Children developing hepatitis post Covid

Over 300 children around the month have developed hepatitis which Doctors suspect is post covid condition.

Hepatitis is simply an inflammation of the liver that can result in a variety of problems, including liver failure and even cancer, both of which can be fatal. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body because it is in charge of cleaning the blood of all toxins and also plays a role in metabolism and blood clotting, among other things.

A variety of factors can contribute to hepatitis. The most common hepatitis virus strains are A, B, C, D, and E. These viruses spread in a variety of ways and vary in geographical presence, symptoms (some people may be asymptomatic), and severity, but they all cause hepatitis.

All pediatric hepatitis patients admitted to a hospital in India were subjected to a retrospective and follow-up observational study. During the Delta wave, researchers discovered an increase in the number of such hepatitis cases. Children and adolescents with no prior liver disease or familiar etiology of acute hepatitis developed acute hepatitis with a temporal relationship to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Among 47 pediatric patients with hepatitis, 37 had CAH-C features, but only hepatitis symptoms, with the majority having elevated inflammatory markers and an uneventful recovery after supportive treatment. The remaining 10 MIS-C hepatitis cases had prolonged illness, multiple system involvement, required admission to critical care, and had a mortality rate of 30%.

Routine laboratory and NHS data show that common viruses circulating among children are now much higher than in previous years, and there is a significant increase in adenovirus, particularly among children aged one to four.

Adenovirus is a common virus that causes symptoms such as mild fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, and colds. Most people who contract adenovirus recover without any serious complications.

While adenoviruses do not usually cause hepatitis, it is still a highly complicated virus.

Adenoviruses are typically passed from person to person through inhaling adenoviruses in the air and touching surfaces contaminated with the virus.

There are several hypotheses that are currently being studied on why there has been an increase in the reporting of hepatitis among children who have contracted a severe adenovirus infection.

One theory is that children are more susceptible to the virus because they have less exposure to outside air during the lockdown, while others believe it could be an environmental, toxin, or drug exposure.
Others contend that this could be a precursor to Covid, a concurrent infection with Covid, or a completely new illness.
Other possible explanations include the presence of a new strain of the adenovirus with or without the presence of the existing cofactors.
And as previously stated, one hypothesis being tested in Israel is that liver inflammation is a symptom of LONGCOVID.

The investigations have revealed a strong link between the sudden increase in hepatitis among children and adenovirus infection, and the investigation has now progressed to the causation stage.

Parents should be on the lookout for signs of hepatitis and jaundice and contact their doctors if their children exhibit mild to severe symptoms. Common preventive measures include hand washing, practicing good respiratory practices and hygiene, and monitoring children. All of this could help to reduce the spread of many recurring infections, including adenovirus.

If a child develops symptoms of a gastrointestinal infection, such as diarrhoea and vomiting, he or she is advised to stay at home and not return to nursery or school until two days after becoming asymptomatic. more  

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More Child food care is needed during covid. more  
As no proven facts established so far, chances of children exposure to untreated water, junk food,which, parents were outsourcing. Non-veg addiction, may also be cause as children are vulnerable. Now a days unhygen non veg with adulteration of spayed ,decayed , infected animals flush could also cause lever damage and carcinogen may be possible suspects. If any one seeks medical assistance ( not covid affected ), doctors recommend him/ her admitted and on admission, patient is driven to ICU. Such an incident experienced by one family member, who sought discharge. Now he/ she is healthy and not administering any medicines. more  
Very useful information ... The Smaller Children specifically the age group upto 8 years are the vulnerable population who should not be exposed unnecessarily ... Please ask for online options instead of physical school which is making children sick on a big scale ... LONG COVID is still in research stage.. Please don't make the little ones the guinea pigs for research purposes by sending them to school more  
It's a known fact that covid patients face many problems post recovery especially older ones. It is better to follow covid protocol seriously to minimize the chances of getting affected with this deadly disease. more  
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