Building Immunity in Kids

Our kids are in a more protected environment than what I atleast grew up in (Water, Food, Airconditioning or lack of ). Any ideas on how to build immunity in kids would be of value. Specifically talking kids under 8. more  

I totaly agree Shree Sundeep Kaushik, Kids are not to be kept in an controled atomphere as we keep Form product or animals like cow and hen. A boy has to grow move around on this earth and face all the difficulties and diseases. In place of protecting his environment the motto should be to make him resistant of disease and disearse producing elements, of coure food, excercise, health living and medication/vaccination are pillars which going to support him in future. more  
How to build immunity ? Immunity develops when body encounters disease causing organisms or part of organism as in vaccines. so one should be healthy to produce good immune response against bacteria or others.Important factors are--
1. Good nutritious balanced diet with supplements if required.
2. Adequate play and exercise.
3. No Stress to child.not too much expectations from your child.
4. Good adequate Sleep .
5. proper vaccination according to age.
6. Hygiene Hypothesis ;- not much cleanliness.Let him play in natural environment so that he may encounter organisms and produce immune response.
7. Not too much oxidant load on child :- As avoid pollution , medicines , junk food, secondhand smoke. more  
My take is that don't give them a very protective environment. Let them play in dust, feel some heat/cold, don't give harsh antibiotics for cold/cough. This will definitely increase there immunity. more  
Immunity is totally related to our constitution and nurtured by our environment especially by the food we consume.Hw many parents can cinfidently claim tday that their kids are eating well like we usef to do in ourchildhood. more  
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