Lot of experts have given their views about the stand-off with China, that China is a bully, China is expansionist, China is mean and authoritarian.

I feel that the current stand-off at Ladakh in Pongong Tso as well as earlier Galvan valley is because China wanted to occupy these areas. These are disputed part of LAC. In recent times Indian Government has made it amply clear that lost territories such as PoK, Gilgit Baltistan and Aksai Chin shall be regained. Aksai Chin was occupied by China after 1962 war and once occupied China is reluctant to return the territories. China feared that if it did not occupy areas now in Ladakh, then India would somehow make a claim to Aksai Chin and take it back. This is the reason China is not pulling back from Ladakh and not disengaging. I suspect that even after the winter China would be there. We have to counter this somehow, may be, take the issue up more strongly with the other countries in the world or asking straightaway for Aksai Chin through UN. In addition to all blockages, be it economical or commercial, It is to be made clear to China that it is a pariah to India if it continues to occupy territories illegally.

This is obvious from the recent messages made by Chinese ambassador to India. China has said that its troops are well within its own borders and not a threat to India. India can be more aggressive in its rhetoric and call out China's bluff. more  

Mr. Rao ,

" Look alikes among friendly countries are more in number supporting China than India " - This statement of yours will be proved wrong as India has maintained good and cordial riendship with many counries ,Particularly , with powers like , U.S.A.. Russia , Israel and Japan .

The very few and insignifican countries that side China are Pakistan and Nepal . May be Noorth Korea is more Friendly with China .You can Add Iran too, thats because U.S.A. is close to India. more  
The decision to go all out on these
Local areas of violTion and evict them by force must be considered.
Taking overall situation in to consideration waiting up to winter for limited engagement is not a good idea.
We must exercise our right of attacking a enemy if he is occupying our land and not budging on it! more  
I say the relations between India and China clearly reveal China's superiority complex in the 21st Century over India's friendly complexes.

China's current status is one of the World's Super Powers while India has no such super power status even after elapse of 20 long years .

Look alikes among friendly countries are more in number supporting China than India.

China is a global challenger while India is not at truth .

India is at this moment not on the Permanent Security Council of the World while China occupied that position along with England , France , Russia and America to become senior to India who is not yet even a fresher .

India characterizing as a Super Power Actor State with influences but not with real own acting.

Only time will tell whether India dominates China as Super Power from Asia and thereafter becomes China's boss . more  
China since beginning supporting PAK just for Encroaching Border Lands like POK . Pakistan's Continued Wars and Terrorism is for Increasing Separatists and Separatism and China ever tried to dilute Indian Economy through its Business Tactics and paved a permanent PATH OF ITS SUPPORTING SMUGGLERS .
Indian Manufacture , Economic Self Sufficiency had been grossly NEGLECTED by Ruling Parties since after 1992-93 AND RESULTANTLY INDIA BECAME WEEK BEFORE CHINA AS WELL AS PAK . The Separatists and their Supporters , Terrorist Groups are not at all HONOURING THEIR FUNDAMENTAL DUTY OF NATIONAL INTEREST AND INTEGRITY .
Thus it is a Harder issue to tackle PAK AND CHINA IN SUCH UNSAFE POLITICISM. more  
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