Citizens rate 2 year performance of Modi Govt 2.0 - Full Report

Many of you who have been a LocalCircles member have been participating in the landmark survey for 7 years where citizens rate Government Performance. Below is this year's survey report

Citizens rate 2 year performance of Modi Government 2.0

As always the LocalCircles survey has given the bottoms up pulse to the Government most accurately and without colours. It was in March 2019 when 75% citizens gave a thumbs up to the Government. That number has dropped to 51% this year. Our hope is that the Government takes this feedback in the right spirit, course corrects and handles COVID and the economic situation on priority.

Do review the report and share with your social media networks including your Member of Parliament and any others in the Government.

As always, we look forward to your inputs! more  

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The Issues of 1) Aatmanirbhar Packages 2) National Education Policy 3) Corona Virus Control Planning 4) Border Security 5) Internal Vigilance 6) Rural Development 7) Infrastructure development etc ARE WELL ADDRESSED DURING THESE 2 Years of BJP Mody Lead NDA RULE . more  
Populism has dictated this government's actions. Convenient letting everything suspended. Shutting down always easiest as that saves the effort of finding solutions, and getting livelihoods for those dependant on their daily labour. Suppression of mass incomes will follow, and therefore demand. The full economic cycle must play out. Government could have simply kept this symbiotic legacy system alive by giving income out so that demand cycle continues, keeping industry alive and also the virtuous cycle. Dead once, takes huge effort in reviving, as Modi 2 made out the present populism with the future. Populism because companies also ubiquitous netizens, endorsing Modi, getting their earning from online work enjoying their saving material costs on labour through government dictated lockdown. Inequality has increased too. This will but have ramifications. more  
The performance is far better than the previous governments, inspite of pandemic situation since last two years. more  
Crisis, the current pandemic being one, provides an opportunity, bringing out the leadership qualities in a government or person, whereas otherwise, governing would be business as usual. In fact, this is the opportunity for people in authority to show how they can lead. The psychographics of us citizens too is such that they are willingly cooperating, as we did last year, adhering, eschewing all the demands made on us for the larger and long term good, to imposed lockdown. Inconvenience, a mild term, recalling guest workers walking hundreds of miles for reaching villages, was faced stridently. Deaths from corona, naive believing government's statistics, many times higher, understated. quoting these numbers! However, authority must show as being in charge. Nobody could question Modi 2.0 through the ballot box, then how can one raise question about rating 49% below expectations. Governance is what governance does! more  
This is a wrong time to rate Government's performance because the times are not normal. The right survey would be how the Government has managed the pandemic and how it has protected its citizens. Here too, there should be specifics because all said and done, managing the panedemic in India with its population and democratic setup is a mammoth task. People have to exercise fortitude in deciding, not doubt. more  
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