Famished cows pressed into action where Municipal Administration fails : Is that the stand taken by the administration where Garbage not removed ?

The status of Cows have always been up to that of Gods . Are we going to treat the cows this way . At least this scenes itself which is common all over India should appeal to people. Or gag the press stop news of this sort that reveals the shortcomings. In this case the cows do a great service to citizens by consuming plastic and the garbage at the cost of their own health and life. Mind you these famished cows were once owned by milkmen . The owner doesn’t invest any money, yet gets the milk to sell and make money . They milk the cow in the morning ,then give some basic feed and let them off . Till the evening they are to fend for themselves and report to the owner to be milked . I pity those who consume their milk. This shouldn’t be left alone , like this that too close to the national capital.

*. First and foremost the corporation / Municipal establishments should not allow Garbage to be strewn around .Garbage generated should be collected from homes ; in a segregated manner as wet, dry ,organic etc and send to places designated immediately .
It is their duty so any area where Garbage is seen the concerned Municipality should be immediately taken to task. What are they paid for . Proper assistance should be given to the Garbage collectors.
To assist in recycling vegetable wastes the when the segregated vegetable waste can be delivered to the animal bounds or homes.

* Cows and cattle and stray animals shouldn’t be seen on the roads and streets. Streets are not the place for Stray animals and Garbage .
They should either be along with the owners or the Municipal bounds or with the respective Rakshah groups. They needn’t be exposed to filthy conditions and traffic. If owners claim, then collect the hefty penalty . If not Municipalities adopt them and take care. Not just the cows , but all stray animals that are abandoned .

* There are several Animal Rakshak Groups . The Administration should have a tie up with them to take care of these .

Prime Minister Sir ,this a serious impediment for the success of S.B.M .


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It is worth mentioning that these cows are owned by no one. They have lived their milking life, now their owner is not ready to spend a penny on them and have thrown them out of cattle shed to fend for themselves. It is sorry state but true. more  
I do agree with the views of Mr Niraj Pant, which rightly clarify the areas of our concern about stray animals. There are ample examples of fatal road accidents because of stray animals occupying even the national high ways. more  
Mr Shah, when I made the mention of the practices as observed by me and all those who got to serve there wasn't with the intention of recommending its adoption all over in the country! Neither it is possible nor will anybody expect it, especially like me who happens to be vegetarian himself. However, I do believe that the sensibilities towards all the animals that are found to be occupying public spaces needs to be curbed so that public spaces are available to you and me and aren't dirtied by the cattle. I have no hesitation in saying that these are my wishes which I don't visualise fruictifying during my lifetime! more  
My comment “Taking Mizoram example, Some one may suggest to eat human being also for controling population, which will solve most of the problem” was because of spontaneous reaction of view given ” I am with the people of North-East, more specifically the Mizoram, they eat almost everything living except the human being.” I have mentioned that “I feel that appreciating some one his food habit for our own benefit of less crowding of street (main topic) may not be appropriate and that is the reason of mentioning about all living creatures including human being”. However, each individual will have his own way of thinking.I could not understand how this is considered as derogatory comments towards a particular community. I have not made any comments aiming directly at any individual or community. In Jain religion (by the way I am not Jain), they give equal weightage to all creatures and I am not advocating their philosophy). Earlier, I had given my views on stray animals(cow, dog etc) and also garbage removal. I am happy that Mr. Ranjit has clarified that this is not dispute. more  
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