BRITISH were good to INDIAN Sufferers as Messiah

If we Correctly Define Hinduism or Islamism in India people were getting used by Mughals & Hindu Kings as Slaves and Women were also got treated as Slaves for men like in Most of the Islamic Countries like Egypt & Arabs.
So, British Helped Poor Slaves and Women also and removed the SATI PRATHA from India.
But BRITISH could not Finished the BANIYA GIRI from INDIA the THEFT of Money by BUSINESS from PUBLIC.
Still people are stealing money from the Public by Increase Price every Month on some Items.
Why People Prefer ISLAM & HINDUISM in INDIA.
WHY people do not want INDIA a SLAVE free Country and Safety for women and Respect also.
Women are still getting pushed in SEX trades in the name of Modernity.Why India allow such acts of Criminals Politically also. more  

Indians can not wish to stick on One Country and One Principle as long as POLITICIANS NEGLECT UNIFORM CIVIL LAWS . more  
In my opinion Indians ( Of Different Variety or races) missed the Opportunity of Presence of BRITISH GURU in India as a good Business People for India and Indian Population. What our Politicians are doing in Uplifting the INDIANS just promises and offering Tickets of their Brands only like BJP or Congress as Brands name of any Commodity for Indians to earn Fame and Money. more  
Sarma Ji,I would like to add one more thing after reading the matter that you truly expressed the actions & functioning of during the British Time.But did you ever realized one thing as BRITISH were the Company only in INDIA started their Business in West Bengal with Security for them like any other Indian business man do now a days by hiring local Security for himself and for Family.But As the Time Passed when British started gaining in their Business and explored more in India and moved towards Central and North west part of India the Retaliation towards British Started like for Example Mr.SUBASH CHANDRA BOSE....And in South west Part Like in Gujarat Mr.Mahatma Gandhi. Again the Matter of BLACK & WHITE matter was added in during BRITISH FUNCTIONING cause to BRITISH more Complications. Though they were on their business only in INDIA but in Inner Matters of INDIA only INDIAN wanted to USE them for their self Interest. When British Made their Capitals In DELHI and in SHIMLA or in LAHORE the Southern and Eastern part of INDIA became more aggressively against them....and S C Bose Movements and Gandhians Movements became more aggressive. These Factors clearly Indicates that during that time all Regional Indians were having the Differences among themselves on Colour or Region basis to get more supports or closeness of BRITISH COLONIALS and love became hate for them. Other wise Many People were getting different kinds of Education by the British in India and in England also. But now Indians repeating the same period with the help of Politics and the Illiterate People on Religious or other Self Grown Issues. Why Indians do not wish to stick on One Country and One Principle why Duality and Fights and Confusions. more  
1. Constitutionally captioned highest authority being set with the Politicians in Legislature without any conduct and candidature elegibilities of Socially-bound conditions for contestence is the root cause of the Indian Rule that was set at the option of the Politicians . This has given raise for many diversification of the constitutional directives of rule at the very concept of CORRUPTION WHICH WAS CALLED FOR ERADICATION BY THE NATION BUILDER , SRI MAHATMA GANDHI EVEN BEFORE INDEPENDENCE . 2. This politically opted rule has then itself opted dividing principles of British policy and derived Castes / Religions instead of CLASSES in the issue of addressing free education , free / aided healthcare , addressing the wealth of those communities to all the people ; and also allowed concentration of wealth without comparing or giving due consideration to the starving and striving general public of the country . This has made many to convert from Hindu to to Christian for Economic need of livelihood as already in practice before independence ; and ; also made some to convert into Islam for the befits of many wives , or , to add in number those their relatives already converted enjoying better than Hindus those days after Independence . 3. In some Sections of Muslims , Women are considered and under patronage just like Hindu Women with same culture and customs . Ofcourse , the other sections of Muslims absolutely differ in total and view the Women as a Slave and Sexy . 4. The Politicians since opted the British method of Corruption for an easy additional earning , this issue became the prime in the merchandise i.e., Business which itself thought buy low rated and sell high rated to earn the margin on sale . Of-course , though this is a better system than the barter type , this Business system had its selfish demand of high rate even at scarce punishing the poor public . Here also , the Politicians , since opted in the different way than the objectives of the freedom fighters stood supporting the selfish and ill-full inhuman practices of looting the public in many means starting from small and petty savings of common and poor to the manufacturers and cultivators ; National Income of Taxes , duties fee and fines to , National Wealth like Mines and Forest Produces . 5. The dedicated exercise of these and the hardworking attempts of NDA leaders opting people' s participation in comments and suggestions on the existing , present and future governance in India , our mother country for which we are all sharing in different views and options . more  
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