Broken Medical Education System

Honourable PM yesterday said that children should not go out for education. Medical education today in India is a mess due to horribly wrong policies. Bonds upto 10 yrs in some states, over 70% reservation, high private fees, iron clad control on private sector by politicians who run the colleges. Pl solve this to stop our kids from going to other countries.

Welcome comments from other members and other disciplines also. These are areas waiting for reforms more  

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Corruption in Medical/Engg admissions and education - Key Issues
Some time back we discussed issues of corruption in Medical/Engineering admissions and education and below are some of the issues you had listed.Kindly review and share more details about the same or any other malpractices in medical/engineering admissions and educations. We look forward to your inputs and will take this up so such corruption can be reduced via effective policy and enforcement. Corruption in Medical/Engg admissions and education - Key Issues 1.Donations as high as Rs. 1 Crore for a Radiology seat and Rs. 35 Lakhs for a Dental seat are demanded 2.Even merit seats and reserved seats are converted to Management Quota seats 3.Agents can easily be found loitering nearing the various medical and Dental colleges 4.Coaching institutes flourish by showing a fake past record of getting students admitted in AIIMS and other known medical colleges 5.Students from the richer Middle-East nations happily pay the donations to get admission, corrupting the entire system 6.Many engineering and medical colleges are run by politicians and businessmen for pure profits 7.The whole structure of 'reservations' allows the corrupts to take advantage for individual benefits 8.Private educational institutes are charging fees in advance for the whole year and when then admission is cancelled they do not refund 9.There are organized syndicates which accept money to give the entrance exam on your behalf, ex VYAPAM scam 10. These admission syndicates engage in grave crimes to cover up their corrupt acts.
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The education system in India is in shambles. For general category middle-class people who dont score 90 and 95+ in exams (which is a large number of smart and capable people), the doors get closed almost everywhere. Choice of career becomes irrelevant and economics and government policies hit you badly at every stage. The pathetic reservation policy we have does not reward merit or capabilities. It rewards a vote-bank or the moneyed people who can buy seats in colleges of choice. Politicians of every genre are responsible for creating this big mess and affecting a sizeable mass of a capable people. There are still a large number of good people who cannot go to Eastern Europe or China as they cant afford that cost either and end up ruining their lives. Why talk about brain drain when basics are not there? IIT/IIM etc have become so elitist that aspirants are told to take a student loan to cover costs. more  
Govts aught to bring Merit Scholarships for All Castes more  
While I am in agreement with the general remark of Hon'ble Prime Minister, especially considering the information that there are about 26,000 Indians in Ukraine, most of whom are either medical professionals or medical students, the authorities in concerned positions must also look at the sad state the education system in general and more particularly professional education including Medical & Engineering in India are. The opportunities in Government funded colleges are rare, the costs in Private are so prohibitive that the professionals coming out of such colleges are in search of earning quick money by whatever means possible. In general, there is need to make education affordable and bring down salaries of organised sectors to make services affordable. Honestly, I find that I can't afford medical expenses but for them being borne by GOI to a large extent under CGHS. more  
We all (general category) are opposed to the reservation system not only in education but in other areas as well. Undoubtedly, the reservation system since independence has done lot of harm for the nation as also for our society. Initially, the system provided for a limited period with a good intention had been and is being broadly used by all the political parties with their ill fated intention of getting political mileage. Under such a situation, none of the parties would even dare to talk over the abolition of the system only to dig their own graves of political death. If you remember, after the Modi Government came into power, the Congress and other opposition parties suddenly started to create an artificial fear among the beneficiaries of reservation that the new government is averse to the system and actively considering its abolition. Seeing the propoganda creating a feeling of insecurity among such beneficiaries and the opposition parties got hurriedly engaged in molding their (beneficiaries of the reservation system) sentiment against the ruling party, the ruling party had to categorically clarify that they are neither against reservation nor the government had any intention to abolish the system. Reservation is no more need based but to achieve political gains only. more  
In a recent newspaper, Indian PM suggested medical students to study in India,than studying in small countries. All Ibdian medical colleges have enough seats. Many seats lay unfilled due to prohibitive fees, reservation criteria and political interference. Condition of job opportunities also an issue due to minority reservations,thus, all qualified talents to move out of the country for their livelihood. Indian youngsters,brilliant talent qualified professionals are lost by the nation,which other countries are benefiting. This situation can be stopped only when government abolish reservation and all opportunities are based on merits. more  
Abolish reservations. It is destroying this country and hardly helps those it is meant to help. more  
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