Changing Currency Colour: Addl Inputs

Below are some of your key inputs on how a scheme like currency colour (Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes) change can be implemented effectively. If you have any additional inputs on the implementation and logistics, do share them.

Changing Currency Colour to address accumulated Black Money

1. A set date should be announced for the production of the new notes to start
2. Another date should be set after which the old notes will not be accepted in the market
3. People should be asked to exchange their 500 and 1000 rupees notes at the bank
4. Any amount of above Rs. 100,000 being exchanged should require an income proof
5. By rationing cash holding eligibility per person, banks could receive cash deposits at a discounted price and "sell" cash at a premium- for amount exceeding the rationed quota
6. The decision should be implemented suddenly so that the black marketers do not get time to do any alterations
7. Exchange of old currency with new notes should be done through bank accounts only
8. Any money which the owner cannot account for can be donated anonymously into a Nation Building Account of Government of India. more  

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The notes of 500 and 1000 even 2000 note also not required for common people. I suggest that 300 and 200 notes issued by government. It may help to common people and government can restrict block money. On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 9:51 AM, LocalCircles Manager <> wrote: > more  
Thanks to all who participated in this poll and discussion. The PM has announced it a few hours back. more  
very interesting we support it. The politicians cannot carry so many 50 rupee bundles for their canvas. propose. No election expenditure by any party or contesting candidates. no extravaganza in marriages and functions All bars , pubs, clubs and big hotels should accept only credit or debit cards all gold purchase and registrations of houses , cars, must be only through credit or debit card transactions. Land cost, property cost must be reviewed every year so that black money cannot be generated. If a person spends more than a fixed high income his BTT rate must be changed. I am a mad man to write. More men are more intelligent than me can give more suggestions but who will listen Politicians no. government no business men no. Common man yes. more  
Actually 500 and 1000 notes should be withdrawn and never re-introduced. Only plastic money to be made compulsory. more  
Let us not discuss about eradicating corruption half-heartedly. Read in full the wonderful paper below and make it a movement to implement the proposal as it is: Anil Bokil , one of the key member of Arthakranti Sansthan was given time to share to PM Modi. He was given 9min for sharing but Mr Modi heard him for 2 hrs. The fundamental framework had been patented by the Same than, but I personally feel the Sansthan should gift the proposal to India. Arthakranti Proposal What is Arthakranti Proposal and who has given the proposal? “Arthakranti Proposal” has been given by a Pune (Maharashtra) based “Arthakranti Sansthan” which is an Economic Advisory body constituted by a group of Chartered Accountants and Engineers. The fundamental framework has been patented by the Sansthan. Arthakranti Proposal is an effective and guaranteed solution of Black Money Generation, Price rise and Inflation, Corruption, Fiscal Deficit, Unemployment, Ransom, GDP and industrial growth, terrorism and good governance. What is in the Proposal ? “Arthakranti Proposal has FIVE point of actions simultaneously. (1) Scrap all 56 Taxes including income tax excluding import duty. (2) Recall and scrap high denomination currencies of 1000, 500 and 100 rupees. (3) All high value transaction to be made only through banking system like cheque, DD, online and electronic. (4) Fix limit of cash transaction and no taxing on cash transaction. (5) For Govt. revenue collection introduce single point tax system through banking system – Banking Transaction Tax (2% to 0.7%) on only Credit Amount Important Points to note: (1) As on today total banking transaction is more than 2.7 lakh crores per day say more than 800 lakh crores annually. (2) Less than 20% transaction is made through banking system as on today and more than 80% transaction made in cash only, which is not traceable. (3) 78% of Indian population spend less than 20/- rupees daily why they need 1000/- rupee note. What will happen if All FIFTY SIX Taxes including income tax scrapped : (1) Salaried people will bring home more money which will increase purchasing power of the family. (2) All commodities including Petrol, Diesel, FMCG will become cheaper by 35% to 52% . (3) No question of Tax evasion so no black money generation. (4) Business sector will get boosted. So self employment. What will happen if 1000/ 500/ 100 Rupees currency notes recalled and scrapped : (1) Corruption through cash will stopped 100%. (2) Black money will be either converted to white or will vanish as billions of 1000/500/100 currency notes hidden in bags without use will become simple pieces of papers. (3) Unaccounted hidden huge cash is skyrocketing the prices of properties, land, houses, jewellery etc and hard earned money is loosing its value; this trend will stop immediately. (4) Kidnapping and ransom, “Supari killing” will stop. (5) Terrorism supported by cash transaction will stop. (6) Cannot buy high value property in cash showing very less registry prices. (7) Circulation of “Fake Currency” will stop because fake currency printing for less value notes will not be viable. What will happen when Banking Transaction Tax (2% to 0.7%) is implemented : (1) As on today if BTT is implemented govt can fetch 800 x 2% = 16 lakh crore where as current taxing system is generating less than 14 lakh crore revenue. (2)When 50% of total transaction will be covered by BTT sizing 2000 to 2500 lakh crores, Govt will need to fix BTT as low as 1% to 0.7% and this will boost again banking transaction many fold. (3) No separate machinery like income tax department will be needed and tax amount will directly deposited in State/Central/District administration account immediately. (4) As transaction tax amount will be very less, public will prefer it instead paying huge amount against directly/indirectly FIFTY SIX taxes. (5) There will be no tax evasion and govt will get huge revenue for development and employment generation. (6) For any special revenue for special projects, govt can slightly raise BTT say from 1% to 1.2% and this 0.2% increase will generate 4,00,000 crores additional fund. Effects, if implemented today : (01)Prices of all things will come down. (02)Salaried people will get more cash in hand. (03)Purchasing power of Society will increase. (04)Demand will boost, so will production and industrialisation and ultimately more employment opportunity for youth. (05) Surplus revenue to the govt for effective health/ education/ infrastructure/ security/ social works. (06) Cheaper and easy loans from banks, interest rate will come down. (07) Tendency of society will changes from scarcity to quantity. (08) Spare money for political system for clean politics, (09) Prices of land/ property will come down, (10) No need to export beef to cover up trade deficit (11) Sufficient fund for research and development. (12) Society will be free from “Bad elements”. A very nice n simple compilation with logical impact. Worth sharing!! "ArthaKranti proposal -It will Fully Change India" on YouTube - Forward it to all and spread awareness about the proposal. more  
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