Bullying and Ragging in Schools and Colleges

Saddened to see how bullying and ragging are hurting our next generation. We need to make some rules and then hold schools and colleges, their promoters and administration seriously accountable to those rules.

To deal with bullying at school there is no separate legislation in India but there is a dire need to stop bullying. Bullying in schools and especially in boarding schools is largely prevalent in India. To stop bullying in schools HRD ministry has also launched anti-ragging committees in schools to punish students involved in the bullying activities. The punishment can be upto rustication of student in the rare of the rarest case but there is no law and unless someone dies we dont even come to know of it.

I urge all respected members of this circle to share how this can be stopped. Below is some information I had posted in the kids circle last year.

Signs that indicate that your child may be a victim of bullying at school:

Loss of stationary or supplies: This is a prime sign that says your child is being bullied at school, especially if not usually in the habit of losing things. A bully will always pick on your child and try to snatch away stationeries and other necessities that your child might posses. This is not due to the fact that the bully is in need of such things, but depriving your child from his or her goodies gives the bully immense pleasure. This in fact hurts your child deeply, knowing that he isn’t able to defend or protect himself. This feeling of despair makes him more vulnerable to the bully. So check your child’s school bag meticulously to know if everything is intact. Missing stationary or supplies may be a sign that you need to investigate the matter a little deeper. Don’t hit the panic button every time your child loses something, but be cautious and try to gauge the situation thoroughly.

Severe mood swings: If your child was always a playful, bundle of joy and suddenly transformed into a quiet shy kid, who prefers to retreat into his own little world, this is a definite give-away. Remember, with children sudden mood swings aren’t to be ignored. Especially if you notice that your child is very withdrawn after coming home from school. With an introvert it may be a different story altogether. An introvert child when bullied can turn out to be a bubble of energy at home. But these energies aren’t channelled in the right direction and would usually be expressed in bouts of aggressive and violent behaviour.

Sleep troubles: Check on your child’s sleep timings and routine. Stress is a major factor that hampers sleep. Being a victim at school, a place where he spends most of his time, stress levels are only going to soar. This can affect his sleep greatly. Too little or too much sleep is an obvious sign of distress. A child who is victimised by bullying can be traumatised and suffer severe stress and anxiety making sleep unthinkable. On the other hand long sleep hours don’t always indicate restful sleep and could instead be a form of escape for your child.

Feels lonely and is without friends: Being a mother, it is natural that you will be aware of your child’s activities and the company he keeps. If you notice that your child’s list of friends has begun to dwindle and he has fewer or no friends to fall back on to, it could be a sign that he is being bullied at school. This may be because your child’s friends are too few or are simply not in a position to stand up for him or are simply scared that they may be the next victims.

Has low self esteem: One of the worst things that bullying does to a child is to erode his self esteem completely. If not addressed swiftly, this can have a lasting effect on his personality. The inability to defend one’s self and the accompanying feeling of helplessness can severely affect one’s ego and self-esteem, more so with a child. Such an experience can also alter a child’s perception of the world around.

Wants to skip school or avoids the playground: If you notice that your child goes cold in the hands and feet as soon as it is time to go to school or the playground and stubbornly resists when you try to move him out, you should know that all is not fine. Sometimes children aren’t able to express their feelings of despair in words, so it is important for parents to pick up on such non-verbal cues. If your child gets scared when you take a familiar route or gets clingy when you want to leave him at the playground, it would be wise to talk to your child and get to the core of the problem, rather than trying to discipline him at the time.

Loss of interest in the usual activities: Extracurricular activities are a great way for your child to express, learn and grow. If your child shows the slightest sign of a loss of interest in otherwise pleasurable activities, then it’s an obvious sign of worry.

Starts to bully siblings or others at home: A victim of bullying can at times take to reversing roles. Kids often tend to express themselves in ways that appear strange to adults, but it really isn’t uncommon for children to lash out in this manner by demonstrating the same aggressive bullying streaks that have been causing them such discomfort. If that isn’t a usual trait of your child, get to talking and find out what is happening in his life.

Physical marks of abuse: Cuts, bruises and other physical marks of abuse should be a sign enough that your child is being bullied at school and the incidents need adult intervention soon.

Deteriorating health: Headaches, stomach aches, frequent fevers, tremors, all can be a result of constant bullying happening at school. High levels of stress can have a weakening effect on the immune system making your child prone to sickness and ill-health all too often. more  

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Basic thing is we lack moral education.In good old days moral education was an important subject and the kids were taught about our great Saints,Gods and religious leaders.Now in the name of so called Secular we have stopped every thing.Even no religion on earth will teach you wrong things,provided it is represented in a proper way.This is the biggest mistake done by Mr Nehru.This is giving rise to all immoral activity. more  
When morals and National interest started lacking, Fundamental Duties were adopted in '77 BUT NEGLECTED IN IMPLEMENTATION. Article 51 A shall be in full to be enforced mandating necessary Regulations please. more  
This culture came from cinemas. Cine industry became a mafia. The type of youth movies we look are horribly bad and even a boy of 7 years would like to make lip lock kisses. Instead of discouraging such public exhibits, cine industry is further intensifying liplock kisses and other erotic dresses and actions by lead heroins. Since lot of money and opportunities are offered, those heroins also jump to act in any way. Not touching root cause like these, moral lessons can not bring any change in the society. Ragging type of songs and actions in movies encourage ragging and even rape phenomenon among students and other youth. Unfortunately we close our eyes to this evil and expect that law will take its course, a useless dialogue used by people. You give a chance and talk that law will take its course. I appeal to all to make soul search and do the needful more  
Parents are not like those before 2k in managing the Families in Social Morale. This is only reason while GOVTS failed in application of Article 51 A. more  
It is important for schools to monitor bullying in schools especially for younger children who cannot defend themselves. My grandson is bullied in school and I told him to punch the bully back but he retorted, it is not good to beat someone so I will not punch the person back. So what can we at home do? It is up to the schools to look out for signs of bullying and either penalize the bully, speak to his parents and warn him this behaviour will not do in school or in public. The bully will only listen to the teacher or the principal and it will have the desired effect, hence a body has to be appointed who can reach the schools and appoint certain teachers who will be on the look out for bullies in schools. more  
Bullying is a serious problem in schools in England as well as some children take it very seriously with horrible consequences. Must be tackled with severe punishment to the tormentors. B N Bhanot more  
A separate and strickt Law against Bullying is very much required now a days.
Not only Schools and Colleges, it should cover teasing/Bullying in public transport, streets and other public places.
Even RWAs should be covered. Bullying definition should cover parking, harassment by allowing water leakages and even Non-Payment of dues/ Maintenance etc. more  
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