Call drops Nd connection issues

What our circle report is bringing out is contrRary to what TRAI is reporting.

The babus are lying saying call drop has become better but our survey is saying 56% facing severe call drop.

Someone’s job ought to be on the line in the Govt. more  

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As an Indian citizen we need to have zero percent call drops - if we call ourselves as a nation that has most mobile phone users it is a sad state of affairs that our infrastructure is WEAK - sadly the TRAI has failed to address this issue. more  
Call drop have became usual phenomenon now a days. Even though complaint is lodged with service provider, it's of no use. Once the call is dropped, the person can't call to the same number again. On Wed, Sep 7, 2022, 18:00 Aditi Mitra wrote: > more  
MTNl is practically defunct Dont close it down with huge assets Please see the suggestions for revival Regards It is good news that government is planning merger of MTNL. BSNL but following points must be taken into consideration Mainly partial privatisation to make the organization sustainable And land line revival by novel terminal device for home control The land line revival with the novel device noted below and better utilisation of huge assets will be key to future survival of the company Otherwise after consuming the fresh capital of lakhs of crores rupees the company will be back to square 1 Regards : Telecom Minister Dear sir, Some ideas for perusal IDEAS FOR IMPROVMENT OF MTNL ,BSNL AND LAND LINES - Both M T N L& BSNL have huge potential however due to lack of will and directive MTNL is making huge losses which are to the national exchequer and shareholders. - Further to explore complete potential of the companies In the interest of all the company ‘s both the companies should be merged and more than ~ 25-35 % share holding should be sold to Tatas or Idea,Jio etc. which will improve the working and make up the losses made by MTNL - This is more relevant with the Advent of Jio 4 G system & so many lacunae in the working of M T N L& BSNL , in short time now they ( M T N L& BSNL) will become further bankrupt beyond support LAND LINE FACILITY AND INSTRUMENT IMPROVMENT - The land line facility which has many virtues such as fixed address etc can be explored further to make households smart, in line with SMART CITY etc concepts govt is trying to implement all over India and smart system s in many fields - The Land line phone facility & instruments can be developed like smart phones , with all those facilities/features in smart phone, i e the land line + Novel printer +phone +fax+scanner+Messnager+House hold central control unit ,which can increase business of this novel instruments supplier & land line service provider etc.The unit as phone can be operating as wireless land line etc. - One may receive , send messages, e mails, faxes , scan. ,print Etc.,The instrument can have small screen, suitable CPU - There can be further features incorporation possible in the printer phone unit of smart home control module with many control features for smart houses people are planning to make .i.e. The Unit can control other home smart gadgets such CCTV , AC , lights etc variety controls possible to make households really smart So far nobody has imagined this - In Short it will be a user friendly Phone, PC, smart phone printer fax media player, small pc HouseHold Control Unit etc The above novel idea of development/ Improvements in Land line facility & instruments can increase business of instruments supplier & land line service provider by reviving land lines use etc And for M T N L& BSNL the above idea of land lines improvement & right kind of partial privatisation with the right partner is the last life line & also a great possibility of improving communication systems radically Regards more  
I find that BSNL is more reliable than Jio for calls and useless for data usage . This is my experience in Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam. It’s news to me that it’s Dolphin that provides services for BSNL in metro-cities and the call services at Delhi on 30&31/08 (during my stay) were non-existent. In general, we aren’t troubled by call drops. more  
In bangalore I am using airtel and also my wife and have been facing this issue for more than five years with call dropping and also not getting connected and connectivity is very bad .When i complain to airtel they say they are aware of it and are improving the same by putting in more towers and this i am hearing for the past five years .I presume all operators will also be the same. more  
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