Boosting Jobs and Economic Growth - Issues, Root Causes, Solutions.

1.While giving accreditation, the students shall be evaluated, by an industry members, about the knowledge and the employable skills imparted to the students. It shall be independent evaluation. Review and improvement in the accreditation process is required.
2. Industry / Educational institution involvement shall be insisted during education. Skills like typewriting, communication, spoken English, etc shall be part of curriculum. more  

Dr. Shilpa Rastogi---Boosting Jobs and Economic Growth-Issues, Root Causes, Solutions.
Students lack training. Who is serious on this issue? Students are disinterested, industry officals do not have the time to entertain the numbers. Internal Guides from colleges themselves have submitted old projects or bought CD's. Unaware of the problems being faced or any research papers or articles ever read most of the qualified guides/ supervisors are not capable of imparting inputs and the smart students are fully aware that during viva everything is managed. Grass root realities are known by all. CII, ISTD such forums have taken the initiative but not much has been achieved. It is required that all companies atleast medium and large scale as a part of their CSR train students in their area. SEBI should make it obligatory that the details are published in the annual reports. Similarly the colleges/ institutes should disclose the same in the mandatory disclosure of the concerned Univ and AICTE etc. It is high time that colleges give full justice to students to enhance their knowledge bank and employability in ethical means and not high marks and good results to improve their marketability. Transparency & Good governance is required at every stage more  
Dr. Shilpa Rastogi -- Boosting Jobs and Economic Growth-Issues, Root causes, Solutions.
Quality is the need of the day in Education esp. in Higher Technical Education where professionalism & employability is on the decline, thus having a direct bearing on the productivity of the industries, GDP etc.More IIT's & IIM's are required in tier 2 cities, but India is a country of the masses and when the cost of education is quite high even in mediocre colleges and institute which have the basic infrastructure but all lack in teaching staff. The qualification of Ph.D made mandatory by AICTE for promotion is a racket wherein maximum Univ's are churning out Ph.D's in a span of 2-max3 yrs. The credibility of Ph.D is lost as every Ph.D holder seems to have gained all knowledge and not the experience to hold positions and inturn be Research guides. The experienced hands are unwanted as sincerity, integrityand dedication is not entertained by the fast track young minds. Politics has invaded education which needs to be rooted out. Systems do not exsist.It is the Univ which first need to be audited by experienced individual experts. more  
Adding to my previous post on Agriculture being made engine for economic growth and jobs, why not have Agro SEZ like Industrial SEZ and Agro Corridors developed like Industrial corridors. more  
Boosting Jobs & Economic Growth: Issues, Root Causes, Solutions
1) Why should Agriculture not be made an engine for economic growth? At the end of the day with the increasing population, food production, storage, processing and distribution are the challenges facing the nation and the world. Having been endowed with the natural resources of fertile land, abundant sunlight, several rivers of which some are perennial rivers and working hands, India can be the Food Bowl of the world.
2) For this Agriculture should be made progressive, knowledge & scientific based and profitable on which people can earn their livelihoods.
3) Agriculture should be shielded from the vagaries of nature. In this regard proper irrigation facilities (macro and micro) should be provide. The linking of the rivers in the country is a great idea and should be taken forward quickly and in right earnest.
4) Co-operative farming should be encouraged for economies of scale, farm infrastructure like warehouses, cold storages, etc. should be provided close to farm lands.
5) Other farm inputs like seeds, manure / fertilisers, etc. should be made available abundantly. In fact seed manufacturing should be part of the co-operative activity.
6) The farmer should get proper return on the produce. In our country, the middlemen make more money than the producers in any field.
7) Agriculture markets should be provided close to the farms / farm infrastructure, so that perishables are quickly sold / purchased and moved out to the consumers.
8) Allied agriculture activities can go hand in hand in the co-operative farming with several others engaged in it, including dairy, fisheries, etc., depending on the strengths of the farm location. more  
Boosting Jobs and Economic Growth - Issues, Root Causes, Solutions.
1. Indian economic growth is related to sustainable overall Rural development through innovative technological input. This would obviously generate jobs for rural youths, check migration from rural to urban rather would/should reverse it from urban to rural i.e. reverse brain drain or enhancing brain quantum at the Rural areas!

2. The root cause for occasional failure of efforts till date put to address point no 1 since independence is, thrusting unwarrantedly & unacceptedly technological innovations/developments to rural masses without in depth study of local traditional age old custom and life style they are habituated of. The need of the hour, therefore, is to first study the area, its resources and the life style and then only one should suggest and implement the most appropriate developmental technical innovation to modify and improve that studied system of the area. This also should be approached to the masses through their trust worthy representatives like Sarpanches and village heads who can communicate to them in their understandable language!

3. Downsizing the large industries appropriately to suitable size so that small/medium units could be set in Rural areas while; local area resources could act as cheap raw material, provide job avenues to locals, help to produce good of cheaper rate and provide proper due returns to resource grower/ collectors by eliminating the role of middle man, who mints a lot profit while purchasing resource material cheap and selling to large scale industries at much higher price!

4. Lack of high level innovation is mainly due improper method of majority of Indian Scientists to going for enquiry and copying what others are doing to solve a particular burning problem within country and also in the world but unfortunately, not widening their sense of imagination (Soul deep Chintan) of deeper Self. This wrong approach to deal with the problem distracts the Scientist from true Innovative Solution of the problem which, need be changed if Indian Scientist are in reality to lead world as Noble prize winning Innovations!!

5. I would be uploading an article both in Hindi & English titled "Downsizing Of Industry for Rural Sustainable Industrialization at the appropriate forum shortly!

K.K. KAUL more  
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