Ever since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan after the recent elections, he has been repeatedly stressing the need to ensure peace between India and Pakistan and find amicable solutions for various issues confronting these two neighbouring countries.

When Indian Air Force flew into Pakistan occupied Kashmir and destroyed the terrorist camps, Imran Khan protested and said that Pakistan would retaliate. Pakistan did try to retaliate by bombing some areas in Kashmir without making much of impact. Of course, one Indian Air Force pilot was captured by Pakistan. After this incident, Imran Khan said that both India and Pakistan have enough war capability and a military conflict would not be desirable. Then , he said that he has taken decision to release the captured Indian Air Force pilot as a peace gesture with India.

Many in India and across the world wonder whether Imran Khan really means what he says. Of course, one can give the benefit of doubt and believe that Imran Khan’s desire for peace with India could be genuine, as Pakistan’s economy is in pitiable condition with Imran Khan running around the world with begging bowl for loan and aid and Pakistan cannot afford a war with India.

While there is no doubt that millions of people in India and Pakistan clearly see the futility of war between the two countries and believe that peaceful relations would do a lot of good to both the nations, there is genuine apprehensions amongst the people as to whether such conditions would be possible in foreseeable future. If even Imran Khan desire peace, can he really achieve peace between both the countries, even assuming that India would cooperate?

The entire world believe that Pakistan has now become a nerve centre for world terrorism , with several terrorist groups finding safe haven in Pakistan. It is well known that Islamic extremists, who are otherwise known as terrorists , are deeply entrenched in Pakistan and are in a position to challenge the government of Pakistan. What is even more a matter of concern is that Pakistan army appear to be sympathetic to terrorists and share their hatred for India and it is a matter of extreme doubt as to whether the army would cooperate with Imran Khan , if he were to take forceful steps to destroy the terrorist camps in Pakistan and eliminate the terrorists.

Terrorists operating from Pakistan base have been creating unrest in Jammu and Kashmir in India and launching terrorist attacks almost at regular intervals . Imran Khan cannot be unaware of this . If he would say that he is not aware of the terrorists from Pakistan creating problems in Jammu and Kashmir, then one will have to conclude that Imran Khan is out of touch with the ground realities and does not know what is happening in Pakistan. Obviously, the militants in Pakistan who are not only attacking Jammu and Kashmir in India but also causing terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Iran , get support from Pakistan army.

If Imran Khan really wants to build bridge of peace with India , he has to stop the activities of the terrorists operating from Pakistan soil. The question is whether he can do so.

Ministers in Pakistan have been saying for long time that Kashmir is part of Pakistan and terrorist activities in Pakistan is being termed by them as liberation movement. Imran Khan has to clarify as to whether he shares such ideas.

While calling for peace with India, Imran Khan has not spoken about terrorists operating from Pakistan soil, though it is a well known fact that Islamic terrorists and extremists have made several terrorist attacks in Pakistan also. It is strange that Pakistan government supports terrorists operating in Kashmir but wants to fight against terrorists making attacks in Pakistan killing innocent people.

Many believe that if Imran Khan would understand the ground reality that terrorists in Pakistan have to be destroyed to ensure peace with India as well as in Pakistan and take active steps to do so, then his position as Prime Minister of Pakistan might be threatened and in all probability the Pakistan army and terrorists would join together to destabilize the government and remove Imran Khan from power.

Does Imran Khan has the courage of conviction to fight for peace in such conditions in Pakistan ? Or ,if the sceptics who say that Imran Khan’s expression of desire for peace with India is only hollow rhetoric to fool the world will be proved right?

Nandini Voice For The Deprived more  

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Swadeshi and Khadi may be a booster tool for growing economy provided , we go for adding skills & update the quality by diversification. NE states are rich in skills & basically follows the concept of Swadeshi & also Hand made .But least interested in exporting their goods because there financial requirement is mostly feeded by Govt. Of India. more  
This issue alone is the cause of DETERIORATED INDUSTRIALIZATION. India grossly neglected from 1885 onwards more  
I do agree that our industries not focussed on R&D, therefore we neglected Make in India and prefered Imported goods due to following reason :-
1- Our product relatively costlier
2-Imported goods claims additional or new quality parameters .
3- we are expert in exporting better quality raw materials at negligble price & trying to consume second grade Raw material in Our Industries, one example I want to narrat here with reference to my field i.e. Textiles , Earlier our Textile Industries was known for producing fine Cotton cloth e.g.MULMUL, where we are using fine & good quality Cotton fibre but now are suppose to spin medium quality cotton yarn,as our focus is towards cultivation of Average Cotton Crop , likewise may be in other area too. more  
India technologically proved 1st among all in many Industrial Products including the Cotton and Highest Quality Silk [Pattu] . Gandhi ji , keeping in view the vast based general public in Agriculture and such other Conventional Sectors , call for " Swadeshi AND Khadi " .

Foreign imitation and excitement zeal for modality also took its part at a maximum percentage downfall of Indian Industry. more  
There may be another way for inspiring good values in the societies, my perseption is always respects your elders, also treat your youngers like you. Try to make yourself a brand.
Today I read a news America will not allow concession to Export of India, immediately it came to my mind, Why not our Product is so unique that others may like to buy at cost. more  
Indians neglected Make in India due to self sufficiency. After Invasion and subsequent development was contracted by 1st Russia for Iron Ore, Ingots at cheapest Rates which after decades shifted over to America.

Lethargic Indians did not think of Manufacturing even for self sufficiency while China etc., overmastered since beginning of our Independence.
Secondly, in 90-95 our Indian Admn stopped its programs of Research and Development Wings , Quality Control concepts and many institutions like NPL, NCL, etc., were closed WHICH RESULTED IN DEPENDENCE OF IMPORTED ITEMS . This is the root cause now India has been suffering from 1 and 1/2 decades and had to be bent on the mercy of other Countries in Global Marketing Strategy . more  
Sir after 70 yrs India got PM like Modi Ji who started transformation for development of Indian as well as International Society , I think every person can copy him ,Imran Khan may be one of them, no harm if he initiate positive thing now onwards. more  
This such inspiration only bridged Fraternity through 'INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY'. Without such inevitable inspiration in each Country, the Funding by UNO Welfare Provisions remains useless AND EVEN QUESTIONS THE ISSUES OF 'HUMANITY, MORALITY, NATURAL JUSTICE . more  
In Pakistan there are 3 wings and Govt have no control on the other 2.Hence no improvement is possible.We will be wasting our time and energy.Never believe the Pak P M's statement of any settlement/negotiation. more  
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