leaders have continuously been concerned with the mind and the interior life in the human being, attempting to discover and analyze the real self, the self-consciousness, the thinking, the emotion, and the morality for the reasonable calm thinking as one of the main issues which defines their Leadership for reasoning . The secrets and their interpretation has been main even from the era of pre-Socratic perceptions of this World of Leaders & Captains & Visionaries which has become a major new exclamation raising eye-brows and eye-balls to the end of the drama of progressive faculties like Leadership of Captains or Leaders from masses. more  
Hello Corona Lovers, There was No COVID Virus Existed , Nor Any country has proved it till date. It was like as Flue Treated wrongly as per Blind followers Supported by Govt. There is No fear of any viruses. China Close down not due to Virus , but due to large Inventory pending at port due to crises in world., Various air space restrictions, etc. Not to spread virus through Social media. You don't have work or what ? Or getting paid by any companies for writing ? more  
Above article is misleading and writer is clueless. Please check who wrote it and who funded it. It was clearly funded by vaccine manufacturers and pharma lobby. They do not want Covid to go away because they want to keep earning money from it and sell vaccine with manufacturing cost of 10 rupees per vial at insane prices. Government was forced to remove mask mandates because they cannot prove it stops transmission of virus in courts. Mask kills in long term and studies have shown it significantly increases inhaled Carbon Dioxide levels which is very harmful. One can do a simple experiment by attaching CO2 monitor with tube within mask and find out. more  
Masking and Distancing are must till the end of Corona effects. Corona variants are many types and identifying is not easy. Why to suffer and Pay more  
Agreed that there was no reason to discontinue the use of mask. So also social dostancing should have continued. These measures may be reintroduced. more  
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